Thursday, January 14, 2010

Preschool Overload

Taking a quick break from some heavy-duty writing to pound out a blog post about nothing. My eyes are beginning to cross and I do not know if I can bear to read one more statistic or evaluate one more parental concern about their child's education. In the past month I have become the preschool expert.


I can chat up anyone about Reggio Emilia approach to preschool (group project, anyone?), can pinpoint the best Waldorf school on the East coast (there are not any here) and can list (alphabetically) the ins and outs of starting up your very own co-op preschool out of your basement.

Someday this article will be finished. Did I mention it is (*hopefully*) going to be a series?

Most likely I will finish all of this just as my two are ready to move on to Elementary school.
(By the way...the above picture is actually where I went to preschool ions ago. Love me some Ms. Curtis)


Robin said...

Looking forward to reading your heavy-duty writing. Not that it will change where I send my kids...I chose their preschool based pretty much on the fact that I can walk to it. :)

Love the pic of Ms. Curtis' preschool. But J has told me horror stories of his experience there. :) I am pretty sure he was quite the Mama's Boy!

Phillips Family said...

I think one of those (truly) horror stories was the time he thought his mother was kidnapped from the pick-up line (It was actually someone else's mom and still TERRIFYING!).

I agree that being able to walk to school is a great determining factor!

Jordan said...

I cannot wait to read your article(s)! I'm not sure I've heard "Reggio Emilia" since college!

That preschool looks like a wonderful place, by the way!