Saturday, March 31, 2007

Breakfast with Bunny

Because Isaac adores all things bunny, we loaded up the car early this morning and headed out to our local community center for "Breakfast with Bunny." Although we know that Isaac adores the real Bunny who resides in our backyard, we were unsure of how he would react to large, adult sized versions of this springtime animal.

There were no tears or anxiety attacks, only sheer cries of utter joy over the fact that he got to see these Bunnies. He hugged them repeatedly, followed them around, and fussed when he was not within five feet of the bunnies. We could barely get him to eat a bite of his breakfast because he kept claiming he was "done" so he could follow the bunnies around the gym (However, we did trick him into eating some by saying, "Show bunny how you eat a banana." ).

Here are the pictures from our the way, the best part of this whole deal was the fact that it was only $5 a person (Isaac was free), we got a Grandy's breakfast, numerous photo opportunities, crafts, and an Easter egg hunt. Pretty good way to spend $10.

Isaac got in line twice to have his picture taken with the bunny
Have you ever seen such joy?
Hunting for Easter Eggs

(He was satisfied with just having one egg, but Mommy made him fill his basket in hopes of getting lots of candy!)

Running towards a specific egg

Although Isaac sat for countless pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, he refused to sit with Mommy and smile. He is upset here because there is no bunny on the bench, just plain ol Mom.

Hugging the Bunny good-bye

After our eventful breakfast, we ran several errands this morning, one of which was to the Virgin Record Store. While Isaac entertained himself by putting every Elmo DVD into his stroller (we left without purchasing or accidentally stealing one thankfully), I stumbled upon this greatness:

So far there is no Volume 2 (which would be my Sesame Street Years), but we will be purchasing it upon its immediate release. (Although it might come as a shocking blow to Isaac that Sesame Street used to exist in a time before the creation of Elmo)

Happy Saturday!


The Binkley Family said...

How fun! I am so glad that Isaac got to have breakfast with the Bunnies. I miss stuff like that! We don't get many Easter Bunny visits in po-dunck.

kate m. said...

I love those pictures! I especially love the one where you said "Have you ever seen such joy?" Isaac's huge grin is precious! Isaac sure does look like he is on a mission in the one where he is passing up tons and tons of eggs to go to one specific egg. Too funny! I agree that your $10 was well spent.