Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Here are a few things I have discovered lately...

1. Isaac can crawl up on the master bed. This morning Isaac and I were in the bedroom--he was playing Lego's ("le-lows") while I was puttering around getting things done. I left the room for 42.3 seconds and returned to my son standing on the bed saying, "Tough-tough" while beating his chest with Lego's. He apparently had claimed victory over the queen sized bed which sits on lifts. Despite the fact that he is not a big climber, Isaac has figured out to climb onto the hope chest and then onto the bed. A bit scary, but hilarious.

2. Gray Hair! I just hit 30 last week and I am beginning to go gray??? This cannot be. I noticed a few grey strands on the top of my head in some pictures we had taken this weekend. Today as I was brushing my hair, I noticed gray at the temples. Aaargh! I don't color my hair because I prefer its natural color and because red out-of-a-bottle doesn't look quite as good as the real deal. I had a momentary picture of myself at 32 with completely gray hair and about passed out on the floor of the bathroom.

3. They're not freckles---they are the mask of pregnancy! Okay, so technically they really are my freckles, but they have gotten significantly darker in the past week. I kind of remember this happening at the end of my pregnancy with Isaac, but it was also the end of summer and Tobe and I had spent a significant amount of time at the pool (yes, in a maternity swimsuit that I was never photographed in--thank goodness--and whose yards of material would soak up half the pool water whenever I entered the water). Between the gray hair and the darkening freckles, I am one hot mama!

4. 20 month olds do not understand the simple act of returning library materials at the drive-through window. Tuesday is our typical library day, but yesterday we had a service professional at our house and had to skip out on story time. However, we had some items that needed to be returned. Since the library is just down the road, Isaac and I loaded up in the car and set out to drop these things in the library bin. I explained exactly what we were doing, stating that we could not get out of the car because 1.Story time was over 2. It was raining 3.Isaac had on no shoes. Apparently this logic did not come across, because all the way home Isaac cried, "Li-larry". That boy loves his books!

5. Regardless of increase in contractions and activity level, I have not progressed any more in the "labor" department since last week. We saw our doctor today and really thought I would have made even more progress than I had last week. Our doctor even commented on how she had expected to see us over the weekend. Well....nothing has changed since last week. Last week's news made us panic a little and the same report today disappointed us a bit. Ironic, huh....especially considering it was the same news! The doctor is estimating that the baby weighs 7 pounds (she estimated six pounds last week)....I hope she doesn't gain another pound in a week--I prefer to stay under the 8 pound baby mark!

What have you discovered lately?


margk said...

I got one gray hair during this last pregnancy and it is gone now. I bet the freckles will lighten, too. It is just a pregnancy thing. I used to dye my hair a lot, but have been so paranoid about losing hair that I am not dying it anymore. I am so freaked over this thyroid/hair loss thing that I bought $60 worth of hair supplements and shampoo at the health food store today. If this doesn't work I will try Rogaine and if that doesn't work I will get a hair transplant. Sorry, I am freaking out about it all.

Do you see Dr. Flowers by chance? She delivered both my boys. She is awesome.

Phillips' Family said...

I see Dr. Allen--she's great too. I have heard good things about Dr. Flowers as well! I need that nuturing-style that female doctors provide!

If you have to get a hair transplant, I will come with you for moral support! Good luck with all the thyroid stuff!

Jennifer said...

I've discovered a few gray hairs myself. Not too fun! I noticed one a while back while getting close to the mirror and plucking my eyebrows. This really coarse hair was sticking up and I realized it was gray. You can cover them up all day long with color but the thickness and texture are still different! Geesh.

Amy C said...

I am so sorry about the gray. I tried to pluck one out at the theater yesterday that was sticking straight up on the top of my part. It was spiral while the rest of my hair is straight as a board! Ughh!

I have several at 33 that plague me. Bryan even tried to pull it out. Despite our best efforts we never were able to pull it out. I finally decided that God was trying to teach me a lesson about vanity. Oh well. . .life. What are you gonna do.