Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Farewell and a Finally!

Tobe came home Wednesday from picking up our nutritious dinner at Chilis to report that our beloved local playground is under construction and is closed until after Valentines day! Two years ago such news would not have affected me at all, but now I toss and turn at night wondering where we will take Isaac for some fun outdoor time in the next month. I am wrought with anxiety over the fact that they might be taking down Isaac's beloved equipment and replacing it with sub-par play things. The weather is finally going to turn nice at the end of next week and Isaac and I will be left without a park home nearby. We actually have a park in our neighborhood, but it is situated for older kids and not toddler-friendly. Our other close option is a park made for all children--including those in a wheelchair and those walking---but it also is not incredibly toddler friendly as it has large holes in the many ramps that small children can fall through. Such sadness here over our farewell to our beloved park.....

Late yesterday afternoon I noticed that Isaac had drool coming out of both sides of his mouth, which is quite unusual. Sometimes he has the occasional toddler drip from his mouth, but has never been a drooler. He finally let me stick my finger in his mouth during tooth brushing time (before that he clamped down and wouldn't budge his lips---he still hasn't figured out biting as a method of attack yet and I sure don't want to inspire such acts) and felt two new teeth popping in on the top. This is a huge FINALLY for him as he only has six teeth and hasn't gotten a new one in over nine months. I have also been losing sleep over the fact that he would likely get a whole mouth full of teeth right when this baby arrives.

Last night the Phillips' family was lounging in the family room after dinner, reading and enjoying some time together. I came across an advertisement for Little Einsteins (cartoon on Playhouse Disney) in the magazine I was browsing. I ripped out the page and gave it to Isaac, who was immediately mesmerized. He carried that paper around the rest of the evening and was quite hesitant to leave it when bathtime arrived. I had him place it on a table in our living room where we keep some of his books. Isaac would set the paper down, then pick it up, then set it down....quite unsure over whether or not he wanted to leave his beloved Little Einsteins page. I did a quick google search this morning to see what Little Einstein paraphernalia was available and discovered the world's creepiest dolls of Isaac's beloved June, Leo, Quincy, and Annie. Um, won't be ordering those. I guess we will stick with the page torn out of the magazine for now!

Happy Saturday!

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Sad, happy, funny ;)