Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ACU Photo Shoot--Take Two

Alison and Morgan came over on Monday for lunch and a playdate. This appeared to be the perfect opportunity to snap a few photos of the children in their "Born to be a Wildcat" onesie and submit a beautiful photo to ACU Today. Maybe if they were still three months old and unable to move that would have worked. What we had were two children who did not want to sit in the same location at the same time. If we did happen to get them both sitting together, then Isaac was usually attempting to grab or pat something on Morgan. Once again, do not look for these photos in your upcoming edition of the highly-acclaimed ACU Today. The only decent picture I could get of the children were individual shots, created by editing the other child out.

Is this the Kojie Memorial Gardens?

Ready to cruise North First

Miss Morgan

What? The Bean is all you can eat?? Awesome!

Future Iron Chef America....the secret ingredient is--Fruit Puffs!

Rookie Driver--caution he can only go backwards!
(Note Tiger riding in the back of his car, who he now calls by the name of "Ty" Seriously, this is the most adorable thing ever. He even cracked up the photographer at his one year photo session yesterday with his unyeilding love for Tiger.)


Don Kersting said...

I can't believe they wouldn't sit still even for an ACU pic. That's a shocker.

Amy C said...

I love to hear about your increasingly mobile little guy. He is a cutie! I am with you on the rest and exercise post. I need to do that as well. We love to wake up to Joel Osteen on Sunday mornings before church. He really helps us too. God really does care about us that way. Just like we care about our own children. Too bad that is so hard to remember!

Ashley Nelson said...

I love it. I will be looking for their pictorial debut