Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Tobe has left for Racquetball tonight (part of our fitness plan--he does Racquetball on Wed. and I do pilates on Mondays) and Isaac is down for the night (early to bed, early to rise), which leaves me and blogger. Not bad really. Here are the random things I might talk to you about, should you stop by for a chat right now....

  1. The crossing guard (not the same from last year) asked me this morning if Isaac was a boy or a girl. Keep in mind that Isaac was wearing Dinosaur PJs and a navy blue jacket. Do girls wear that? Also, why does it frustrate mothers to no end when people cannot determine the gender of their child?
  2. A lady brought three boys and their waterguns to the park today. I am wondering how she thought this would be a great idea. She appeared to be the babysitter and not the mom. I had to threaten the boys with bodily harm as they aimed their watergun at me. I also had to tell them not to squirt water all over the slide because it makes other peoples clothes wet. The babysitter sat and watched the cars drive by.
  3. The teacher comes out in me when I am at the park playground. I have to restrain myself from telling the child not to climb on top of the tunnel or not to throw rocks up the slide. I will know I have gone too far when I show up with my whistle.
  4. Suri Cruise---we have finally seen her. She appears to be a beautiful baby, which leads me to further believe that she is a model. Everyone is discussing how much she looks like Tom. Why do they think it took so long to release the pictures--the Cruise camp had to have time to hunt down a baby who resembled the actor. Let it be no surprise that Tom has publicly apologized to Brooke Shields and released pictures of his child shortly after his falling out with Paramount. It is all calculated, people.
  5. I caught the first ten minutes of The View this morning. I was whatever about Rosie joining the bunch and expect this to be the final season of the show. However, I had forgotten how much I enjoy Rosie the Talk Show Host and think she brings a lot to the show. She does hog the spotlight, but someone needs to reduce Barbara and Joy's speaking time.
  6. Elizabeth Hasselback cut her hair and I love it! I am currently growing out my own mane, but was really tempted to run to the hairdresser after seeing Elizabeth's hair this morning. I have convinced myself throughout the course of the day that her hair is much thinner than mine and therefore the cut would not come out the same. I am holding off on such a dramatic trim for now. Elizabeth was sporting the leggings and oversized top look. Am I going to be forced to adhere to this trend this fall?
  7. I missed Katie Couric on the evening news last night. We usually don't watch the news until 9pm, so this was no major disappointment. I am glad that there is now a female anchor. Apparently lots of viewers focused on the fact that Katie wore white after Labor Day for her first night on the job. Did anyone ever care what Peter Jennings wore?
  8. There is talk that the video tape of Steve Irwin in his final moments of life might be released. I sincerely hope that the American public puts aside their fascination with gruesome reality television for once and this video does not get aired. Thousands of children loved Steve and my psychology background tells me this could be quite traumatic for them to watch.
  9. I was lucky enough to hang-out with one of my dearest childhood friends while in Arkansas last weekend. We always immediately catch-up right where we left off, even if we haven't spoken in months. On the way home from her house, I passed the local Sonic and saw the high school kids hanging out. The kids looked like babies! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was that high school kid (except for the cool place to hang out in the mid 90's was the Wendy's parking lot, not Sonic and no one was texting their friends telling them where to meet). I am old.
  10. Why is ABC making me wait until October 4th for the season premiere of LOST? (Europe readers: Season 2 just came out here on DVD. Hopefully you will be able to get it soon and everyone's references to the show this past year will finally make sense!)
  11. Our community's local festival begins tomorrow morning at 10am. It is four full days this year, rather than the usual 3 1/2. Admission is free tomorrow and Friday (until 5pm). Parking is always free in front of casa de Phillips (although our neighbors sometimes block off the space in front of our house with their cars to reserve parking space for their OU friends who come for the festival each year. I am thinking of charging them.). This is the 20th year of this festival and it should be bigger than ever. If you like the Bodeans, they will be performing Saturday night (don't mention this to Tobe or Kelli, because neither one can attend and they are both big fans), along with some locally famous bands.
  12. While changing Isaac's diaper this evening, I was making funny faces at him and he was laughing hysterically. Suddenly the laughing went to shear panic over one of my facial expressions. It had something to do with my tongue. I am not sure why this freaked him out, but his response caused Tobe to peak his head into the nursery to make sure everything was okay. Funny boy.
  13. You can purchase Barefoot Contessa's entire line of edible wonders at Crate and Barrel now. I think Ina is my third favorite chef on Food Network, right behind Rachel Ray and Paula Deen. Why do none of these people ever do book signings in Texas?

Thanks for coming to chat!


Kelli said...

I was wondering if the elusive Suri would be mentioned on your blog. I think she looks like the baby pictures of fellow crazies John Travolta and Kelly Preston's baby girl born several years ago... Photoshop does wonders these days!

I am sick about the Bodeans. Sick, sick, sick. I hope you and Isaac will attend in Tobe's and my honor (Scott said no way to attending in my honor with the boys)

I heard it was Steve's wife wanting to release the tape of his death. Apparently, at one point in his lifetime, he mentioned keeping the cameras rolling even if he died and to show it to whoever wanted to see it.

I heard Lost is not going to have any repeats this year. Possibly that is the reason for the late start.

margk said...

Oh, I am so anxiously awaiting Lost!!!

I am sorry, but I don't care about Tom Cruise. He has always annoyed me, he is not attractive (in my opinion) and I like to see him make an idiot of himself. I think Suri looks like a boy. On the other topic, Isaac is obviously very much a boy. I don't know why people do really just means you have a pretty baby.

Let us know what time you are going to Main St. I only go for the free part. Would love to meet you there.

Phillips' Family said...

Apparently LOST is going the HBO route and is showing approx. six episodes straight in the fall--then taking a break---and then showing six more in the winter/spring. There will be no repeats so set those VCRS (TiVos for the savvy ones out there)

Margk: Isaac and I are going to head out to the festival on Friday morning at 10am, right when it opens. Join us! I will email you directions to our house if you want to park there and walk (we live close).

americangerman said...
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K Speck said...

I think you are RIGHT ON about Suri & how calculated everything is in the land of TomKat....your trip home to AK sounded great!

Phillips' Family said...

Thanks to Kelli for telling me this morning about the whole Suri Cruise/Chris Klein connection. Google it if you don't know what I am talking about. Chris is the father--the baby has his eyes. I don't know why I care so much about this whole storyline, but it fascinates me. Perhaps I need a new hobby....

jenny biz said...

I loved Elisabeth's hair! I think she looks a little older and more "mature". I hope we can make it out to a bit of Main Street this weekend!

Alison said...

Personally, I think that Suri belongs to Dawson, not Chris Klein. Actually, I guess it would be Pacey's since that's who Joey chose in the end. Oh, and regarding the leggings with oversized top trend- didn't we start that as a "Dead Day" fashion tradition? I distinctly remember us wearing leggings and giant XLXLXL ACU sweatshirts to Schlozsky's for lunch on dead day. I also remember that I wore my hair curly. Why do I remember such nonsense? I can't even remember where I've laid down my keys on a daily basis! Anyway, I'm thinking we should be owed some sort of compensation for being way 10 years ahead of the fashion game!

amerriman said...

I am not a big Lost fan. I was the first season, but it "lost" me the second. What do you like about it? I am curious to watch the View. I was thinking the same thing about Rosie. It is hard to believe that about Steve. Out of all the animals that he has played with, it was a little unknown one that killed him. It just added fuel, that when it is your time, it's your time! Thanks for the chat!

kate m. said...

I don't know what to think about Suri. Anything is possible when you have a freak for your (alleged?) father. If, in fact she is biologically related to Tom, I feel more sorry for her than words can adequately express.

I can't wait for Lost! I don't watch the View, and shamefully, I don't watch the news often enough; however, if I did, I would not care what Katie wore unless perhaps it was leggings and an oversized shirt.

Isaac certainly does not look like a girl, and I also get frustrated when people mistake Jackson for a girl. I have never met a baby girl who wears dinosaurs.

Have fun at the big festivities! I love Main Street's festivities and miss them often.

Finally, how do you feel about the Everyday Italian? I love her and have dropped several hints to Boone that any of her cookbooks would be a welcome Christmas gift.

Phillips' Family said...

Jenny--You could wear the Elisabeth haircut and it would look great on you!

Alison--I forgot that the leggings made a quick comeback in West Texas but only worn with large sweatshirts. We were so cool. (I thought you were at the beach this week. I would have called you. I will email you in just a second)

Angie---Lost can be quite complicated. Tobe and I are quite geeky and read up on the internet about the clues and hints that we missed while watching the show. There are countless websites devoted to this show.

Kate--I do enjoy Giada from Everyday Italian, however they do shameless shots of her chest repeatedly through the show. (Perhaps that will get Boone to buy you the cookbooks) She also talks a lot about how much she loves to eat and somehow is still a size 0. I guess I have a love/hate relationship with her.