Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hello, Blog World!

The two readers that I still have left have both questioned this week if I am ever going to post on my blog again. The answer is.....................Yes! The lack of posting is not due to lack of funny Isaac stories or exciting events here at casa de Phillips but more likely due to my laziness and frequent migraines caused by this bundle of joy growing in my tummy (my new outlook on the migraines is that I would rather this baby cause them now than when he/she is 15 years old. Perhaps this is all the trouble child number two will ever give me!)

Recap time:

Thanksgiving: Turkey Day was a successful day in the Phillips' household with an unanticipated exciting start. I walked out of the bedroom that morning to put the turkey in the oven and check the status on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (I HAVE to watch this every year or my holiday season is ruined) when I was met by an unfortunate smell outside of Isaac's door. Seems the poor boy had gotten sick in the middle of the night and had slept in a pile of throw-up. Because we are used to this sweet boy getting sick on occasion, Tobe and I immediately began the process of cleaning everything up. This involved me waking Isaac up to put him in the bathtub (he began clapping when I started the water--that boy loves his bath even at 6am!) while Tobe stripped the bed and began the wash. Windows were open and many candles lit to rid the room of the telltale smell. The rest of Turkey Day went well with Tobe's parents and sister joining us for lunch and then our little family just chillin' together for the rest of the day. I believe that Tobe and I sat on the couch that evening for at least three hours watching all of the Friends' Thanksgiving episodes on TBS.

Black Friday: I love to shop and I actually enjoy shopping in large holiday crowds. However, I have never really taken part in the early morning madness of Black Friday shopping. This is partly because we are in Arkansas every other year for Thanksgiving so my choices of stores are quite limited during those times and partly because we often have the majority of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. However, this year I decided to venture out to Wal-Mart at 5am to score a cheap, portable DVD player for Isaac so we don't always have to use the laptop to watch videos on planes. I pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot at 4:50am ready to fight my way into the door and race towards my prized DVD player. Much to my surprise, there were no lines or frantic people attempting to get cheap holiday deals. The store was quite packed but tons of employees were on hand to give assistance and tell you where deal items were located. (The electronic sale items were being held in the meat department.) I raced to the meat department and retrieved my DVD player, snatched up a Special Edition Little People Amusement Park for Isaac (We LOVE all things Little People here in our household), and headed for the check-out lane. The only commotion I heard was from a group of women frantically searching for the $10 Easy Bake Oven. I was out of Wal-Mart and back in my car by 5:12am. I then proceeded to load up with the rest of the family into Tobe's parents van and head out for West Texas to spend some time with Tobe's grandparents.

The Stomach Bug: Tobe and I were struck by the stomach bug the Sunday night after Thanksgiving. Tobe started feeling sick first and then it hit me. I really thought mine was the ever-present morning sickness, but quickly realized it was a bit more serious. We spent the evening in misery but came through it together. Tobe worked from home the next day so we were able to tag-team with caring for the baby. We were all good as new on Tuesday morning.

Arkansas trip: Last Tuesday night I headed out for Arkansas to spend Wednesday with my grandmother. My mom was out of town and the 29th of November was the one year anniversary of my grandfather's passing. I surprised Grandmother early Wednesday morning and we had a great day together just talking and hanging out. She was in really good spirits, which was nice to see. Tobe had taken the day off of work and he and Isaac had "Daddy/Tiger Day". This was a first for them and they had lots of fun, despite the fact that Isaac had several major blowout diapers which is very unusual for him. I will attach pictures below of some of the fun they enjoyed. I flew back home late Wednesday night, making it in before the big ice storm.

Artic Blast 2006: I love when snow and ice are predicted here, because all the news stations treat it as if World War 3 is about to be declared. We spent Thursday indoors, watching the weather and admiring the snow. Tobe returned home from work around noon, so we didn't have to worry about him attempting to commute in the rush hour traffic and ice (Ask him about the time it took him over three hours to get home from work when a sudden ice storm hit at the end of the workday--not fun, my friend!). We took Isaac out into the snow and he wasn't even barely impressed. It was nice to have a day to stay inside and enjoy the cold temperatures.

Christmas Picture Session: This week I took Isaac to have his Christmas pictures taken. He likely will need several therapy sessions to get over this trauma. We went to the same portrait studio we always go to because I know that Isaac tends to feel more comfortable in familiar places. I arrived a few minutes early to give him time to get used to the setting before someone started snapping pictures. Apparently the studio was running ahead of schedule as well (very unusual) because they were ready to start as soon as we walked in the door. Isaac was not too thrilled with this idea. The rush of tears started when the photographer moved his stroller and did not end until we exited the studio thirty minutes later. The boy cried the whole time. I usually like the photographers at this studio and the last few times the photographer has been able to get smiles out of a hesitant Isaac. This lady didn't really make an attempt to put Isaac at ease or give him a minute to become adjusted to his surroundings. She then attempted to sell me large, expensive packages of pictures of a crying 16 month old. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a very sad baby. I did settle on two pictures (there was no way I was going to attempt this task again and return for a repeat photo session)---one of which Isaac is not smiling and you can see my fingers in the edge of the picture as I attempt to hold him in place (it is a cute expression--just no smile) and a profile shot of Isaac sitting in a rocking chair, in which you can see a large tear on his face. Classic. As soon as we left the studio, Isaac was all smiles. Ugh! We then proceeded to look in some of the stores while we waited for our portraits to be printed. In one store I was told that Isaac and his stroller would have to remain by the cash register while I shopped. There was no sign on the door or anywhere saying "No Strollers or Babies Allowed" and so we chose to leave the store rather than leave my child by the register (By the way, I will no longer be shopping at Penny Lane of Colleyville. If you don't want kids or strollers in your store, put up a sign. Don't tell Moms that their children have to be banished to the cash register area upon entering the store. Better yet--create a small playyard for kids to stay in while Moms shop.) Christmas Pictures 2006 are done and I am sure in future years we will look at these portraits and laugh....hopefully.

Tuesday Night Date Night: Call us extravagant, but Tobe and I had a date night on a TUESDAY NIGHT!!!! The grandparents came over to watch Isaac while we set out for the Dixie Chicks concert. It was excellent and the place was full. I know a lot of people have strong feelings about the Dixie Chicks and the "London Comment" made several years ago. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (however I have found that most people honestly do not know the actual quote that was even said at that concert). Tobe and I do find it amusing that despite all the drama made about this quote from Natalie Maines, no one has really had issue with what she says about the President in their movie "Shut Up and Sing." Don't know what I am referring to? You probably have seen the edited version if you have seen the preview for this movie. Otherwise, I suppose you can Google it. Be advised that it is strong language. The concert was great and we are so glad we saw them on this tour. If you happen to be a "W" fan, you wouldn't have found many friends in this audience. There were several signs (from audience members) that were quite amusing and got loud crowd responses. A few rows ahead of us someone was sporting a spin off of the French Connection shirt (Like the one Natalie made to get back at Toby Keith) that was aimed at the president. Hmmm.... Enough political talk....speaking of "W" Tobe and I made a quick pit stop at the new W Hotel for me to use the restroom as we walked from our car to AAC. Upon entering this trendy hotel, I somehow managed to trip on the entrance rug and almost fall flat on my face in front of numerous trendy people. Nice. Then I get a bit confused as I am making my way to the restroom because all the walls are mirrored. Guess I am not trendy enough for such hangouts because the whole five minute experience was a bit stressful for me.

Central Market: I have had yesterday marked on the ol calender for a while now--It was the Grand Opening of our Central Market! My life is now complete! It was a bit crazy, but no more crazy than any of the other Central Markets on a Saturday afternoon. There were lots of things to taste but that is where the crowds seemed to form, so we avoided those. We did manage to score some organic sour cream and onion chips, which Isaac loved. Check out the new Central Market if you happen to be in the neighborhood---it is heavenly! Be sure to pick up a pack of warm butter tortillas while you are there!

Baby #2: This baby is growing. He/She doubles in size over the next month, which is starting to become evident in my waistline. Right now this little baby is the size of a large onion. With Isaac's pregnancy, I had no cravings whatsoever. This pregnancy began with a craving for nachos and has moved on to simple chips and queso. I have been strong and only have had chips and queso once (at the AAC Tuesday night in which I likely paid $20 for nachos). I did come home from my bootcamp class Monday night and ask Tobe if he had made me chips and dip. He just looked at me as if I were crazy. Not sure why I thought he might have concocted such a meal since we have no cheese or chips in the pantry--probably just wishful thinking on my part! I think it will be interesting to see if this child one day loves chips and dip.

Isaac: Isaac has officially reached 16 month old status and is a riot everyday. A few weeks back he mastered the skill of getting in and out of his Little Tikes car gracefully (after a failed attempt where he somehow ended up backwards with his bottom in the hole and his legs sticking out the rear window). He does this numerous times during the day. The funniest part is that he is always is so careful to shut the door of the car after exiting. He also is really catching on to picking up toys when finished playing or when the day is over. He LOVES to color and likes to have his crayons and paper out at all times on the coffee table for am impromptu art session at any given moment. He understands a lot and can respond to questions. He still doesn't say a lot of clear words, but he will repeat things (I can understand him). His new word lately has been "cracker." He has pretty much mastered the art of feeding himself with a spoon and really only needs helping with getting the last few bites out. He now hurries through his meal so he can get applesauce or yogurt. He loves to wear his hat outside when it is cold (um...had to buy a size 2T-5T hat to fit on that boy's head) and laughs when he sees himself in the mirror sporting this winter wear. His new "trick" is to make a silly face which honestly looks like a "Sing Song face" (ACU reference). It is hysterical and I must admit I showed him how to do it.

Christmas Decorating: I love Christmas and all things associated with it. Our four trees are trimmed (only one is a big tree--there isn't that much room in casa de Phillips) and we had the 6th Annual Phillips Family Christmas Lighting Ceremony last week. Isaac has done really well with not messing with the tree or any of the presents underneath. Yesterday I hung an ornament with his picture in it and he loves to go and point at it. Sweet boy. I am a bit disturbed by seeing "dead" snowmen and Santas on people's lawns during the day. I know people with inflatable decorations must let them deflate during the day, but it slightly disturbs me. However I respect anyone who puts up holiday decorations and I can't wait to go look at Christmas lights. I really love houses that go overboard on the lights. I was going on about my love for Christmas lights to Tobe the other night and he looked at me and said, "You are a really sweet person." Not sure if he meant more "simple" than "sweet" because of my extreme love for Christmas lights, but I will take it as a compliment nonetheless. Sunday night HGTV is airing a show about tacky Christmas light displays in America. I can't wait! I bet the houses will be beautiful!

Church of Christ Humor: For those ACU/Highland Church alumni go to and enter in "Mike Cope Sings the Classics" into the search box. This is hysterical! Tobe didn't think it was quite as funny as I did, but it makes me about cry every time I watch it.

Whew! If you made it all the way to the end, kudos to you! Sorry for the lack of posts, dear friends. Also, those of you whose blogs I follow please know I still read them even though I have not commented in a while. Hopefully these headaches will end soon and computer time won't be so unpleasant.

Happy Holidays!

Photos from Daddy/Tiger Day
**Waking up**

**Enjoying the local sidewalk cafe***

(IN PJS)**Checking out the local holiday displays****Snow day**

(notice the look of excitement on Isaac's face)**This is what happens when Mom attempts to take a cute Christmas card picture by placing a 16 month old in a box**


Amy C said...

Lazy?!? NOT I am thinking you are busy. & Migraines are awful. I think you are doing good to post when you do. You will be glad you paused to reflect when you could someday. These sweet times fly by so fast. Merry Christmas, & thanks for the heads up on the Central Market, I am tired of driving to Fort Worth!

Jennifer Binkley said...

Glad for the update. Isaac is getting very big! He is too adorable!

Summer said...

Yay for new post! Hope things get easier for you soon. Isaac is so cute! (Even when he doesn't want his picture taken.)

Sarah said...

I love the pics...especially the one of Isaac in the box. He's too cute!

Thanks for the update! :)

JenniferReinsch said...

sorry we couldn't be with the fam on thanksgiving. we enjoyed a good old east texas hootenanny.

i hope you continue to feel better.

kate m. said...

It sounds like you guys have been so busy! I am glad that your Black Friday shopping experience was successful. We have a lot of the Little People toys also, and I think Jackson is getting more this year for Christmas. Haven't Little People come a long way since we played with them? They are so cute now! Sorry about Isaac's photo session! Jackson's wasn't a raving success either, but like you, I was not going to reschedule. Love the pictures you posted of Isaac though! That boy sure is cute!

Kelli said...

You guys have been busy! Glad you are starting to feel better.