Monday, April 23, 2007

National "Hug a Goat" Day

Did you know that this past Saturday was "Hug a Goat" day? Neither did we, until we took Isaac to a petting zoo at a local farm. He was not scared of the animals at all and immediately felt the need to hug the goat. (Don't worry...we know the dangers of petting zoos and were willing to risk a case of E. Coli so our son could hug a goat.)
I love these pictures because it captures the first (of many) hugs as it happened.

Surveying his crops

Finally....a bunny that does not hop frantically away when Isaac approaches it
(Our neighbors happened to be at this same event with their son who is five months younger than Isaac. He too was thrilled with a bunny that was captive as he often attempts to chase "Neighborhood Bunny" his own self.)Tobe's work had a baby shower for us on Friday---it was great fun and everyone was incredibly thoughtful and generous.
Here is a picture of Isaac eating cake for the first time at the shower
(remember, he didn't eat any cake at his birthday party and we are mean and don't allow him to eat junk food.)

Because it is 7am on Monday morning, I can safely say that I successfully made it through the weekend without giving birth (our doctor's goal). Here are some of those lovely pregnancy statements made to me over the weekend ....

*** "You don't even look pregnant." (Really??? I am nine months pregnant--there is a
six plus pound human in my stomach. It's okay--I know I look pregnant. Just stick
with the "You're glowing." comments rather than attempting to make me feel like my
stomach can't take out small children if I turn too quickly.)

*** "Let me just squeeze this in between the two of you." (Said by the size 0 Banana Republic salesgirl. If you are wondering who the "two of you" was me and my tummy.
This same sales girl also attempted to reach out and touch my stomach when we entered
the store, but I backed away. Why do people think it is okay to touch someones
abdomen when they are pregnant? Ask first please---and then I will likely tell you "no"
unless you are a close friend or relative.)

*** "You need to be really careful on there." (This warning was given by the 20 year old male
sales associate at Banana Republic. Why was I given a warning? Because I had dared sit
upon a sturdy, two foot wide stool, with my feet planted firmly on the ground. Yes, the
stool read "Employees only" but I figured management did not want me dragging over
one of their leather chairs so I could give my opinions to my adorable husband as he
shopped the men's section.)

Despite these random comments, we had a nice weekend of getting things done (and hugging goats) before this baby arrives. I think Isaac senses something is going on. He wants me to hold him more and is being a lot more affectionate (this is the baby who never wanted to cuddle). Lately he has been whiny and having a more difficult time following instructions (this could be because he is 20 months old and not because baby number 2 is coming) He understands what room belongs to the baby and can tell you what things are the baby's and what are his. We are attempting to prepare him as best we can and then are ready for his potential rollar coaster of emotions once the baby arrives.

Often I will ask him, "Isaac, is the baby here yet?" to which he will sweetly reply, "No." Then we talk about how the baby is in my tummy and the doctor will take it out when it is time...blah, blah, blah. Yesterday Tobe was up in the attic fetching some baby gear. Isaac loves the garage and the attic. He kept telling me "Daddy, attic." Then he told me, "Baby, attic." Nice. I guess he thinks we are keeping the baby in the attic for the time being....


Phillips' Family said...

I don't know what happened to the structure of the middle of my post--it looks fine when I type it but goes crazy when I actually publish the blog. Forgive it's craziness!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you made it through the weekend! Your pregnancy comments are too funny.

The Binkley Family said...

We are very excited for you guys!

Shanta said...

Good luck Lynley! You are glowing. :)

We are eagerly awaiting the good news! Blessings to you three and the new arrival!

Shanta and Ken

JenniferReinsch said...

i think isaac needs a pet goat to live at casa de phillips. then he and the goat, the bunny, and "ig" can hang out in the attic.

margk said...

So funny! I didn't like it when people touched my tummy either. It is like all sense of personal space is completely lost.