Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Home from Holiday

We returned home from a long weekend in Arkansas on Monday afternoon. It was a great time as always and Isaac didn't mind the extra attention one bit. The weather was perfect and Isaac was able to spend much time playing in Nana Jan's and PopPop's luxurious grass. Both flights were uneventful and Isaac did really well. I had called ahead to verify that I could indeed bring liquids aboard the plane when traveling with a small child. I was told that I could but would have to taste each liquid myself before getting on the plane (thought: If you are willing to board a plane yourself and blow it up--thus killing yourself---wouldn't you be willing to take a sip of an explosive?). However, no one made me sip anything and our milk and juice made it through security just fine. We were asked to remove Isaac's shoes before going through security, seeing as how most terrorists are 13 month old, blonde hair boys accompanied by his parents. I understand the need for heightened security measures, but the way it is being handled is a joke and not solving the problem. The last time my 86 year old grandmother flew, she was chosen as the person to randomly check. I am sure that everyone aboard her flight was glad to know that the elderly woman who has trouble walking was double-checked and found to be safe.

My labor day was filled with sadness over the sudden passing of Steve Irwin. Tobe and I loved the crocodile hunter and respected his work and his love of animals. I first heard about Steve during my first summer spent in Kenya. We often were without electricity, which left hours of time for the Americans to entertain themselves once the sun set (not safe to be out in the slums past sunset with no electricity). Usually someone would recount their favorite memory or television program and we would laugh hysterically. This is how I heard of the crocodile Hunter and his love for the word "Crikey!" As soon as I returned stateside, I searched out such amusing programming and became an instant fan. My all-time favorite episode of the crocodile Hunter was when Steve and his wife Terri were out in a river somewhere in the middle of the night searching for crocs to rescue. They came upon a low-lying tree in the water where a rare species of snake was resting on a branch. Steve had to take a look. Somehow the snake (who was quite poisonous) fell into the boat and Terri fell out of the boat. Steve is attempting to get the snake out of the boat and to tell his wife to remain calm, despite the fact that she is in a river full of crocodiles. Terri is obviously panicking, but attempting to remain calm. It is a good five minutes of "Rickie and Luci" type comedy as Steve attempts to catch the snake and Terri dog-paddles in the river waiting to be saved. I am sad for Steve's family and friends, as he seemed to be such a genuine guy and devoted family man.

Yesterday, I walked through the living room to find Isaac perched on the fireplace hearth. He looked quite proud of his climbing abilities. Later that evening he attempted to climb from the loveseat to the top of the sofa table (I was sitting with him and had a firm grasp of one leg). The boy is not scared of heights but refuses to crawl through the tunnel at the park.


kate m. said...

I know what you mean about airport security. I am always randomly selected (once I was randomly selected twice - going through security and then pulled out of the boarding line).

Jackson has just learned that he is able to climb. He has mastered the couch and attempted the fireplace (I didn't let him - who knows what he does with my back turned!). I don't much like the climbing phase, but I guess this is what we get with boys!

Kelli said...

I'm sure you would only have had to taste the liquid if it was breast milk. :) I agree that it is stupid the way they check people and it makes someone like me, a very uneasy flier, even more uneasy.

I was sad about the Croc Hunter's death too. He seemed like a nice person. However, if tv reports are to be believed, his family is taking comfort knowing he died doing what he loved.

margk said...

I was sad about the crocodile hunter too.

Glad you are getting Isaac used to traveling and sleeping in other places. That helps in the long run.