Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just Ducky

Okay, here's a little secret....I am not a big animal person. By this I do not mean that I hate animals or do not appreciate them, rather that I am not the type to tear up over a "Missing Cat" poster or feel the need to stop at a Pet Adoption Fair. Animals are great and all....I am just not that into them.

However, Isaac loves animals. He gets giddy over chasing black birds at the park. We have yet to take him to the zoo (I know, we are horrible parents. But we seriously don't live terribly close to the zoo and I have issues with caging wild animals...I will save that soapbox for another post.) where I fear he might pass out from excitement over spotting real, live animals.

This morning as we were trucking along on our daily walk, we came upon a house that has a very small duck pond. By very small, I mean the size of a baby pool. There were three ducks mingling in the yard and I pointed them out to Isaac. He became ecstatic and started yelling, "Hi Duck!" One of the ducks waddles over to us (we had stopped at this point so Isaac could view the animals) in what appeared to be a friendly manner. We greeted the duck and started making our way down the sidewalk again.

It was then that I heard the sound of webbed feet on the pavement behind us and turned to notice the duck chasing us at quite the rapid pace and was almost at my heels. Seriously. I did not know ducks could move so rapidly, nor their bills look quite fierce. The image some people saw on their commute this morning was of me, running from a duck while pushing the world's most massive double stroller while attempting to pull the shade of the stroller over Evelyn to protect her and grab the bag of dry cereal from Isaac's hands to throw at the duck as a weapon. Fortunately, I was able to outrun the duck. However, we will not be taking the sidewalk tomorrow.


Right before Easter I bought Isaac and Evelyn coordinating Fourth of July outfits. I have been dying for Independence Day to arrive so they could look quite cute in their brother/sister ensemble. Apparently no one told Isaac how important such an event was to me and he was not the happy participant in the photo shoot I had planned.

We bribed him with a trip outside if he would simply act interested in Evelyn....this lasted 3.4 seconds.Getting your picture taken is exhaustingWe realized yesterday that we do not have a single picture of the four of us together yet. I now Know why. Getting these pictures taken was quite the experience because Isaac wanted no part of being in our family portrait. We are having professional pictures taken on Saturday and have very low expectations for this experience.

This is the famous "InkInk" who somehow ended up in the pictures

Tuesday morning Isaac and I baked Tobe's birthday cake. Isaac had a great time helping in this endeavor and made his own small cake in a cupcake holder. The plan was for him to decorate his small cake after his nap that day---but before I knew it he was eating the cake. We think this is the first time the child has eaten cake (he would not eat it at his one year birthday party) and he loved the fruit of his labors!

I am off to hang out with the husband before bedtime....where I hopefully won't have nightmares about rapid ducks chasing me.


Shanta said...

I love the thought of you outrunning the duck. That's quassic.

Adorable family pictures! Can you believe you are a family of 4???

Marcia said...

Lynley, you don't know me but we have some common friends. Leigh Ann K is one of my good friends. I also know Kara and the rest of the Poe family.
A duck also chased me once when I was running. I never knew ducks were so fast or scary until that moment either.

Laura said...

Hi Lynley. It is great to catch up via your blog. I've enjoyed reading it. Your family is precious. We also have 2 little ones (4 and 2) and one on the way so yes many days I feel like I'm running my own pre-school rather than just my 2 kids! We are all very blessed aren't we! I'm trying the blogging thing. I enjoy it but have not been as good as keeping up as I'd like but hopefully I'll do better now that the first trimester is almost over! Check it out when you get a minute. Enjoy your week-end! Laura Drury

Amy said...

When you finally go to the zoo (we really like the Ft. Worth zoo), I think you all will have a great time. They actually make an effort now to recreate the animals' habitats so it isn't all bars and chicken wire. We have been a few times and my daughter just loves it, especially when the lion roars. Try to get that on video and blog about it. I can just see Isaac's face when he hears that!

kelly said...

I am very much with you on the "lack of love for animals" thing- at this point I don't know if I am ever even up for a family dog (and T is allergic to cats)....can't wait for your caged-animal soapbox post:). Also, your duck-chase story totally cracked me up! Love, love, love their 4th of July outfits and I think your family shots turned out wonderful! You guys are such a beautiful family of four.