Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My assistant

Yesterday I took Miss E. with me on an interview. No, I am not resigning from my job as SAHM. I was set to interview a local preschool director about her program and E. got the chance to tag along.

It is no secret that E. is two and loving it, so I was a bit unsure of how such an interview would go.

Wouldn't you know that girl sat quietly for an hour coloring and writing in her notebook while I did my interview thing?

It almost made me want to add to her ever-growing Disney princess collection (Almost...until I remembered the pain I felt the other day when I accidentally stepped on a wayward princess heel).

I am still in the middle of a big writing assignment, which leaves me little blogging time. Sorry, friends. In the meantime, check out a little of what I have been learning about preschool over here.

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