Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meltdown Mania

Meltdowns are not a new experience to me. I had many a student throw the biggest, longest fits one could imagine. I have carried (actually drug, kicking and screaming) students onto buses, off of buses, down hallways, out of closets, out from under tables, off playground equipment, and once out of a pool (got to love the fact that my district taught fourth graders Water Safety). In fact, one of my students had to be removed from an assembly after he called the superintendent of the district "unclean." (Long story, which I should not go into due to confidentiality issues. However, I feel like I can mention the event as it did happen during a public assembly with lots of witnesses.) Nice. I have had lots of experience with the human spirit melting down into a puddle of raw emotions.

Yesterday such behavior was inflicted on me by my own flesh and blood. Yes, dear reader, we are rapidly approaching the two year old phase were life suddenly becomes dramatic and all issues are of the most dire situation. Apparently Isaac was not ready to leave Cool Cuts for Kids yesterday when I was, which resulted in a heap of small boy weeping uncontrollably on the floor. Lovely. Imagines of all my former students' parents snickering at me now that it was MY kid melting down flooded my brain as I scooped up this 25 pound wailing mass and lugged him and a very large baby stroller out the door. Good times.
On Friday we purchased Isaac's "Big Boy Potty" or as he calls it the "Baby Mode." I had intended to start potty training a few months back, but the pregnant belly caused me to give the bath time duties to Tobe (bath time was going to be our jumping off point in the land of potty training). We purchased this potty on Friday and Isaac talked about it the whole trip home, during lunch, immediately upon waking from his nap, and during an entire doctor's appointment. Needless to say, he is excited about the potty. Friday afternoon we assembled the contraption, which brought Isaac great joy because it required the use of tools (he loves tools). Upon finishing our project, Isaac disappeared. He returned a few seconds later with toilet paper for his new potty. Hilarious. He has yet to actually do anything in his potty other than sit on it, but he is always ready with a square of toilet paper should something happen.
Here are some latest pictures:

Early Smiles

Isaac saw this little blue skirt lying on the changing table and started calling it a hat while attempting to wear it on his head

Nothing says Saturday morning like watching cartoons with Ink-Ink, Raffes, Ike, and green blankie

(He sleeps with all of these, plus three additional blankets. I must have been pretty tired on this morning because we typically do not allow any of these cuddly creatures out of the bed. I can only imagine the nightmare it would be if he thought he needed to drag "The Trio" with him everywhere.)

We went to the pool Saturday morning....this is how Evelyn enjoyed the water and the sun


Amy C said...

I am laughing out loud.

I know it isn't funny, but I can remember eating lots of words and thoughts. Still gaining weight on them!

My best advice. . . words are best eaten with salt! Bon Appetite

Amy C said...

By the way, I think you are one of the best writers. Your stories crack me up.

You are also blessed with two beautiful children. You are going to have some wonderful stories!

kate m. said...

Evelyn is so beautiful! I love all the pictures you have posted of her (including posts past - I haven't been checking too many blogs these days). I can relate in the meltdown department. We just had one at our house tonight because I wouldn't let Jackson play with the outlet from which he had just unplugged the laptop. It broke his heart. I have a feeling we are in for many more!

margk said...

Most parents of older kids totally understand public meltdowns and will give you the "I know how you feel" look. It is still so exhausting! Best of luck.

Evelyn is adorable as usual.

Kara Alexander said...

Is it just me or do your kids look exactly alike at this age?!!

I love the meltdown story. I'm learning that they don't call it the "Terrible Two's" for nothing!! Hopefully this phase ends quickly!

summer said...

Your kiddos are adorable! Fits and all!

Kelli said...

In our household it's the three-year-old year that sends me heading to a happy space in the recesses of my brain. We had that same rule about leaving animals and such in the crib. We would have been dragging stuff all over the metroplex otherwise!

kelly said...

Can you please start writing a book on how to deal with meltdowns!?!? I do not look too forward to those days; but when you are as cute as Isaac is, I can't imagine that he thrives on THAT much drama......and btw~ Evelyn is a doll!

Ashley said...

We just had a meltdown at Furrs. UGH. "Those loud kids
at restraunts are now mine. Not good.

I am sure potty training is going to bring lots of funny stories too!

Amy said...

You've been tagged. See my blog for more info:-) Also, the kiddos are adorable and I am sure you will make it thru this stage just fine. Advice that helped me was "Mommy's the boss" and "pick your battles", but what you pick you must win.