Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeding our Family: Week 2

In the never-ending quest to save a few pennies, I have set a goal for myself to attempt to feed my family for under $100 a week for the next four weeks.

This "quest" sounded a lot more fun back when it was just an idea floating around in my head and not something I was actually attempting to make happen.

To read my post from the first week (which was just last week), click here.

Because I grocery shop only once every two weeks, I do not have a grocery list/amount to share today. However, you can check out this week's menu by going here.

Last week, I only made one additional trip to the grocery store and that was to pick up some frozen fruit and yogurt for smoothies. I had planned this trip in advance, knowing that I had a gift card to this particular store and that the fruit would be on sale. Due to the gift card, I spent no extra money out of our account.

Also, we ate out once as a family for dinner and once with friends for lunch. Not too bad.

Anyone else do really well with their shopping this week and want to share the details?

I know I promised an expose on the dreadful state of my purse, but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow, dear reader. Winter Boot camp started up this morning and I am beat. I also have a lovely carpet burn on my left elbow due to a minor accident when I was crawling across the gym floor on my back this morning at 5:37am and my arm slipped off the mat and onto the carpet. I don't think I have had carpet burn since I was five.
Purse expose coming, I promise.
Cute children stories to share as well.
Until then, goodnight!

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Robin said...

Awesome goal! I would love to limit our groceries to $100 a week. I read an article in Good Housekeeping (I think) in which the author fed her family for somewhere around $75 a week. But their menu wasn't nearly as yummy as yours. :) Will try to send you a list of our cheap faves soon. One tip: substitute black beans for ground beef. Healthier and cheaper!

Happy cooking!