Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Snips &Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Today marks Isaac's 20 month birthday. I think I will be a bit sad when he hits the two year mark and it is no longer "hip" to count one's age by months (however, as I myself am days away from turning 30 I am SOOO glad counting months stopped at the age of 2!). I am tired today after a restless night of pregnancy dreams, numerous bathroom trips, and an overall inability to get comfortable so Isaac and I skipped our normal Tuesday activities and stayed at home this morning. Although I would have preferred to have laid on the couch watching Rachel Ray (who wouldn't?), Isaac and I headed outdoors to tend to some household chores and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Isaac helped me re-pot two peace Lilly's that were in desperate need of a new home
(He also managed to trip over one and sit in the other one somehow during this process)

We took his new car out for a spin around the neighborhood and stopped to enjoy our local neighborhood park
(Which is a bit of a death trap for children under the age of 5 and, according to my mom, a spot for the local teenagers to make-out)

Mommy and Isaac self-portrait before going down the slide together

(In case you are an ACU alumni and you were wondering....yes I am wearing a t-shirt that says KJ Krew that is ten years old. I am a loser.)

Upon arriving home from the park, I informed Isaac that we needed to water our newly planted flowerbeds. This boy LOVED the water hose and would run into the spray. We knew he was a water baby last summer (just like his mama) when he took to the pool like a little fish, but who would have known a sprinkler on a cool morning would be so fun?

I love how silly he is in this picture and how you can see all the teeth he has gotten/is getting in the past six weeks!

After spending a good thirty minutes playing in the water, Isaac was soaked! I had to str*p him down in the driveway. You can tell what a skinny tiger he is when he just has on his diaper!

If you are bored today, feel free to come over and Isaac will happily play in the sprinkler with you!
**By the way, there is another new post below this one. I should get a gold star for posting two blog entries on the same day. The double entries might have something to do with the fact that I have taken over 100 pictures of Isaac in the past 24 hours and I feel the need to share some of these treasures!**


Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I'm cracking up at the KJ Krew shirt. I've still got mine and I've been known to wear it too. I still have some from club and many of them have the year on them so it really makes me feel old!!

margk said...

Cute pictures. I remember the trash days. Patrick was obsessed, too! The nursery looks great. Glad your pregnancy is going so well.

Amy C said...

You guys look beautiful! So fun. I can't believe he loved the huge easter bunny like he did.

JenniferReinsch said...

Isaac is looking so much more like a little man rather than a baby. Happy 30th (a little early).

Kara Alexander said...

One question: How are you STILL wearing your KJ Krew shirt from college?!!! I can't believe it fits. You must be tiny!!

Ashley said...

You look so stinking good! He is precious. The water pictures are my favorite.

Wait, maybe the K J Krew comment was my favorite...

Phillips' Family said...

My KJ Krew shirt fits because MY pledge class was told that they could only order size XXL...and being the sweet, innocent girls we were we went right ahead and paid $20 for a shirt that three of us could fit into at one time.