Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Mustard for All!

Saturday morning I managed to somehow roll out of bed (could be because a certain three year old had found his way into the bed and proceeded to wiggle around like a fish out of water....thus interrupting my warm, cozy haven), throw on some clothes, and hit the grocery store early, with the car thermometer reading a mere 32 degrees.


However, the early bird did indeed get the worm that morning because I was able to save the most I ever have in coupons/store rewards. The 16 year old check-out boy was not very impressed with my overall savings, which I was tempted to explain to him in a medium he might understand such as how many songs could be purchased on iTunes with such savings, but I was thrilled.

Aren't you just dying to know how much I saved?

First, take a look at our menu for this week here. I was a bit nervous about staying under the $100 per week budget, mainly because my meat supply was incredibly low in our freezer and I knew I would be purchasing quite a bit of chicken/fish/etc. for the next two weeks. Savvy shopping using store circulars helped solve this problem.

Because I wanted to stay under $100 per week (remember I grocery shop every two weeks), I did hit two stores in my quest for the lowest price possible. Fortunately the stores are close to one another, with a Starbucks placed strategically on the trip home (Giftcard was used. Have I mentioned my 20 month old can recite my Starbucks order now? Scary.).

If you want to see what I purchased during this grocery trip, head over here.

Now, drum roll please......

This week I saved $75.20 by using coupons and a store rewards card!

Now, I must say that $75 could quite possibly buy me two new pairs of some fancy trouser jeans that are on sale at Banana Republic...

Obviously, I was thrilled to save so much and keep our weekly grocery budget under $100. Part of the thing that thrilled me the most was being able to get mustard, BBQ Sauce, and pepperoni for free. Free, people! All because I cut a few coupons and spent about ten minutes reviewing the sales ad....and someone gave me free mustard!

I might just very well proclaim this a January miracle!

Anyway...anyone else out there with some stories of great savings at the grocery store lately?


Paige said...

I couldn't get your second link to work for me...BUT way to go!!!! I was proud of my $17 dollar savings today with my coupons! You go girl! I was in budget as well!

Kelly said...

Vey impressive! I'm not sure my skill level will ever be up to your caliber, but I did save $15 @ CVS the oher day (Neutrogena moisturizer (2), Caress body wash, and paper towels) with their store coupons and sales. No free mustard for me, though.

Jennifer said...

way to go Lynley!!

I am currently shopping once a week for our family (I have a hard time buying enough product to last the full 2 weeks and not go bad on do you swing that?) I did manage to save a lot this week and I too, went to 2 stores to find the best savings.

At Kroger- I saved $35.86 with my store card and coupons (yep, I got the $5 off thing too....yippee!!0
At Tom Thumb- I saved 8.46 with card and coupons

So total (at both stores) I spent $74.43 for this week's food. (it would have been more but I was set of diapers and didn't have to make that purchase)

Jennifer said...

sorry,,, I meant to say "I have a hard time buying enough PRODUCE to last 2 weeks..."

I also got the free mustard. LOVE that!!

Phillips Family said...

Paige...I fixed the link. Sorry!

Kelly...I used to do the whole CVS thing and now I don't get their circular anymore. Boo! I need to be better about looking at it online and doing some shopping because CVS does some really good deals as well!

Jennifer...Fresh fruit lasts about a week and then I go to frozen or canned for the second week. In the summer I might stop by a farmer's market mid-week and pick up more.

What savings everyone has found!

Amy said...

I was just telling my hubby about my free mustard too! I LOVE the $5 off deals. My hubs laughs at me as I hit mission impossible mode seeking the least expensive route to earning the $5 off. What was also great about this week was all the double coupons!!

Glad you had a great shopping week:-)

Lately, 32 degrees at the crack of dawn would be warm here.