Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Birthday Pictures Uno

Please excuse the multiple posts. We all know by now that Blogger hates me and will not allow pictures on my actual party summary post. Nor will Blogger allow me to place all of my pictures on one post (and I only chose a few--if you want I can email you all 100+ photos of the birthday weekend. I am sure you email inbox would love that!)

The Birthday boy on the morning of his actual birthday (This is Giraffe--I will pay big bucks for another one if you ever come across him in a store. He is part of the family and his disappearance could be quite the disaster.)

Birthday Muffin (Isaac cried when I blew the candle out)Birthday Meal at Don Pablos (Tobe was there, he is just behind the camera)The Birthday Boy , minutes before his partyOne of the numerous signs in our yardNot too sure of the hat (which came with several numbers, so we can use this for years to come. We we finally run out of the sticker numbers provided, we plan to just make our own. In the future, please look for Isaac wearing this same hat which will read "I am 17 Today") The CakeAttempting to open presents
Hanging with Morgan


margk said...

Cute, cake! Glad he had such a great day. He will enjoy seeing the pictures one day.

amerriman said...

You did a great job on the cake!