Monday, April 02, 2007

Springtime Fun

Isaac and I ventured out to take some Spring pictures of his 20 month old cuteness. Because I swore after our traumatic experiences at the portrait studio for Christmas and 18 month old pictures that I would not subject Isaac to a professional photographer at Easter, we headed to our local botanical gardens for a quick photo shoot before he was let loose to go "pay." Notice once again that there are no bluebonnet pictures, because I just can't try to strategically place my toddler in a field of flowers that resides only on the side of busy interstates. (Tobe and I were going to attempt this together on Saturday but the ground was too muddy after all the rain).


Not really sure what he was looking for in this tree, but it was quite interesting to him. What I did not catch on film was him eventually falling over the big tree trunk and saying, "UhOh Mommy tree" repeatedly.

Running like a madman on the playground

"Trash Mommy"
(He is currently fixated on all things that could be qualified as trash and feels the need to throw them away. It has really cut down on our need to vacuum casa de phillips)

Happy to be going home

Random Tidbits from the Day:

*I originally put Isaac's new sandals on him, which did not go over well. He kept saying "No Mommy, No, no, toes, no shoes Mommy..." He wouldn't even attempt to walk in them. I hope he gets over his dislike of his summer sandals because I personally love them!

*Yesterday Isaac woke up for his nap calling out for "Bunny."

*Last night at dinner Tobe told Isaac that after we finished eating the two of them were going to work in the garage. Isaac then proceeded to load everything up into his bowl and say, "Done." That boy loves to play outside and in the garage!


The Binkley Family said...

Those are great pictures. What a beautiful place!

Kara Alexander said...

He is just beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I love how much you can tell about a person's personality just by looking at pictures. I think you chose well by taking him to the botanical gardens: not only did you do this for free (and apparently for emotional reasons as well), but you now have the memory of a great moment lived together. Priceless.