Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tales of a Tiger

I know you only read this blog to see the pictures of Isaac. I am fine with that. I only read your blog to see the pictures of your family, so we are even.

Here is what our tiger has been up to lately....

St. Patricks Day at the Park
(By the way, Isaac knows when we are slightly near the park and will instruct us to turn the car in that direction. He loves the park. The poor boy cried and cried on Sunday when we passed a daycare ---which he thought was a park due to their outside equipment--- and did not stop to "pay")

Isaac has become the slide expert
Looking at the "A's"
(what he calls letters)

Mini-college roomie reunion

Isaac and Morgan, wondering why their Mommies and Ms. Laura repeatedly tell the same stories over and over, then erupt in loud laughter.

Monday, Isaac and I ventured out to a lady's house who redoes children's outdoor furniture to see if we could score any bargains. The poor boy wants to play in our backyard, but there really isn't anything to do. We were hoping for a sand and water table, but the only one she had did not get good reviews online. We did get a Little Tikes table and chairs for the patio area and a Step 2 red push car---each for only $15! Isaac enjoyed some indoor time with his new table before it makes the move to outside.

Because I am a nerd--or an 80 year old lady trapped inside the pregnant body of a 29 year old---I had to include a picture of our Bradford pear trees. In the five years that we have lived here, our Bradford pears have quickly gone from the barren look to the lush green look--often skipping the beautiful white flower stage that welcomes Spring. This year we finally were able to enjoy the white blossoms for a week before the tree turned to green. I have talked about these trees non-stop in the past two weeks because I am quite impressed with their beauty. (or because I am a nerd...)

In closing, I would like to identify two things that do not help the self-esteem of a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy...

1. Watching Dancing with the Stars and picturing my belly in one of those outfits.

2. Receiving a free trial issue ---addressed to ME---of Figure magazine, the only magazine made for women size 20 and up. Nice.


Amy C said...

That is one beautiful tree. Sorry about the magazine! Your Tiger is a real cutie!

Summer said...

8 months already? Man time flies when you're not the one who's pregnant! You look great, by the way, and frankly no one should wear some of those skimpy dancing get-ups.

The Binkley Family said...

We had two bradford pear trees like that in our yard in Lubbock...and I miss seeing them. The picture sure brought back memories!

Jennifer said...

You look GREAT for 8 months! Love the park pictures and also one of the college girls. Very cool.

margk said...

Your 8 months is my 5 months. You look so good! I love Bradford Pear trees. I get so excited about planting our garden and all of our flowers every year. You are not a nerd. Do you like the new park? I am sad about the merry-go-round being taken out, even though they must be dangerous. I was always nervous whe Patrick was on them.