Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering...

...I am still here and have not been abducted by the duck. (I have avoided such areas on walks though).

In the morning we are heading out to Arkansas to visit the family. Here are the things Isaac told me at breakfast he was taking to Nanny and PopPop's house:

1. Baby Evelyn

2. Raffes (his giraffe blanket)


4.Ike (stuffed dog...who actually is staying behind due to size)

4. Blankies (all four)

5.Fresh Apple Juice (he has gone from calling all juice "Green Apple Juice" to "Fresh Apple Juice")


7.Horse Movie

8. Cow Movie

Sounds like a great packing list to me! Tomorrow I am flying alone with the world's largest double stroller, two children under two, two carseats, two diaper bags, two suitcases...and two Xanax.

Fortunately I was able to convince the nice people at Southwest that my husband is not a terrorist and have secured him a pass to escort us to the gate.

In my absence, enjoy some latest pictures from life at casa de phillips:

Cartoons are best enjoyed wearing PJ's and a bucket hat. Two Months Old!

(oops...I already forgot to take her monthly block picture)

A few from our professional photo shoot which turned out okay

This was the only good shot of the four of us...and it isn't that great. I am sure we will giggle about this in upcoming years.

Brother/Sister Reading Time


Jennifer said...

The family pics are great! I love the last one of the little man.

Have a fun and safe trip. I'm not at all jealous of the flying-with-2-kids-alone thing. Good luck!!

jenniferreinsch said...

The pictures are beautiful. Have a wonderful trip, and teach Evelyn how to hold a book.

Amy said...

you deserve a badge of honor for carting two kids under two on a plane by yourself. Thank God it's a direct flight! Hope you have a great time in AR. Maybe I'll see you while your here...

Kara Alexander said...

You are AMAZING traveling with all that stuff! That's great that Tobe can help out! I hope you have a fabulous trip back to AR. And I think the pics are great! Too cute!

Ashley said...

Good luck on the plane. I cannot wait to hear your funny stories about it. Love the family picts. You do not look like a mom of two at all!

Shanta said...

Great pictures! I love that Isaac is teaching Evelyn to read via osmosis...

Have a safe trip!