Friday, November 10, 2006

The computer has finally returned home with a clean bill of health. However, our 15 month old is another story. What started as a runny nose on Tuesday morning quickly turned into a coughing, feverish, snotty little boy by the end of the day. Fortunately Isaac's well-baby 15 month check-up was on Wednesday so we were able to get the cold examined as well. The doctor confirmed he indeed had a cold, but that his ears looked good for the time being. We are quite thankful that Isaac is not prone to the baby drama that is ear infections.

For the most part Isaac is still perky and happy despite the continuous stream of mucus out of his nose and the nagging cough. Food is not his favorite and we have been lucky to get a little fruit and some veggies down him. I made him his own big pot of mac and cheese (a usual favorite that he has to battle his father for) but even that was met with a half-hearted attempt to eat. Because he has not reached that lovely developmental milestone of being able to blow his nose, we do have to pull out the infamous nose aspirator and suction out his nasal passages. He hates this. Tobe has to hold his arms and head still while I suction. After we finish, Tobe and I clap and cheer for Isaac for being so brave. The other night the sweet boy sadly clapped along with us.

Aside from the cold, the doctor said Isaac was growing beautifully. We are happy to report that he has gained two pounds and is up to 21.9 lbs (he didn't gain a full pound between his 9 month appt and his 12 month appt--he has his Uncle Andrew's metabolism) and is 32 inches long. The doctor felt like his walking was coming along and contributed his hesitation to personality rather than ability. She said that his muscle tone looked great, which is always a good thing to hear. It was a year on Halloween that we discovered Isaac had torticollis and began physical therapy to strengthen his neck. We stopped PT in June because Isaac was doing so well and because he spent one whole session crying (and they billed us for it!). The neck tilt is gone (with the exception of when he is super tired or going through a growth spurt) and all muscles look great. We will continue to monitor this, but it appears to be a problem of the past!

Baby #2 also went to the doctor this week for its monthly check-up. I ventured alone to the doctor's office while Tobe and Isaac played at home (we didn't want to expose everyone to Isaac's cold). I was able to read two back issues of Child magazine and 1/2 issue of Oprah (the pulled back curly hair look is starting to look incredibly out-of-control....) before visiting with the nurse practitioner (My doctor was booked and the office allows you to see this certain nurse before you hit week 30). Baby looks great and the heartbeat was 170. I have a new medicine for the migraines, which seems to be helping. This one is growing and getting bigger with each day. My instructor for the Mommy and Me fitness class did make quite the deal about just how much my stomach had grown since the last class. I did not find this amusing and wanted to point out that I had just eaten before coming which does make the tummy protrude a bit. During pregnancy, I find it amusing how in the same day someone can tell you how you barely look pregnant and then 45 minutes later someone else remarks about how huge you are and that baby must be ready to pop out at any minute. I asked Tobe yesterday in the middle of Pottery Barn if I looked fat or pregnant. He sweetly replied that I am in the stage where no one can really tell----that from behind I look normal and that from the front it is more of a question mark. He then offered to buy me half of Pottery Barn, but I think he was just trying to change the topic of conversation.....

In closing here are some funny Isaac antics:

** Early one morning while we were in Arkansas, my mom noticed the lights in Isaac's room (AKA "the Cousins Room") were going on and off. She opened the door to discover a 15 month old standing in his crib, smiling a large toothy grin, with a chubby baby hand firmly grasping the light switch. Seems the crib was perfectly placed next to the light switch. Every time Isaac took a nap after that we had to roll the crib out from the wall to prevent anymore light shows.

**Yesterday Tobe went to retrieve Isaac from his bed after a peaceful night's rest. He walked in to discover all blankets and the loved giraffe on the floor (usual occurrence). Joining them......Isaac's PJ pants. One happy t-shirt and diaper-clad baby was standing in the crib pointing out the pile of discarded things.

**Last night we gave Isaac his usual dose of cough medicine after eating supper. Cough medicine tastes gross, even to children whose favorite food happens to be sweet peas. Tobe held Isaac head while I blocked his arms and administered the medicine. Isaac immediately clamped his mouth and teeth shut. Apparently the whole scenario struck him as funny and he started to smile, all the while attempting to keep his mouth shut and the medicine out. Needless to say a smiling baby cannot kept his mouth shut for long and we got the medicine in and were all giggling afterwards.

** Isaac dances by moving his shoulders back and forth. He will do this on command if music is playing but does this spontaneously if he hears a song that really speaks to him. Friday we were in a store when Smashmouth came on----Isaac instantly began "dancing" in the stroller. I hope this does not reflect his future taste in music. are our Halloween pictures.


A woman and her two children were killed in a hit and run accident while legally crossing the street Friday night in Denver. This lady was the sister of a friend I used to teach with. My friend and her sister were born and raised in a small town in Arkansas about 45 minutes from where I grew-up. Please keep this family in your prayers. The husband of the lady killed was also involved in the accident and is in the hospital but is expected to recover from his injuries. I believe the two men in the truck that hit this family have been found and arrested. Tragic. Why can people just not be idiots while driving? I don't know how many people I see talking on the phone, messing with the radio, or texting someone all while driving horribly. A few months ago a man swerved off the road ---while talking on his cell phone--- and barely missed hitting Isaac and me while we walked on the sidewalk. Really.....who is so important that they must talk on their cell phone while driving and endanger everyone else on the road? I don't know if the driver of this truck involved in the Denver accident was on the phone or not, but the whole incident makes me angry. Tobe and I are big against people talking on the phone while driving. Ten years ago no one had that much to say to their fellow man that they had a need to talk to them while driving. Read the studies about how people who drive and talk on the phone (including those who use hands-free pieces) are worse drivers than people who are intoxicated. I encourage you to hang up your cell phone while driving and simply drive. Use the time to talk to the people in your car or sing along to the radio (unless it is Smashmouth and then I urge you to quickly change the station).


Kelli said...

I don't think you look pregnant at all from the pictures! I hope that comes across to you as a compliment! I like your orange sweater. I can just picture the poor sweet child clapping after the nose sucking drama. Tell him I feel his pain, literally in the past few weeks.

JenniferReinsch said...

tobe needs to learn that the next time you ask if you look "fat or pregnant" to immediately reply that you look beautiful.

margk said...

You sure don't look pregnant to me! I on the other hand am not pregnant, but could probably spark a question mark in many a stranger's mind. Cute pictures and stories!

I am with you on the Smashmouth. I think my next 13 list will be 13 songs I would prefer to never here again.

So sorry about your frien's sister. How very sad. My brother actually call the non-emergency number to report people driving irratically while on their cell phones.

Amy C said...

You both look adorable in your halloween photos. Glad to hear you are feeling at least a little better.

Amber Smith said...

You look beautiful, Lynley! I am sorry to hear about the woman who was killed by that crazy driver. So sad. I never realized that driving with a cell phone was so dangerous. Thanks for pointing out the facts.

K Speck said...

I think about your post now when I go to talk on the phone while driving....thank you for the reminder! By the way, he was a SUPER adorable little lion and I never would have even guessed you were pregnant! Your posts always make me smile- hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! If you head to AK, please give the K's a hug for me!

K Speck said...

I meant AR, not AK- sorry about that!