Monday, July 23, 2007

Because it is Monday... are some latest pictures to brighten your week (assuming that pictures of other people's children brighten your week)

I caved and purchased some bows for Evelyn. I just thought she might look even sweeter with a gigantic bow perched atop her head. This one is a bit too big for now, but I love the expression on her face in this shot. Perhaps she is trying to figure out how to keep her head up with such a large piece of fabric attached to it?
I did take the two month "block picture"....just a few days late
Our almost two year old!
His new favorite place to sit and read is the rocking chair in Evelyn's room. You might wonder what book he is is the Parent's Play Guide by Baby Einstein. For some reason it is one of his favorites!

Isaac's vocabulary has exploded in the past month and I haven't really posted much about the hilarious phrases he uses. He has gone from 2-3 word sentences to 5-7 word sentences in a short time. Here are some funny things he has said lately:
*"Mommy, email Al-son." (wanting me to email Alison so Morgan can come play)
*"I-ick hook clip. Mommy close door." (He knows how to hook his car seat clip, but likes to do so in the privacy of the backseat. I put him in the seat, stick his arms through the straps, then close the door....he hooks everything by himself. However, I still have to make sure the straps are tight and secure. This has been a lifesaver during all our rainy days.)
*"Happy Day...Happy Day" (He came through the kitchen singing this on Saturday. I asked him if he was singing the "Happy Birthday Song" to which he replied, "Yes." Guess he is gearing up for his party.)
*"Lets Go! Let's Go! Let's Go!" (said as he runs through the house)
* "Mommy find sailboat, train, airplane" (We live in a little boy's paradise. There is a lake, train depot, airport, and numerous construction sites five minutes from our house. Last week we went on an impromptu sailboat hunting expedition that involved driving around "Road Closed" barricades and attempting to sneak down to temporarily shut down boat ramps. Risking possible arrest was worth showing Isaac a real sailboat.)
*"Mommy, I-ick watch horse movie at I-ick's house" (Isaac has recently become obsessed with three Baby Einstein videos and talks about them CONSTANTLY! Seriously, come over to casa de phillips and you will hear the phrases "horse movie, cow movie, and elephant movie" about 50 times in five minutes. Julie Aigner-Clark is starting to become our worst enemy.)

I know I have not mentioned much about my Weight Watchers progress. I have been doing the program for seven weeks now and hit my pre-Evelyn pregnancy weight this morning! Yeah! Tobe bought me some new clothes at Banana Republic this weekend as a reward for working so hard at getting this baby weight off. That being said, I still have some pounds to lose to get to my pre-Isaac pregnancy weight, which is my end goal.
Happy Monday!


The Binkley Family said...

Pictures of those precious kiddos always brighten my day!

Hey, did you get my email?

margk said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

jenniferreinsch said...

Brit was obsessed with Babe. I came to detest that movie. I can still hear her sweet little voice saying, "I want Babe."

Laura said...

It's funny what they get facinated with! Ty is that way with movies. He'll want to watch the same couple until either Halle or I can't take anymore!

Amy C said...

Great job on the weight loss. You always look beautiful.

And yes your cute pictures do brighten days.

Shanta said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Evelyn is a beauty! And congrats on the weight loss so quickly. You are my hero. Seven weeks? What in the world...