Monday, September 25, 2006

Family Table Night

Tonight is national Family Table Night. That does not mean head out to your local pier One Imports and purchase a new dining room table, but rather have your family sit down and enjoy a dinner with each other. I cannot tell you how many kids I taught that had never sat down with their families and enjoyed a supper together. They did not have the appropriate social skills that one learns at the family table (chew with mouth closed, how a conversation flows, setting and clearing the table) because it had never been taught in their home. I find that to be a bit tragic.

I encourage everyone to sit down to a dinner tonight with your family. No time to cook? Throw something in the crock-pot before work or stop by your local grocery store and pick up a rotisserie chicken, bag of salad, Pepperidge farm frozen bread, and a side item. Stay away from the fast food because your family can polish off McDonalds in 10.2 seconds before anyone has had a chance to converse or share. After supper pull out a board game or head off to the local park to complete a great night. Leave the television off and take time to get to know those other people who live in your house with you.

We will be celebrating Family Table Night here at casa de Phillips. I am not sure what is on the menu as of yet, due to the sensitive nature of Tobe's healing mouth and the fact that I do race out the door on Monday nights for cardio Bootcamp class. Hope you will join us in this celebration!


Don Kersting said...

I talked to Tobe and he dodged a massive oral infection.

1literatimommy said...

i had so much fun tonight at book club lynley! you are very clever! hope tobe was able to enjoy his meal without too much pain. i agree; dinner time should be sacred family time.

Kelli said...

Hey I had fun too. I tried a new recipe for family table night. Although, since we eat dinner together almost every night, I do wish tonight's celebration meant run off and buy a new table.