Thursday, March 30, 2006

Writer's Block

Remember when your tenth grade English teacher assigned a timed essay on Tess of the d'Ubervilles and you couldn't remember who Tess was, much less what the characters' relationships had to do with the imagery presented in chapter five? Well that is me with my blog this week. Not much to report here, so I figured new Isaac pictures will fill up some space. Happy Thursday!

Rooting for the Mavs on Tuesday

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


If you happen to walk past me and hear me humming Tina Turner's "Proud Mary", just know it is because I sing this diddy to Isaac about ten times a day now. He is a rolling fool, thus prompting me to sing "Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on a river..." He will roll from the living room into the kitchen to find me. Then he will roll over to the sofa table to examine our wedding picture (and to read our thesis and dissertation titles, which reside in the same areas). Next it is off to the glider, to examine how that works. Finally he ends up between the couch and love seat. The best part of his rolling is that if I am not in the room, Isaac will roll somewhere, then talk or laugh loudly to get my attention. When I come in the room to discover his new location, he will look up and smile with his eyes almost closed. Apparently he is quite proud of this rolling thing. This week we will trek over to Babies R Us and buy all things needed to protect the homestead from a curious soon-to-be eight month old.

Tobe's grandparents were in town this last weekend. Isaac can't wait until he gets to ride on the tractor with Grandaddy this summer!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sounds from next door

It is 6:15am and I am happily drinking my first cup of coffee and catching up on my computing. What sounds do I hear coming from the room next to me? A big crash from pulling the mobile down (have to lower that crib mattress!) and then laughter. Then it is "Mamamamamam" over and over until I arrive to get Isaac up for the morning.

When will daylight's savings time be here so my child will sleep until 7am again?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flying the friendly skies...

Isaac at the birthday party where the infamous hair-pulling occured.

Just in case.... forgot what Isaac looks like, here are some pictures from this past week! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(Okay, once again Blogger hates me. I will post the other pictures later!)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baby Einstein at the Alamo

No, Baby Einstein at the Alamo is not the newest Disney On Ice production. It is a summary of our Sunday night. Last week found us in Arkansas, visiting the family. Isaac and I flew there last Tuesday morning and Tobe joined us on Friday afternoon. The three of us (Tobe, Isaac, and myself) flew back home on Sunday night. Those of you who live in the DFW area witnessed the gully-washer that was Sunday's weather. Not a choice time to fly, especially with a baby. We gleefully boarded our Southwest flight in Little Rock, with the knowledge that Dallas was having a "little" weather. Once in the air, we were informed there would be no beverage service. No problem, since it would only be a 45 minute flight. Well, that flight turned into a two hour flight as we circled Love Field, waiting for the weather to clear and for the airport to reopen. Then our cheerful captain comes over the speaker and announces that rather than landing in Dallas, we are going to make a quick stop in San Antonio (another 45 minute flight) for some gas and perhaps a layover. Normally, I would have been angered by this and then resign myself to the fact this is the nature of air travel. However, we were traveling with a baby and pure panic set in. I had images of us sleeping in a San Antonio terminal with a baby who really prefers a crib for all sleep-related activities. Would I have to resort to feeding Isaac a Cinnabon? Would he cry for hours on end? Would his bath time occur in the sink of the women's bathroom? We had no stroller with us, only a Bjorn and an infant carseat. I immediately began making the "How to Survive a Night in an Airport" plan in my head.

We land in San Antonio and were relieved to discover we would be returning to Dallas. Isaac watched a little Baby Einstein on the laptop and slept some. We were able to score some water to make a spare bottle (The flight attendant gave us water, but told the other passengers they had to wait. We got the special treatment because we had a baby. I almost told her the "baby" needed a coke and some of that tasty Chex Mix, but refrained.). Isaac played in his carseat and slept a little on the way back to Dallas. As we were deplaning, one lady commented, "I didn't even know there was a baby on the plane." Another told us that Isaac looked like the baby in the movie "Baby's Day Out" (don't think that was ever on the Academy Award's ballot and I remember that movie playing at the theater I worked at in high school--very old reference). After four hours of flying, we finally made it to Dallas, only to discover half the roads were flooded and we had to be creative in finding our way home. It was then that Isaac decided to scream. Our home never looked so good as we pulled in the driveway.


We had a great time in Arkansas. Isaac had a double ear infection, so he wasn't 100%. However he managed to throw out some smiles and a few giggles--just enough to once again win over the family. Thursday night found me seated around a table with all my close friends (minus one who was home with a sick baby and terribly missed!!!) from high school. What a blessing to remain friends with these women, some whom I have known my whole life. Despite the fact that we had not all been together since my wedding, we picked up right where we left off. Sitting at our table in McAllisters reminded me of all of us crowded around "our" table, forever breaking the "four chairs only" rule in our high school cafeteria (This time was often spent scheming up ways to liven up our small-town high school--such as the time we had everyone in our 5th period history class take an apple off the lunch line and leave it on the desk of our easily-embarrassed History teacher. Boy that was hilarious at the time and now it just seems dumb. Perhaps I have matured.) How time has changed those conversations. It was once boys, teachers, and drama. Now it is babies, husbands,careers, and serious life issues such as cancer and passing of loved ones. I know I will find myself sitting around a table with these girls repeatedly through my life, laughing over the same old memories (to the dismay of our husbands) and sharing life's newest joy and sorrow. God blessed me with the most amazing friends in high school and in college, friends I will always have no matter how far apart we are at the moment.

Isaac was able to attend the first birthday party of my oldest friend ("oldest" meaning that I have known her since birth and not that she is 134 years old)'s little girl while in Arkansas. Isaac is really getting into other babies, wanting to touch them and smile at them and this little girl was no exception. The highlight of the birthday party was when my friend's husband was holding Isaac on one knee and his daughter (birthday girl) on the other. Isaac thoughtfully reached over and pulled the little girl's baby ponytail as hard as he could. Many tears followed. Today in the mail we received a thank-you note from that party. The front read, "Lynley and Isaac, thank you for coming to my party...." and the inside said "and for pulling my hair." At least we are starting this whole boy thing off right!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wooooo! Pig Souie!

Early tomorrow morning, Isaac and I are boarding a plane to Arkansas to visit the fam. We haven't been there since Christmas and there might be a fight between my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandma over who gets to play with Isaac first. I put my money on Mom and Grandmother to tag team the others. Tobe will be joining us for the weekend.

Isaac is battling a cold that Tobe had last week. Just pulling the nose aspirator out of the basket on his changing table causes him to cry (Isaac, not Tobe). I keep telling Isaac I have to suction his nose so he can breathe and that one day he will be able to blow it on his own. He doesn't seem convinced and I am sure this is going to be another thing he one day addresses in therapy.

Between the sickliness in our house, packing, cleaning, and general procrastination, I did not get to write three letters I planned on penning this past week. Here are the abridged version so I can cross this off my To-Do list:

(1) Dear City of Grapevine,
Although I greatly appreciate our bi-weekly trash pick-up, I am a little disturbed by the fact that our friendly trashman throws my garbage can down the street after emptying it. What was once a beautiful 30 gallon Rubbermaid container, is now a beaten, scarred, one-handled, lopsided mess. Due to his very busy schedule, I do not expect our trashman to gently set down the can. However, it would be nice if he could at least throw it in my yard so I do not have to chase it down the street. Thank you.

(2) Dear Jeff Berry,
I am quite glad that you have decided to run for Justice of the Peace. Please be advised that I did not vote for you based on the fact that someone in your camp put a campaign pen under my windshield wiper while I was shopping at Target. This pen went unnoticed until I turned on the windshield wipers to clean off a dead bug. The pen then went flying, making me think I had struck a small animal. Good luck with the rest of your campaign.

(3) Dear Leslie Jane Seymore (editor of Glamour magazine),
As a reader of Glamour, I understand that your magazine's "thing" is to promote social awareness regarding injustices that happen to women of the world. I applaud this and enjoy reading your articles. In April's issue, you traveled to Nairobi, Kenya with Drew Barrymore to bring attention to the drought and lack of food in that area. Again, I applaud you for this. However, I found it a bit odd that there was a picture of you scooping out Ugali for the people of Kiberia (slum in Nairobi) in your crisp, white shirt with the largest Polo emblem ever and a Hermes scarf tied around your neck. Just something to think about. It took away from the nature in which your were helping these people.

There are my letters. I can sleep peacefully tonight, knowing that all things are off my list, even if I did have to cheat just a bit.

If you happen to see Tobe this week, walking around looking lost and a little gaunt, please offer him a kind word and perhaps a peanut butter cracker.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thursday's Tasty Tidbits

There are quite a few random thoughts floating in my head today, so I thought I would create a hodgepodge blog. Here goes:

Has anyone noticed my super-cool map on the left of the blog page? Who knew so many people read this blog? However, I cannot figure out how to zoom in on the map and tell exactly where readers are specifically from. DKDFW, can you help us with this? I find it quite fascinating that people across the country have stumbled across these musings about Isaac and our family. I have called Tobe almost daily to keep him posted on the number of hits the blog has received. So you anonymous readers, check in, say "hello", leave a witty comment. Those readers who read this blog simply to steal my identity (apparently this was an episode of CSI), let me warn you that I am the most paranoid person in the world and we keep very close and detailed check on all things related to the Phillips' household. Go find another blog for your wiley ways.


Sunday night found us huddled around the television, munching on Papa John's, cheering for our favorite movie icons. I missed part of the show because I was bathing Isaac and putting him down for the night and then because I fell asleep, however I do have some opinions regarding winners and losers. First, a big congratulations to Reese Witherspoon. I have loved her since Man in the Moon. I was fearful Felicity Huffman would get the Oscar for her role in Transamerica due to the controversial nature of her performance. Glad to see that the Academy appreciated the portrayal of June Carter over the other performances. I am also very glad to see that Crash won for best movie. I was rooting for Walk the Line, but felt like it didn't have enough of an "artsy" feel to be awarded the Oscar. However, it is an EXCELLENT movie and I suggest everyone take the time to watch it. Crash was my second choice. I love movies and stories in which a wide cast of characters are loosely connected (ex. LOST) and the viewer at home gets to watch as this connection unfolds. I felt like Crash dealt with the theme of racism in an untraditional way, looking at it's roots in every race, color, and creed. Most importantly I was glad that Brokeback Mountain did not win. Some people rooted against this movie due to it's subject matter. Not me. I rooted against it based on the principal that Jenn Linley and Audrey are co-stars of this film. Many of you are racking your brains, attempting to figure out of whom I am speaking. Others of you are singing "I don't wanna wait..." in your head as you see the Dawson's Creek gang jumping off the pier, laughing and using words only found on the SAT. Dawson's Creek refresher course: Jenn Linley (AKA Michelle Williams, girlfriend to Heath Leadger) was in the original cast of Dawson's Creek and died in the final episode of cancer. Audrey was Joey's (AKA Katie Holmes) roommate at college and ended up dating Pacey. I cannot root for a movie that has former Dawson's Creek cast members in it. Also, I am so tired of every radio station playing the "I can't quit you" drop from Brokeback.

One final Oscars note--when Charlize Theron's stylist approached her with that dress with the large black bow on the shoulder how did she not fire that person on the spot? That was the worst dress of the evening. I also imagine it blocked her peripheral vision on that side of her body, thus causing her to turn her whole body at an odd angle to speak to others sitting next to her.

Finally, I love Dolly Parton. However, didn't like her song for Transamerica AT ALL! I could have written that song and I have no song-writing abilities in me. She should have just sang 9 to 5 and hoped no one noticed.


If you take Rolling Stone magazine, I suggest you read the article on the Church of Scientology. I found it to be fascinating. The article was neither pro-Scientology or against it, rather it simply stated facts about this religion (is it considered a religion?). Some points of interest were that only those individuals who are very high up in this order have knowledge of all the fundamentals of the Church of Scientology. The article said this would be like if the Catholic Church kept the idea that Christ died for our sins a secret from all it's members, with the exception of an elite few (which they don't, obviously). Also, there is a big Navy influence in the Church of Scientology partly due to the fact that church offices and such were located on ships to avoid taxes. Those members who are high up in the organization used to wear Navy officer-like uniforms until the government put an end to that. Now they dress like deckhands.

L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology. Scientology believes that all sicknesses are psychosomatic, therefore no medication is ever needed (thus the Tom Cruise vs. Brooke Shields debate on mood stabilizers and post-partum depression. Tom Cruise actually called Rolling Stone and asked them not to publish this article about Scientology). When L. Ron Hubbard died of pancreatic cancer, the corner found amounts of anti-anxiety drugs and other medications in his bloodstream. Interesting. Also, all churches of Scientology have an office for L. Ron Hubbard set up within their building for when he returns to this earth. Another interesting tidbit. Interesting because as Christians we believe in the second coming of Jesus. Are we as steadfast in that belief as the Scientologists are in the belief of the return of LRH?

Go to your local Barnes and Noble and sit down with the latest Rolling Stone and check out this article (there is also a good one on the Flying Tomato). Due to the celebrity backing of Scientology, we are going to continue to hear more and more about it. I do not believe in it's principals or it's teachings. However, I think it is socially responsible to know about other realms of faith as I continue to grow in my own.
(SIDENOTE: To those Scientologist who might be reading this post, please don't sue me. I am simply restating information from the Rolling Stone article, which is my right as an American citizen. Have a great day!)


Has anyone heard that Joe Simpson has signed Carley Patterson (gold medalist in Women's gymnastics) to a record deal? Perhaps it is time to return to youth ministry, Joe.

Also, Nick Lachey is now doing infomericals. It is hard times.


Although I only cause two 1/2 episodes of the Bachelor in Paris while on the treadmill at the gym, I am sad to hear that the newest couple from this show has broken-up. I am hoping that the American public knows that the Bachelor is simply for fun and the likelihood of a real, romantic connection is incredibly slim. However, might I suggest to ABC that if they would like for a couple to stay together, they are going to have to figure out a way for those people to actually date in between the end of taping the show and the actual airdate of the show. Do they honestly expect two people to consider themselves to be dating when they are not allowed to talk or see each other? ABC, if you create this show simply for it's entertainment value, fine. If you create it to make a genuine love connection, rethink your plan of attack.

Also, a reader's mom apparently works in the same hospital as Travis the Bachelor in Nashville. Perhaps she can hook you up if interested. Personally, I was a little fearful of his jawline.


Finally, I was incredibly sad to hear of Dana Reeve's passing this week. I caught her appearance on Oprah last year discussing her husband's death. Not once did she utter a negative or bitter word, despite the years of turmoil they lived in as they dealt with his paralysis. Rather, Mrs. Reeve said how blessed their family was to have the financial stability to pay for the needed medical treatment and to have the ability to provide celebrity-backing for spinal cord injuries. It is always a pleasant shock to see someone out of Hollywood be genuine and appreciative.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is currently headlining a story about the drought in Africa, specifically Kenya. My question is how come we are constantly bombarded with every tiny detail from Iraq on the nightly news, but there is barely any mention of the drought that threatens to kill entire villages? Read this story on CNN. Think about how precious that water is that you left running while you scrubbed your teeth tonight. Find an organization that provides water to such countries in times of need (Mana International--if it still has funding to operate) and give them some of your money. How often do we water our yards at 2:30pm in 90 degree weather in hopes of earning the "Yard of the Month" sign when others wait in line for days for a mere plastic bucket of this liquid sustenance?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Day Late, but Not a Dollar Short

Yesterday, Isaac turned seven months old! WOW! I cannot believe that seven months ago I gracefully birthed him into this world (I can use the word "gracefully" because only one of my readers was actually in the delivery room and he isn't going to admit otherwise). Everyday Isaac is starting to look more and more like a little boy rather than a baby. Just this week he hit a huge milestone and is now sitting unsupported. Despite his tortocollis and lower muscle tone, he has not missed one major developmental milestone. Of couse, the poor boy is tortured everyday by his mother stretching and pulling him to help those muscles. Isaac also talks all the time. He can say "Hi" in response to you saying "Hi" to him. This isn't 100% of the time and I don't think he gets the concept of what he is doing, but it does cause me to cheer loudly as if he had just recited the preamble to the constitution from memory. He is also a big babbler, going from loud "dadadabababab" to whispering "dadadbababa." Quite amusing. He is still a toothless wonder and gnaws on everything, especially the TV remote and the telephone. Isaac also has a very definite idea of what he wants. It is very interesting to watch him sort through a pile of toys in front of him, throwing the undesirables over his shoulder, until he finds exactly the toy he was searching for. For the first time, we actually ventured out onto the park playground rather than sitting and passively watching the "big kids." Isaac enjoyed the swings, but particularly loved all the frantic children running around. He also really noticed his future BFF Morgan for the first time, wanting to reach out and touch her. Being the mature 13 months that she is, Morgan didn't want to have much to do with Isaac other than offer him his bottle repeatedly. However, the two did share a mutual crying session due to a long lunch and delayed nap. Such tears caused Alison and me to remember the days when we slept in until noon, then drug ourselves down to The Bean for the standard Saturday hamburger, not having to worry about dropped sippy cups and wayward glances from other customers as our children become a bit talkative.

Hard to believe that seven months have already gone by. Once you become pregnant or have your first child, people automatically feel the need to tell you how fast kids grow-up. Honestly it becomes redundant and tiring and particularly annoying when such stranger is attempting to touch your child (SIDENOTE: Don't touch other people's small children unless you know them, especially in cold and flu season. Also, don't think I won't hesitate to put out an Amber Alert if you even look at my child suspiciously). Sadly though, it is true. Isaac is growing so quickly. I might as well start initialing his socks for when he has to wash them the famous Abliene Wash and Tan while in college.

Happy Seven Months, Baby Isaac Michael!
(as your mother, I reserve the right to call you that until you are 40)