Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas was over two weeks ago, but who can resist pictures of a 17 month old in striped, footed PJ's??? Here are the Phillips' family Christmas photos. Yes, Tobe was present at every holiday celebration. We often times forget to have him step out from behind the camera to actually be in a picture. I am going to have to photoshop his face into some of these pictures so that Isaac doesn't think his father was not around at Christmas!

Christmas Morning....and Santa brought Band-Aids!
I love this picture because I think Isaac looks like my baby pictures (for once!)
Another Little People Item to add to our growing collection
Christmas in Lubbock
(Again Little People.....Isaac felt the need to sit right in the middle of this train set while playing with it. He does the same thing with this new car mat he has---not sure why as it seems to make playing with such toys ten times more difficult)

Christmas with Tobe's Parents

Isaac loves this old man who sings Christmas carols, but was a little apprehensive about pushing the "ON" button himself
This picture makes me laugh so hard everytime I see it. This is a set of glasses from a Doctor's kit. Hilarious. This will definately be in the wedding slide show one day.

Paging Dr. Phillips.....

Isaac immediately put the stethoscope around his neck, just like his Pop-Pop. Who cares if this is likely a strangulation hazard? It is just plain cute.

Although there are a lot more Christmas pictures besides these, I feel like all seven of you readers get the basic idea of our Christmas celebrations and there is no need to bore you with thirty pictures of Isaac smiling. His new trick this week is to carry random things all over the house and then leave such items in odd places. For example, this morning while he was "resting" in his bed (he is in the process of dropping the morning nap--which could be a whole post itself) I found a concert ticket stub in the kitchen, a magnet on the hope chest in my bedroom, the telephone in the hall, and a woooden spoon on the coffee table. Although it appears that my child wonders aimlessly through the house unsupervised, that isn't the case. However, he still manages to toddle around with random items and deposit them in strange places. Tobe also noticed last night that Isaac has a passion for stuffing toys under the couch. Funny boy.

Baby girl had her 22 week check-up yesterday. Everything looks good. Dr. A. was happy with the sonogram, yet eager to find out the gender because the sonogram tech had not placed that picture in my file. Baby is measuring right at week 22, which is exactly how Isaac was (aren't our children obedient?). I asked Dr. A. about the pressure and pains I have been feeling a lot over the past few days. She said it is a combo of round ligament pain, the baby being breech right now, and the fact that everything starts to hurt sooner with each pregnancy. Tonight I feel as if the baby is pushing on my pelvic bones with both of her feet---lovely thought, huh? We did get to hear the heartbeat, which is always so exciting. Although I was a bit taken back by the numbers on the scale, Dr. A. was happy that I had finally gained some weight (she obviously has not seen me without excess clothes on, nor know that the long-abandoned size 2 Gap pants in my closet laugh at me everytime I approach them). I obviously want this baby to be healthy, but I know what number I do not want that scale to pass in the next 18 weeks. I am sporting a baby bump these days and will soon have to pull out the dreaded container of maternity clothes (Although I have found great use out of some Ann Taylor Loft tunics---thanks, Kelli!). I had Tobe take a picture yesterday and I will post it tomorrow (it is still on the camera, which happens to be allllllllllll the way in the living room).

Isaac and I went and visited a friend this morning who just had a baby on Sunday. He did really well and didn't fuss at all when I held the baby. He didn't really care to look at the baby, but had no problems sharing his mom's arms with sweet baby Ian. Isaac did however get a bit distressed when the nurses came in to measure my friend's blood pressure and take her temperature. I believe once April arrives we will be making weekly field trips to our local hospital so that it isn't quite so unfamiliar to Isaac. The sweet boy was so tired at the hospital that he kept saying "bye-bye" so we would leave. This one nap thing is hard on him some days. We went straight home, ate a quick lunch, and then I put him down at 12:30. He actually was falling asleep while I changed his diaper before naptime. Poor baby.

Speaking of sleep, the witching hour is quickly approaching and this tired mama needs to get herself, her unborn child, and her sleepy husband to bed (Isaac has been asleep for over two hours now). Good night!

(AAARGH!!! Spellcheck is not working for some reason. This is DEADLY to me as I am the worst speller EVER--I personally blame it on the fact that I was taught whole-language in school rather than phonics. Anyway, Mom, don't call and tell me how many words I spelled incorrectly. Just read this post with a lot of patience!)


Paige said...

Such cute pictures! Can't wait to see the bump!

Jennifer Binkley said...

We, too, love Little People. Sadly, they have departed our home in the past year. Glad that Isaac loves them!

We can't wait to meet baby girl!