Friday, April 28, 2006

Let Me See Those Pearly Whites

Tooth Watch 2006 is over, dear readers. Yesterday as Isaac and I played a rousing game of "Eyes, Nose, Mouth," he grabbed my finger when I touched his mouth. Because his sweet mouth has been without teeth up to this point, I allow him to chew on my fingers, hands, nose, etc (we call such actions "kisses."---when you have a baby as anti-cuddly as Isaac, you take what you can get). However, when Isaac so affectionately chomped down on my finger yesterday I felt a sharp prick. It was his first tooth! I got so excited that I scared Isaac.

I figured something was up with him yesterday when he whimpered on and off throughout the day and cried during our walk. I had inspected his entire body countless times for signs of chicken pox or shingles because the nurse said unusual fussiness could be an indication of infection. I did find a red dot on his lower back and then upon closer inspection realized it was fuzz from his romper. Now I know that sadness is because of his beautiful white tooth just beginning to pop through his gums. This beauty is on the top, next to where his front right tooth will one day reside. My mom said that old women call such teeth "eye teeth."

So far this new tooth has only brought some occasional sadness, which is a blessing. I was prepared to be up a lot last night, consoling and comforting. By the way, Isaac seems to be doing significantly better with his separation anxiety at night. After posting a blog on this topic, I read on the internet to put the shirt I had worn that day in the crib with Isaac at night. He then senses me and is able to fall back asleep happy when he wakes in the middle of the night. This has worked like a charm. Usually when I check on him before I go to bed, he is laying on top of my shirt, snuggled down for the night. I recommend this if you are having similar issues (only if your child is able to roll over both ways with ease--I do not want to be responsible for any SIDS cases out there!)

Apologies go out to anyone who was attempting to dine last night at the TGI Fridays on 377. It was Birthday Club supper for the girls from church and I do think we were quite boisterous. I had quite the enjoyable time and savored every piece of my delicious sopapilla cheesecake (made by queen chef Paige). It was amusing to watch everyone stall as dinner came to a close, checking their watches to see if they had successfully missed bathtime and bedtime at their respective households. Moms need breaks too!

I hear the predicted thunderstorms rolling in. Time to bunker down and enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's official..

.....Isaac is a boy
There was never any doubt about Isaac's gender, however lately he has been displaying a significant amount of "male" tendencies.
1. Regardless of what is in his path, Isaac will roll, swim, or army crawl over it. Shape sorter in the way? No problem. Large basket of magazines? Piece of cake. Couch? Could pose some difficulties, but should be manageable. There is no need to push things to the side or figure out another path. Isaac simply rolls over whatever is in his way. This does not seem to phase him in the least, despite the fact that most people find large plastic objects poking their backs to be uncomfortable.
2. Due to the cooler weather today, Isaac wore a long-sleeve t-shirt and jeans. Because it was not too cold, I refrained from putting a onesie on underneath (I hate the "sloppy" look of non-onesies on babies---neurotic, huh? Besides, Isaac's waist is so skinny he needs a onesie on with pants to hold them up.) For his afternoon nap, I took off his jeans (who can sleep peacefully in jeans?) and laid him down in his t-shirt and diaper. This is what I walked in on two hours later:
Notice the diaper in the far left corner and the cute naked bottom. Isaac was beyond thrilled with the fact that he was in bed and unclothed. He literally shrieked with joy. Fortunately, his bladder was empty and the sheets were spared.
3.Food has become a new passion. The same child who could go all day without eating a single bottle has now become obsessed with table food. If I am eating it, he stares at me until I feel guilty enough to share. Yesterday he ate a whole piece of ham, along with his baby food, for lunch (real ham, not lunch meat). Saturday he had BBQ, green beans, and beans from Dicky's BBQ. Today it was my morning toast and shrimp (lunch, not breakfast) that he felt the need to sample. I fear the only sacred food I have left is my cup of morning coffee. However, I was just a toddler when my grandparents would mix a small amount of their coffee into a single serve container of half-half while we dined at Landis' (how much of an old-school reference is that, Searcy readers?), so you never know. I am fearful this child might eat us out of house and home before we know it!
4.Yesterday Isaac discovered the CD's. If you know my husband, you know he has quite the extensive CD collection (which is about 1/2 the size it used to be). Isaac found the Beatles section yesterday and went to town, pulling one CD out after another (Don't worry, it wasn't the White Album and he didn't play anything backwards).
Finally, despite the fact that most little boys hate taking baths, Isaac adores this time of day. The routine is to bring him into the bathroom, fill the tub, undress him, and toss him (gently, of course) into the water. Lately he has been crying as we take his clothes off because he wants to get in the water NOW and not wait to be undressed. The whole time I am derobing him, he is holding his arms up for me to pick him up and place him in the beloved bathtub. Too funny.
As a sidenote and completely off-topic, when is our government going to wake-up and realize that the safety of the citizens of the United States is in jeopardy as long as Kevin Federline is allowed to continue reproducing children? Apparently Brittany is pregnant again, despite the fact her marriage is a sham and CPS has been called on her twice in the short seven months her baby has been alive.
While I am on the subject of celebrity pregnancies, anyone else believe that Katie Holmes pregnancy was fake? Have you seen pictures of her stomach throughout the pregnancy? Sometimes it was gigantic and then sometimes she was barely showing (this was in a picture taken a week before the baby was born). I don't know about you, but I got bigger as my pregnancy went on, not smaller. My stomach did change shapes as I entered my ninth month when Isaac went from being transverse to being head down, however I never looked smaller. I am now starting to believe that she was never really pregnant and that she was inconsistent with her fake-pregnancy padding--it was also rumored that Tom Cruise went to a fertility clinic with Nicole Kidman because of problems with him (just reporting that, not speculating. Please don't sue me, Tom). I think this could possibly be a publicity stunt by the producers of Mission Impossible 3, knowing that no one will go see the third movie in a series when the second one was horrid. Just speculating.
If you haven't read the Nick Lachey article in Rolling Stone, I think it is worth a glance. He is definitely playing the sympathy card, which is an incredibly smart move on his part. I see Jessica going nowhere in about six months and Nick soaring as the hero in this mess. Makes me glad that Tobe and I turned down the deal for our first two years of marriage to be taped and played on national TV (wouldn't you have wanted to watch us eat dinner at 5:30pm every night and then either flip between Telemundo and the Religious Station--all we had at the time-- or play a rowdy game of Nerts? That is quality TV, people).
Because this post was originally about Isaac and not K-Fed, I will end with a picture of him, earnestly sorting his shapes.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Summary

(This post was written yesterday morning. Blogger decided not to let me actually post it, nor post any comments on others blogs. Perhaps Blogger is not a morning person like myself. Anyway, here is yesterday's post....)

Rise and shine, bloggers......It's Monday morning! How was your weekend? Did you accomplish all the things on your To Do list?

Tobe, Isaac, and I had a great weekend. Tobe's Granny continues to improve. Last night she was talking and had been sitting in a chair. She is off the extreme medicines and off the ventilator and feeding tube. What a miracle! Last Tuesday we really thought things were going to go the other way and now feel so blessed to have more time with precious Granny.

My parents and Grandmother were in town for the weekend. They claimed their trip was scheduled in order to celebrate my birthday, but we all knew it was just to see Isaac. He loved having an audience and would "perform" for them. His latest trick is being able to put the "gumballs" in his Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds gumball machine (I highly recommend this toy). He would place the gumball in the machine, look around to make sure everyone was watching, and then push the lever to make the gumball come out the bottom. Of course the clapping and cheering that followed this act would make one think Isaac had just recited the Greek alphabet.

Saturday evening Tobe and I hopped down to the Fort Worth Arts Festival while the grandparents spoiled Isaac. On the way, we stopped off and visited a friend in the hospital on bedrest. Although we can't wait to meet baby Noah, we sure pray he stays cooking for a few more weeks! The festival this year was great, as usual. We did not buy any expensive art work and lug it around with us. We were able to catch Patti Griffin perform, who was fabulous.

Isaac is now moving forward. Scoffing at traditional crawling, Isaac has created a modified army crawl. He pushes up with his legs and "swims" with his arms. Sometimes this means that he is actually scooting on his forehead. It is hysterical to watch (and a little painful) and I do worry about potential carpet burn on his forehead.

Finally, as the Queen of Random diseases, I have apparently come down with shingles. Glamorous, huh? Apparently shingles is a virus that lives dormant in most people's systems after they have chicken pox and can pop up at any time. It looks like red whelps that run from the middle of your back to your tummy, only on one side (I think it can be other places, but this is where mine is). It is in the nerves and can be very painful. Mine is just itchy at this point and I started a heavy-duty medicine last night that should knock it right out (heavy duty means five pills a day for ten days). However, if you have not had chicken pox, you cannot touch my bare stomach (don't really see how that situation would ever occur). Because Isaac has not had his chicken pox vaccine yet, I will call his doctor this morning and see exactly what we need to do about that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend like we did and are ready to conquer another week!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Isn't it just cruel to put a blog out there in blogland asking for prayer requests and then not giving an update? Sorry, friends. I don't even think I flipped on the computer Wed. or Thurs.

Tobe came home from Lubbock yesterday morning, to find his wife hauling large tree branches out of the back yard due to the previous night's storm (another blog story). Tuesday was touch and go with Granny, however on Wednesday things started to improve. By late Wednesday afternoon, Granny was able to open her eyes and track people in the room. She could follow instructions, such as "squeeze my hand." Although she is still unable to talk due to the ventilator, it appears that Granny understands what is going on. She seems to be slowly improving, which is such a blessing from God. I am waiting on Tobe's mom to call me back with a report on how things are this morning.

Thank you for all of your prayers, phone calls, and kind thoughts. Tobe pulled up our blog on his Blackberry and showed Grandaddy all the comments. They really touched his heart. Our family is so incredibly blessed to have friends whose hearts hurt when ours hurt and who's lips rejoice when ours rejoice. Thanks again!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blogging provides many things: a way to pass time at work, place to keep ones thoughts and memories, and a way to connect with friends on a regular basis without every picking up a phone. Don't know if that last one is a good thing or not, but sometimes it comes in handy.

Friends, please send up a prayer for Tobe's sweet Granny. Yesterday morning she had a heart attack. While at the hospital she had a massive amount of internal bleeding caused by an undiagnosed stomach ulcer. The bleeding of the ulcer was likely caused by the blood thinners administered due to the heart attack. Tobe and his mother drove to Lubbock last night. Right now the doctors are unsure about the exact outcome.

Please pray for Granny and for God's will in this situation. Pray for Grandaddy, Tobe, and his family. I will update if there are any changes.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Whoa, Nelly!

Are you bored today? Do you have time to kill? Well, here are the pictures from the Phillips' family Easter celebration. We began the day with a nice time of worship and were able to catch up with some old friends. Then it was off to the casa to put the final touches on Easter lunch. Tobe's parents joined us for the traditional ham, green beans, rolls,and stuffed potatoes, along with the non-traditional Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake and fruit salsa. Although we did not have an Easter egg hunt, Isaac was scooting forward in an army crawl yesterday afternoon. Last night he got up on his hands and knees in the bathroom, waiting for me to fill the tub. Very exciting. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Isaac thrilled about the contents of his Easter basket.

Contemplating eating the leaves off our Bradford Pear

The family

This one is actually from Friday, but I had to include it. Although Isaac has never taken a pacifier after the first week of life, he sucks on his beloved giraffe like it is a pacifier while sleeping. Perhaps this is a bit dangerous, however we like to live on the wildside here.

NOW...the best part of the Easter weekend....MY NEW OVEN!!! Yes, we said goodbye to our ancient range and welcomed this beautiful stove into the Phillips' family. Thank you so much Tobe, Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Richard, and Colleen! I love it!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Good Friday!

Yes, I put Bunny Ears on my eight month old son. I figure it is my right as a mother, as are clothing him in knee socks and a cardigan sweater on Easter morning. One day he will only want to wear t-shirts and jeans and will no longer be at the mercy of my fashion sense. Until that day arrives, he is all mine!
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


As a member of a social club during my college years (AKA Sorioity to all non-ACU alumni out there), I participated in a club tradition called "WOW Awards". At this time of night and this far removed from club, I no longer remember if WOW was an acronym or was simply the word "wow". Anyway, WOW awards were given if someone did something spectacular. This person would get a lovely paper certificate and everyone would say "WOW" all at once. Tonight I would like to give a WOW Award to Razorbackfan1717. Below is my thank-you note, as I have no name or address for you, Razorbackfan1717. (If WOW Awards happen to be a Kojie secret...OOPS!)

Dear Razorbackfan1717,

This evening as I trudged to my mailbox to fetch today's mail, I was reliving a very bitter experience I just had at CVS pharmacy (a post in its own right). Still grumbling in my head at the slower-than-molasses pharmacist and hoping for Eckerds one day return, I pulled open our post office box to find what I call the "golden key." In our neighborhood we have no individual mailboxes. Rather, we have postal centers where each household is allotted a tiny metal hole in which to receive mail. On days when the mail gods have sent you a package, a simple key is left in your box. You then get the privilege to open the large mailbox at the bottom of the neighborhood postal center and retrieve your package. I love finding this key in our mailbox.

Today I found the key and hurriedly opened the mail slot to retrieve our package. I was stunned to discover not one, but two brown packages, both addressed to me. One was a package my mom mailed two weeks ago that appears to have traveled through Greenland on its journey from Arkansas to Texas. The other was simply addressed to me. Inside this second package was the book "
The Mommy Wars." Eagerly, I opened this book to search its contents when a slip of paper fell from its pages. It was an invoice from stating the mailing address, sender, and shipping dates. The sender was simply listed as "Razorbackfan1717." I immediately accused my husband of buying this book for me, as he knows the significance of Razorbacks and the number 17 to me. He denied any knowledge of the book. I then called my mom, who had no clue as to what I was talking about (although she did tell me a humorous story of accidentally leaving her keys in the ignition with her car running while inside a coffee shop for 20 minutes).

I contemplated calling several other people and accusing them of sending me this book (why I am accusing people of sending me a much appreciated gift really needs to be addressed in therapy one day), but decided to simply enjoy my new read. Thank you so much to whoever thought of me and sent me such a nice present. Tonight I joyfully cancelled my request for this book from the local library as I now actually own my very own copy. I cannot wait to read it and share its contents on my blog. Razorbackfan1717, your generosity is an inspiration and serves as a reminder for me to "pass it on."


PS. To my other 4 blog readers (3 now that I just told that tidbit about my mom), I am working on a new entry, but have yet to post it. I promise to finish it tomorrow.

Friday, April 07, 2006

After a long picture shoot....

This is how glad Isaac was to return home and prepare for naptime....

The Human Taco


Could I really just stop at five of Isaac's quirks? And really should I call them quirks when they are actually little things he does that make Tobe and me want to jump in the car and buy him the entire contents of Babies R Us? One day when Isaac is a teenager in the midst of hormones might need to find these blog archives and read such precious thoughts about him because I could be considering trading him to the gypsies for twenty-seven cents.

So here are some more things for your reading pleasure:
6. Isaac loves to make noise. He will smack his lips, then look at me. This is my cue to smack my lips. Then he reciprocates. This game continues for about a minute or two of us smacking back and forth. We do this a lot throughout the day---he will start this in the car, in his stroller, while I am in the kitchen and he is in the living room, and in the bathtub. I love it because it is our own little form of communication.

7. Isaac likes to become the human taco. He is sitting up perfectly now. Sometimes while sitting, he will completely lean forward so that his head is on the floor between his legs. (thus the taco effect). Try it--not very comfortable. We think he does this when he is tired. However, he can spring back up from that head-0n-floor position in 0.2 seconds. What really gets us is when Isaac has his head on the floor, he will turn it to the side and shoot us a smile.

8. Isaac has invented a new version of his smile. He will crunch his nose up and almost close his eyes when he grins at you. Adorable. Once again we have to refrain from jumping up and buying the new $1,000 swingset advertised in the Sam's ad this week (if you know us at all, you know that our child will never be so lucky to have such a nice play area that cost as much as Tobe's old car. Isaac will one day seek therapy based on the cheap nature of his parents) because this smile just kills us!

9. Water=Splashing. Isaac recently made this connection and loves to splash in the tub. Sometimes he goes at it with both hands and feet, until he almost throws himself out of the tub. We hope he is a water baby like his mama.


10. The phrase, "What does the puppy dog say?" cracks Isaac up. However, it is only the puppy dog, not any other animal. We are working on animals and sounds and for some reason when I ask what the puppy dog says he laughs. (Yes, place Isaac in the category of "My mom's a teacher". Another therapy issue one day. Not only does he have mom who was a teacher, but he also has a nana who was a teacher and a great-grandmother who was a teacher. Then he also has a mass of teachers on Tobe's family's side. He doesn't stand a chance.)

That's the quirks for today. In other news, I would like to say that I have successfully found a hair clip that can contain my massive amount of hair. This may seem trivial in light of society's problems, however if you have the mass quantity of hair that I have, you understand. Whenever I get my hair cut, the stylist always tells me I have the most hair he/she has ever seen. I have heard this my whole life. Great. However having such hair means that the everyday barrette, bow (in younger years), or clip will not hold my hair. If I am to twist my hair up, I have to use two clips and lots of hair pins. Not anymore my friends. While shopping at Kroger this past weekend (where all the celebs go for great hair products) I came across a new clip by Goody. It is supposed to hold a bun in place. Well, there is no way that would work for my hair, however the clip does hold a simple twist in place. Finally. It's like Christmas all over again!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Mommy Wars continue (and other stuff)

ABC's Good Morning America has been doing a series based on the book The Mommy Wars. The Mommy Wars is a series of essays composed by a variety of moms--stay-at-homes, working, single, crazy, etc. Our local public library has this book on order and I have it in my reserve box. I am quite eager to read this collection of thoughts on being a mommy now that I am one. If you take Parents magazine, there is an essay in this month's issue from the book.

So Diane Sawyer has been hosting this series on The Mommy Wars. On Thursday of last week she had a panel of women, some stay-at-home and others working. Snippy comments toward the "opposing party" were few, but as typical for women the talk did get a little catty. My personal opinion regarding at home vs. working is that if you are being the best parent that you can be--whether working or being at home--then marvelous. I know some incredibly involved working mothers and I know of some crappy stay-at-home moms (not personally--just in rumor). This eternal debate was not what struck a cord with me. It was when the topic of "What will the stay at home mom do if/when she gets a divorce?" that really hit a nerve. The basic thinking was that all stay-at-home moms should have a back-up plan in case of divorce. On the panel was a mother and her adult daughter. The mother divorced around the age of 60 and was forced to re-enter the workplace after countless years of staying home. The adult daughter was now a stay-at-home mom who skipped out on finishing her education to mommy full-time. The mother was attempting to convey to the daughter that she needed a back-up plan for if/when she divorced her spouse.

Uhhhh.....where was that mother years ago when she should have been teaching her daughter about commitment, relationship building, and choosing a mate? I am not debating divorce in this post because that gets really sticky really fast and it's not my place to speak. However, where did the concept of parents preparing their children for life--work, marriage, social interactions---fade into parents assuming the worst and attempting to equip the child with a mere survival kit (underage drinking at home in attempt of preventing it elsewhere, bailing out of school problems, assuming child's marriage will end)? Dr. Phil (he might have become a bit of a sell-out, but his philosophy is incredibly sound and has a scientific base) says you should not think of parenting as "raising children" but rather as "raising adults." What do you want this child to be like as an adult? Those are the things you focus on during the formative years of childhood.

Perhaps this mother did teach her daughter about how to make a marriage work and about mate selection. I was incredibly disappointed that the talk of this panel turned to "Divorce preparedness 101". I wish Diane would have stuck with how stay-at-home moms do need a back-up plan in case of the death or disability of the working spouse, not because of divorce. I hate that divorce was presented as the standard reality for today's marriage.


In perkier news, I am going to indulge in a blog tag and list five quirks. However, these are not my quirks because you could be here all day reading and reading and reading. These are five of Isaac's current quirks:

1. Whenever awake, Isaac either has his toes curled or is flexing his feet. I think it must mean he is concentrating incredibly hard on the task at hand. When something requires a great deal of concentration, he also sticks his tongue out to the side just a bit. Someone else in the Phillips' household does this, but he shall remain nameless.

2. Isaac might have to attend "Gerber Veggie Puffs Annoymous". He is addicted to these star-shaped puffs. We are working on self-feeding and table food (by "we" I do mean Isaac. Tobe and I already figured out the table food thing. The universal "we" habit is from years of teaching). Isaac gets incredibly excited when I get out the can of Puffs. He has figured out how to pick them up and put them in his mouth. However, since they dissolve quickly to prevent choking, the puffs also tend to stick to wet surfaces such as baby's hands or cheeks. This brings on a look of confusion for Isaac when he thinks he has successfully put the puff into his mouth, starts to chew, and then realizes there is no puff. I however always get a giggle from seeing a puff on the side of his sweet face.

3. Isaac had a goal of being able to reach his mobile while in the crib. About a month ago he figured out that the monkey's tail was long enough for him to reach up and grab. He could then make the mobil fall to the side by pulling on the tail, thus creating easy access to all the other animals on the mobile. This usually occurred upon waking from a nap. Well, that goal is no more because on Monday Isaac must have become a bit too excited about grabbing the monkey's tail because he broke the mobile poll in half. The sad mobile now sits in the floor of my bedroom waiting to see if superglue can heal its wounds. What Isaac doesn't know is that his mother is a bit over-the-top regarding the concept that things must match. I did not register for the nice bright mobiles that supposedly stimulate the mind of the infant. Nope. I had to get one that went perfectly with the room. That mobile is now discontinued.

4. Isaac has three ways of examining an object. First he usually shakes it, because he loves making noise. Second he will hold the object with one hand while flicking his fingers over it with the other. Finally he will rotate his wrist back and forth, while holding the object. This is very amusing to watch.

5. When getting his diaper changed, Isaac likes to hold a small tupperware container filled with safety pins (keep those in the changing table to put dirty socks together with so they don't lose a mate during laundry time) and a bottle of something (lotion, bottom paste, etc). Sometimes he will just hold his hairbrush, but he prefers to have something in each hand during the diapering process.

Finally, I need bluebonnets! Now that I am not working outside of the house, I don't travel the roads as much. Anyone know of a great--and safe (I am too klutzy to attempt to take my child's picture on the side of 635)--place for bluebonnets?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Textbook Baby

Apparently Isaac has been reading "What to Expect the First Year" and came upon the chapter titled "separation Anxiety at Eight Months." He then took very precise notes (like his mother would) and memorized all characteristics of a child wanting his mommy. Somewhere in all of this Isaac forgot that he doesn't like to cuddle and would prefer playing on the floor or rolling all over the house.

Yes, the separation anxiety has hit bigtime in the Phillips' household. Could it occur at 11:30am? Nope, it happens at 2am or 4am or sometimes at midnight. Isaac started sleeping through the night from 7:30pm to 7:30am at 3 1/2 months. This was a gift from God, despite the fact that I did have some withdrawals from Nick at Night. A few weeks ago Isaac had a double ear infection, causing him to be up during the night. The ear infection is long gone, but the night wakenings are here to stay (for now). The whimpers turn into cries which turn into hysterical sobbing before I can make it to his room. We have let him cry it out some, but he is pretty persistent in this area and I am not a huge proponent of CIO. We don't co-sleep for a variety of reasons, one being that I am a very vicious sleeper and CPS might have to be notified. Poor Tobe puts his life in harms way every night when he crawls under the covers with me. So now our happy, smiling boy is crying a lot during the night. I know it is a ploy to get me to come in the room, pick him up, let him stare at me with a confused look on his face because I am wearing glasses, and then put him back down to sleep ten minutes later. I am a sucker for ploys.

I have read every sleep book out there, some twice, and am now resigning myself to the fact that Erickson and Piaget were correct in this whole developmental stage concept. However, this getting up in the middle of the night wears a girl out. The "books" say this is a phase that babies grow out of relatively quickly once trust is established (sounds quirky, I know, but it's true). Hopefully Isaac has reached that part of the book in his studies so he can resume sleeping all night long before his twelth birthday.

(I do have this great blog post in my head, once again on the "Mommy Wars" series on ABC's Good Morning America. Once the fog clears from my head, I promise to post it. In the meantime, here is Isaac playing in the tub.)

Yes, that is a large scratch on Isaac's left check that he somehow managed to do in the middle of the night Monday night. Fortunately, we are getting Easter pictures taken tomorrow so I guess he will be going for the "Tough Guy" image rather than sweet baby boy.

I know that I have already posted this picture. Blogger is being mean today.