Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bargain Hunters Paradise

Last night I was standing in a line of about 50+ people waiting to be granted entrance into a sale. No, Chicken Dance Elmo had not just arrived at the nearest Toys R Us nor was I waiting to purchase Jessica Simpsons barely-acclaimed Public Affair album (hope you realize I would never really purchase these two items) at the local Virgin Records. I was waiting--laundry basket in hand--to enter Divine Consign, a DFW consignment sale that is located in my community this time and has over 400 consignors with merchandise that tends to be really good and often times new. I had the golden ticket to shop the presale and was ready to find my bargains. A friend and I had done this at the sale back in the fall so I knew exactly what to expect and what to look for. Today, I dedicate my Thursday 13 to the sights and sounds of the Divine Consign Presale.
13 Sights and Sounds from People Shopping at 10pm
  1. ....A mother attempting to explain what a VHS videotape was to her son---then giving up and saying, "No one has one of those machines anymore." Guess she hasn't been to my house lately....
  2. ....Lots and lots of very pregnant women. I was glad the hospital was a mere 5 minutes away because I am sure one of these ladies likely went into labor after searching for the perfect bargain for their upcoming baby arrival. Also, some of these pregnant women used their bellies to move people out of the way so they could get a better view of the highly desired items.
  3. ....A woman attempted to shop out of my laundry basket (you have to bring something to carry all of your goodies in. Last time I brought the stroller, but it is hard to get through the tight spaces.) in the five seconds that I had laid it next to me on the floor to look through the books. When I noticed that she was searching for the tag on my purse (which there wasn't one and the sale doesn't carry adult items such as handbags), I politely told her that was my basket and my own purse. She got really embarrassed and looked like she might cry. I tried to reassure her that it wasn't a big deal, but she immediately left the room. However, I did do a quick scan of my purse and make sure all the essentials were still inside (wallet, keys, and fruit puffs were still secure).
  4. I found a brand new Pottery Barn duvet cover, sheets, and curtains all bundled together for $45. It was from their Teen line and was super cute. I resisted the urge to buy it because I currently have no bedroom to decorate with these linens and one day when I do, who knows if I will still like the pattern.
  5. ....A Lady frantically calling her friend, begging her to check the price of Pottery Barn curtains on Ebay. (someone really sold off the Pottery Barn items--there was also a PB twin bed and crib). She had found a stack of gingham curtains and wanted to know if they were a great deal. Apparently they were, because she carried them around the rest of the night.
  6. ....Lots of babies out way past their bedtime and lots of them crying (I am big on Bedtimes). My baby was sleeping peacefully at home with his father.
  7. ...A wide variety of devices used to carry one's purchased goods. Like I mentioned earlier, you have to bring your own "shopping cart." Although I did not see anyone with an actual shopping cart, I did see suitcases, laundry baskets, a rolling overhead projector cart, baskets with string tied on them so they can be dragged, the most massive double stroller ever made, shopping bags from a variety of stores, and one Little Tikes car.
  8. ....a fisher price toy cash register from the 1970's. The majority of the items sold at this sale are in top condition and are usually just a year or two old. However, someone managed to slip in this cash register which I happened to own as a child. Perhaps they were thinking someone would like the vintage look, regardless of the torn stickers and missing plastic coins. If you would like to remember the toys of your youth, visit this girl's mom. She has a wide variety of the Fisher Price toys from the 1970's in excellent condition.
  9. ....a section of nursing bras. Um, no thank you.
  10. .....people cutting in line. Yes these were adults at this sale---most likely adults who are in the process of raising children. However, some felt like the rules just don't apply to them. I imagine the same people would yell at their own child for breaking line to get to the slide first at their neighborhood playground.
  11. ....a barely pregnant woman who purchased over $200 worth of baby girl items was overheard proclaiming, "I just know the baby is going to be a girl. I just know it" Hope she is right.
  12. ...a wide selection of Harley Davidson apparel for babies.
  13. ....a super-cool paper Elephant lamp that would look great in Isaac's room. However, the sale tag was attached using heavy-duty clear plastic tape. There is no way that tape is going to be removed without removing some of the poor Elephant's body. I had to leave that one on the sales table.

If you happen to be in my area in the next few days, you can check out this lovely consignment sale. Sadly, most of the really good stuff (clothes with tags, barely used toys, etc) is likely gone. These sales are run by volunteers, who get to shop the presales before the general public (thus the incentive to volunteer). However, if you are looking for used nursing bras, you are probably still in luck. If you do venture out, expect long lines and crowded conditions. Happy Shopping!


Amber Smith said...

I could really relate to your account of a visit to "Divine Consign". I remember seeing lots of similar sights and sounds at the ones I went to. There is nothing like a bunch of crazed women looking for a deal. Those sales are really fun to go to, if you can avoid getting overworked and stressed.

I finally had to make the decision not to attend them anymore. I felt the worst of me coming out. The last time I went to one I had volunteered for four hours to get a presale pass then waited in line for about half an hour for the presale. A woman I know (whose children are always dressed beautifully), sneaked on in ahead of the "presale" line that was waiting outside. She happened to make it to the 4T rack (which was the size that Mary Alice wore at the time) and snatched up all of the cute clothes. They opened the doors for the presale (I was third in line). I saw her smiling as she exited the bldg as we went in. I was so frustrated and felt so upset by her bending of the rules.
I went home and fumed to Josh, who pointed out what an ungodly attitude I was having and advised me not to attend those sales anymore. So I don't.

Anyway- I am glad that you can find some humor in the situation. I guess I couldn't find humor, only an increased stress level. From now on, I will be finding my bargains on the sale rack or at garage sales.

Alison said...

I read about this in the paper. Next year they are starting one in Arlington! What all did you get?

Paige said...

Please tell us your bargains!

kate m. said...

These kinds of sales are my worst nightmare. I hate huge crowds like you described and grabby shoppers. I am good with a sale rack, but even if I feel like the store is too crowded, I will leave and come back later. I am interested in hearing about what you got though!

margk said...

Yuck on the nursing bras! Sounds like fun, but I will stick to the great big mall. I walk there a lot if you want to go sometime, let me know! They just opened up a Gymboree outlet.

Phillips' Family said...

Sorry I have been out of town and am just now reading these comments.

Here is what I got:
3 outfits for Isaac
1 New Diaper Bag, with tags
Pile of books
Pair of jeans for me (NWT)
Little People Truck
New Shape sorter (can never have too many of these things)

Alison--we are THERE when this sale hits the convention center. It should actually be in Feb.

MargK--Did Gymboree already open? I saw it was coming. There goes all of my money! I will call you soon for a "walking date" at the mall!