Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hair Club for Babies

As I dressed Evelyn this morning, I made a shocking realization....the front part of her hair is falling out. I know a newborn's hair falls out, but we never experienced this with Isaac. He was born with what might be considered a very short crew cut that simply grew with time. There was no losing and regaining of hair. I had noticed that Evelyn's had gotten a bit patchy in the back lately and had attributed it to the newborn hair loss stage. Today as I pulled off her onesie, I almost screamed when I noticed her hair is now falling out in the front (I actually looked inside the onesie to see if I had inadvertently pulled out her hair when removing her clothes....I had not. It is just gone). What was once a noticeable widow's peak hairline now resembles a balding man holding with one tiny patch of hair at the top. I haven't decided if I am a hair bow person or not (I have learned not to say "never" about such decisions, considering I said "no pink" and have an entire baby wardrobe and nursery centered around that color), but we might have to find some thing to disguise this interesting hair look that is going on.

Here is proof that her hair is falling out drastically on top:

This picture was taken Saturday Morning
(Yes, we have seen the large tag on the Boppy that says don't let your baby sleep in it. We live on the wild side here at casa de phillips)Here is a picture taken yesterday...can you see the difference? As of today the remaining hair on top of her head is gone.
(Thanks, Auntie Laura, for this cute outfit!)
Fortunately, Isaac's hair is not falling out so I only have to worry about pricing one baby toupee. Lately he has become obsessed with the moon and with green apples. He adores green apples and has started asking for "green apple juice" (same as regular apple juice, but don't tell him) and even "ordered" green apples from a vendor at our local farmer's market this morning (he had to settle for peaches). Today he has been fixed on the need for me to unlock the door so he can "see A-son." I made the mistake of mentioning to him that Alison and Morgan might come play today and he has been worried about the front door being locked ever since. He even brought me the phone and told me to "call A-son." (It was noon, Alison, which I know is your house's naptime--thus the reason we did not call).
Here are some pictures from the past week:
On one of our many rainy days last week, we built a tent in the living room and had a popcorn party.
Don't you work puzzles while wearing your firefighter's hat?
Notice the Curious George band aid on his right hand...this is a staple of his wardrobe most days.

I quickly realized that a 3 week old and a 22 month old under the same activity gym don't work well together...


kelly said...

Sweet, sweet pics- I love the one of Evelyn sleeping in her boppy and I think her hair looks totally fine. Isaac is so cute- the fireman hat and band-aid are perfect accessories to any man's outfit. Also, your "that girl" post made me laugh out loud- I really think you should write a book because your mommy commentary is hilarious, honest, and right on the mark!

jenniferreinsch said...

don't worry about evelyn's hair falling out. i was born with a unbelievably thick head of black hair, and it fell out pretty quickly (which is a good thing because my mom threw away all the pictures of me with that hair, and so the only pictures she has is starting at about 7 months.

Kara Alexander said...

Maybe this will mean that she'll come back with a different (lighter?) color of hair. Elizabeth was born with dark hour and it fell out gradually (much later than Evelyn's is) and came back blonde. When her hair was falling out, I always thought she looked like an old man with a receding hairline. That's why I loved those headband bows!

margk said...

Ahh, I remeber the band aid days. All of a sudden, freckles (or frinkles as Patrick called them) were boo boos.

Evelyn is so darling. I can't believe she is only 3 weeks old. Beautiful girl!

Oh, and by the way, have you seen Nicholas? He will be 1 on Saturday and he still doesn't have any hair. Oh well, it will make the helmet less hot, I guess.

Amy C said...

Fun times at the Casa. She is beautiful. I love Isaac's personality. You can see it shining through. I bet he adores Evelyn!

Jennifer said...

We too experienced the hair fall-out. Hudson had really dark hair and a ton of it. It first got really thin and he lost almost all of it except for the 13 long strands that caused him to have the old man "comb over" look. It was horrible. Then lighter hair began to grow so it was two-toned for a while. Not a pretty sight! But at the time, I still thought he was the cutest kid on Earth!!

Amy said...

We experienced the mass hair fallout with Nathan. His hair has since started growing back blonde so I can't complain now, but I was pretty upset when his hair started falling out in clumps!