Monday, January 18, 2010

Confessions of a SAHM

Let's be honest...who doesn't love a good confession post? I personally love to pull up another person (read: another mom's) blog and read their confessions. It makes them seem a bit more real and makes me feel a bit better about my own misgivings.

Confession 1: When Isaac was three, he became obsessed with chewing gum. I told him he had to be four. Now that he is four, I have pushed the age up to five basically because he forgot all about the whole "age four" rule.

Confession 2: There are still Christmas plates hanging on a rack in the wall in my kitchen and a Christmas doormat at the front door. Decorating for the holidays is terribly fun. Undecorating for the holidays is just terrible.

Confession 3: In a burst of new year organization, I purchased several new plastic containers. Said plastic containers are living in a corner of my kitchen, waiting for the day I will fill them with something grand. I am hoping this day arrives sometime before Spring.

Confession 4: (Almost) every Monday morning, the two little ones in our house have a "picnic" breakfast...meaning they eat their breakfast at the picnic table in front of Playhouse Disney. I know eating and watching TV simultaneously is one of the contributing factors to America's obesity problem, but picnic breakfast days just make them terribly happy. And make one meal time a week a lot less "chatty".

Confession 5: The other day I asked Miss E. what she was going to do when she was a mommy like me. She first informed me she would be a doctor (like PopPop) and also be a mommy who would 1. Check her emails and 2. Go to the grocery store. I asked why she chose those two things to which she replied, "Cause that's what Mommy's do."

Confession 6: There are a few veggies out there that I DO. NOT. LIKE. Since I am the cook, I "conveniently" forget to add these veggies to my plate (a little fact I attempt to hide) yet make my children eat them.

Confession 7: My children are looking forward to a big activity later today: playing in the mud. Our backyard is a bit of a mud pile right now, which makes for some excellent digging. Yesterday afternoon the two had quite the time creating a garden. They plan to finish these plans after nap time today (I established the rule of "No mud before nap".)

Confession 8: Isaac brings how little reading books each week from preschool. He reads them and we send them back. Last Thursday...on the way to preschool... I realized we had never pulled out that week's books to read. Nice. Fortunately we have about an eight minute drive to school, in which time I made Isaac read his books aloud to us several times. Then I prayed he would not reveal to his teacher that we had waited to read his books until on the way to school that morning.

Confession 9: I secretly pray every morning that the vitamin we give E. makes up for her poor eating habits. The girl would live on carbohydrates if we let her (which we don't).

Confession 10: Isaac and I have been working on how to tell time on a "real" clock. He has the basics down and is starting to understand the more complex ideas behind time. Last week when we were working on it at the table, I got myself confused with my attempt at explaining increments of time. Sometimes I question how I got to be a mother.

Confession 11: This week is going to be an exciting week on the ol blog here. Be sure to check back often for details (and a possible give-away!)

What confession do you wish to share?


Kelly said...

My "5-minute warning" is often times only about 30 seconds. I'll really be in trouble when Tate learns to tell time. :)

Ashley said...

Confession: Carley has a TV/DVD player in her room. She thinks it only works for nap time. I make her stay in her room for an entire Disney movie. If she falls asleep, I walk in there and back up the DVD so that I am gaining more rest time for myself.

Confession: I still read your blog all the time, but often get too busy to comment.