Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hit The Ground Running

This morning it began....Operation Bye-Bye Baby Fat. Now that I have reached the three week post-baby mark, I have deemed it time to get the fitness ball rolling again. Although with Isaac I worked out up until the day before I had him, I was not too quick on losing the baby weight. I simply assumed things would return to where they used to be pre-baby. Now I am a bit wiser (and a bit plumper) and know that I am going to have to WORK at getting off these extra pounds. Hello Weight Watchers and Hello Gym! (although I am not sure what time of day is actually open to attend the gym...3am after Evelyn's second feeding? 10pm at night?)

This morning I loaded up the children into our "not-the-bargain-I-thought-it-was" double stroller (despite the fact that I am still missing the cup holder that safely secures the infant seat) and we set off. Isaac found great pleasure in pointing out every flower, asking repeatedly for doughnuts (we pass our local doughnut shop--what temptation!), and wanting to start a personal rock collection in his drink holder. Evelyn just looked up at me skeptically with each rough bump in the sidewalk.

Here is my question to you, dear reader: Does anyone know of a good double JOGGING stroller that can hold an infant car seat? The Graco Duo-Glide isn't going to cut it on our fitness jaunts. I really want a double jogging stroller that I can use now (children are not supposed to ride in a jogging stroller until at least age four months when their neck is stronger---unless in an infant car seat). I realize that such a gadget will likely cost me the same as a used car. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there in blog world knew of such a stroller? Also, any inputs into a baby carrier (Ex: Baby Bjorn, Hotsling, etc)? We never had one of these with Isaac because he simply would not tolerate it. However, I think it is going to be a needed item with Evelyn as she and I chase Isaac around the park. Any thoughts on this item as well?

Finally, I would like to say that Isaac is successfully eating cheese now. He has not wanted anything to do with the stuff since he started solids at nine months of age. However, I recently purchased Mickey Mouse shaped cheese (yes, our child is a victim of clever product endorsements). He has slowly started to eat this cheese and today at lunch actually requested it. Since he is not a big milk drinker, I am always excited about getting extra dairy in him. The funny thing is, Isaac has developed his own classification system for cheese. The Mickey Mouse cheese is called "Mouse cheese" while shredded cheese is referred to as "Daddy Cheese" (because he has seen Tobe snacking out of the shredded cheese bag). He asked for both types of cheese at lunch and then asked for "Mommy Cheese." I don't have a clue as to what "Mommy Cheese" is since I am not a huge cheese person myself, so I gave him a piece of cubed cheese which seemed to satisfy his request. This child might one day seriously confuse a food service worker with his unusual wording for edible treats.


Amy said...

I have no advice on the jogging stroller with an infant carrier, but I will tell you that we recently got a bike trailer that also functions as a stroller and that is a very neat contraption. It will hold 2 kids up to 50lbs and has real tires for the bumps in the road. Now, it won't meet your immediate need, but something to consider in the future:-)

Also, regarding baby carriers, I did a lot of investigation into this since I knew I'd have to strap baby to me somehow in order to keep up with Camille running around. Also, it makes grocery shopping so very nice, if that is truly possible.

Here goes: I'd go with the Moby Wrap to start. It costs $35. It is basically wrapping a long piece of fabric around you tying it in a knot then nestling baby in the folds. It is very similar to how African women carry their babies. When I first heard of it I thought, there is no way I am going to figure out how to wrap that thing and I don't want to look like a nerd! (You won't) But, I got it as a gift and I've been a fan since. My one piece of advice: if you don't want it to stand out, buy it in a color you wear often. Mine is Navy. Anyway, here are some pros and cons.
Holds baby comfortably snug so you can bend down and not worry about baby's head, even as a newborn.
I feel like baby has very good support since he is snug against me.
There are multiple positions for baby to rest in the wrap without having to unwrap and rewrap. You basically put it on and keep it on.
The cost is reasonable.
It isn't stiff and preformed like the others so when baby isn't in it, it doesn't look like some weird tumor sticking out. It actually wears quite nicely.
You'll have people stop and ask you about it. But that could be a con...

It is not easy to snap on or off. Basically you wear it for the entire outing even if baby doesn't stay in it the whole time.
The learning curve is a bit higher than other carriers (this one has an instruction booklet).
Storage is a challenge when I am not using it. Basically it has a special spot in my car.
It can get a little warm, but the fabric does breathe.
You might get stares from people since it is new and different. Most people usually ask me about it though.

You can buy the Moby Wrap here (I know the owner): http://www.ittybittybabybunz.com

I also have a Baby Bjorn I've borrowed that my hubby is more willing to carry baby in (he won't go near the wrap). I have found that one is great for short all walking outings like Wal-mart where I am not moving at a vigorous pace, and it is air-conditioned (the fabric is much more dense with the bjorn). I can quickly snap in and out of it for times when hubby and I trade off carrying baby. But, there is absolutely no head support (just a soft landing if the head gets jostled) so I was afraid to use it before 3 months.

I used to own the Infantino carrier that I didn't like at all. Everything got tangled, didn't feel secure, and the fabric was cheap. But that was 3 years ago, so it may have improved.

I think I just won the Guiness World Record for the longest blog comment. Hope it helps!

Jennifer said...

I have the Baby Bjorn and really like it. I think all of them are a pain in the $&!#* to get the baby into so that for me has always been the issue. I used the Snugli with Hudson and it had WAY too many straps and I found that the Bjorn was much easier to tighten.

We too are a victim of the Mickey Mouse cheese. Mine will eat it when I cut it from a block but at times Hudson will really ask for the MM kind. I figure since he doesn't usually request many things at the store that I will sometimes give in and splurge for it.......considering it's about 5X the cost of a block.

Kara Alexander said...

My suggestion would be to save up for a treadmill or some other at-home exercise device. I got one for Christmas and am soooo thankful to have it. This way, you can work out during naps, in early evening, and during the rain and the HEAT! You can check Craig's List or garage sales--I see them all the time if you're interested. Good luck!