Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Blog... A Long, Lost Friend

Oh, Blog, how I have neglected you in the past week. I am deeply sorry for the neglect, my friend. It is not that I haven't a thing to write about--in fact here is a sampling of topics I have meant to sit down and blog about but chose to lounge on the couch instead...

  • ...how the other day I heard Isaac running down the hall, then a loud thump occurred, followed by a sweet "Oh-Uh." and then immediate wailing. I rushed into the hall to find Isaac laying in a heap on the floor, sobbing. In all of his excitement, he ran smack into the wall. I tried not to giggle as I scooped him up and kissed away the pain.

  • ...how I have had no baby yet. In fact, the daily contractions have seemed to slow down rather than pick up. Aargh! I quite over the whole pregnancy thing and willing to enter the "no sleep/exhaustion" phase.

  • ...how Isaac loves to sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" but really only has the "E-I-E-I-O" part down. This "singing" involves saying "E" and "I" repeatedly at a loud level and then finishing the song with a strong "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

  • ...how Isaac is fascinated with clips of all kinds right now. He can entertain himself for quite the while by buckling and unbuckling his highchair, booster seat, the baby carrier, etc. We hope this is in indication that he has a mechanical mind, something that neither Tobe nor I possess.

  • ...how over the weekend I installed and reinstalled Isaac's and the baby's car seats no more than four times until I finally figured out how to make them both work in our car. This installation process involved Isaac feeling the need to crawl in, around, over, and on both car seats as I attempted to get them situated. The baby car seat still needs some work, but I am waiting until my frustration level over the ordeal subsides.

  • ...how anyone who is voting for Billy Ray Cyrus to stay on Dancing with the Stars should lose all phone and Internet privileges until the end of the season and who should also be denied the right to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections.

  • ...how President Bush vetoed the war-spending bill today that would start to actually bring troops home, declaring it as a way of "setting a date for failure." Two questions: 1. Didn't he say "Mission Accomplished." four years ago today? 2. Have you noticed there are less and less "W" stickers on cars these days? Hmmmmmmmmm.....

  • ...how yesterday I spent a total of three hours on the phone with Time Warner Cable and was actually only speaking to someone for about twenty minutes of that time.

  • ...how on Sunday I attended the memorial service for a dear co-worker who lost her battle with Ovarian cancer. It was an "ideal" memorial service, in that people were appropriately sad and respectful but there was lots of laughter and great memories shared. I was fortunate enough to teach at a very close-knit school, were past and present faculty remain in contact with each other. Kathy will dearly be missed by the staff at Timber Creek but we all had a great time celebrating her life on Sunday.

  • ...how last week I turned and knocked Isaac's sippy cup off the highchair with my tummy (or "tunny" as Isaac calls it)

  • ...how the Gerber baby food company has a commerical that simply shows different women in labor. It is a bit too realistic and makes me want to (slightly) reconsider this whole birthing a baby thing.

  • ...how a former co-worker of mine told me that childbirth is her absolute favorite thing to do EVER. She has had two children, but says she would do it a dozen more times (except she does not want a dozen children) if given the chance. Seriously....can you list "childbirth" in the box titled, "Favorite Activities?"

  • ...how whenever this baby arrives (if she EVER arrives) we plan on blogging live during the labor (make sure you read that to say "labor" and not actual "birth" There will be no play-by-play of anything involving the terms "pushing" or "crowning."). By "we" I mean Tobe. I plan to be busy. Tobe happens to work for the hospital system at which we are having this bundle of joy and membership has its privileges (intranet access).

So, dear Blog, I am sorry I have left you lost and alone over these past few days. Perhaps you will accept these few pictures as an apology...

Isaac loves to color and has become quite fond of sitting with his "desk" and coloring for long spells. This warms my heart because I am all about the arts and crafts time. I especially love how he will draw something particular and tell us what he just created. You can tell how serious he is about the whole process in these pictures....

The required belly shot.

I love how some people will tell me how low the baby is and then some will tell me how she is still up under my lungs....makes me think no one really knows.

Notice the beautiful flowers on the piano my husband gave me for my birthday---I kept them looking good for two weeks!


Alison said...

You're lookin' good, roomie! Seriously, you do! Keep us updated! I'll have Morgan start praying for Evelyn's quick arrival. Read my blog her funny prayer tonight!

Paige said...

You are SO BEAUTIFUL! I am not sure who was voted off tonight, but please let it be Billy Ray!

kelly said...

I thought for sure you were having that baby girl when a few days lagged in your blogging....either way, you look amazing!!! Issac is such a cute little colorer- he definitely looks focussed on his work!

Amy said...

I was expecting baby's arrival would be the news in this post, but alas, I look forward to being glued to my pc during the live labor blogging! I am holding out for Friday to be the big day, my 30th birthday:-)

Jennifer said...

I thought for sure you had the baby since you had not posted. I can't wait to get the full report from Tobe in the hospital. I pray that your delivery is a good one. No, I can't imagine saying that childbirth was something I loved to do. I had an amazing delivery with Hudson and only pushed twice(then a C with Cooper) and I wouldn't even say it's something I loved doing. Yes, I loved the outcome but the actual birthing thing- no. What is your actual due date?

jenny biz said...

WOW, Lynley!! You do look absolutely beautiful. You are glowing. You have such great hair!! :) Can't wait to hear about the arrival of your sweet baby girl.