Monday, August 14, 2006

Long Time, No Blog...

I could write a million excuses for my lack of blogging in the last week: my blog was sick which frustrated me, we were in "recovery and clean-up" mode from the party, Isaac has been battling a cold, I spent my time diligently watching MTV in hopes of catching a repeat of The Hills season finale (actually did not do this one as I already heard the ending)..... however, I am choosing to just move on with this blogging thing and forgo any unneccessary excuses.

Isaac has now ventured into the world of climbing. He has yet to actually climb onto anything, but has attempted to climb up onto his birthday park bench (which resides in our living room at the moment and not in the backyard were it was intended to live), climb onto the coffee table, and climb onto the fireplace. I am happy about this need to explore and use his body in new ways, but am fearful of the outcome. Isaac is incredibly cautious, taking the time to scope out new environments, textures, conditions, etc.. However, he is NOT cautious when it comes to being on high places. Does he crawl to the edge of a bed and peer over? No. He just keeps on crawling and will fall off head first if left to his own devices. I keep putting him on our ottoman and then trying to teach him to turn himself around and lower him self off feet first. This lesson has not stuck yet. So now I have images of him successfully climbing onto a piece of furniture, only to crawl off of it head-first onto the ground. The children's company One Step Ahead carries a new safety helmet for babies and toddlers learning how to crawl and walk to protect the head from injury during this wobbly time. When I saw that in the catalog I felt very sad for the child whose parent purchased such a device (it looks like an unfortunate football helmet), but now am comtemplating fashioning one of my own out of bubble wrap.

Tobe and I have started a fitness plan here at casa de Phillips that I have ever-so-cleverly titled "The Non-Celebrity Fit Club" and whose motto I proclaimed to be "The first rule of fit club is you don't talk about fit club". We decided that we had abandoned our healthy ways of the past and needed to get back on track with our eating habits and workout regimines. We have a sticker chart and everything to motivate us in this quest for a healthy life. Yesterday we caught Joel Olsteen preaching on the television and he just happened to be talking about how people are not eating right, exercising enough, and logging the adequate amount of sleep time. Simple message that we have all heard countless times, but rarely apply to our lives. I will let you know how fit club works out and encourage you to start your own.

Here are some latest pictures of Isaac in all of his one-year-oldness.... (never mind--blogger won't let me put them in this post)

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Kelli said...

Cute pictures. I admire your sticker chart for you fit club. I love to watch the Celebrity Fit Club almost as much as Flavor of Love. By the way, I am so angry at MTV for showing Lauren staying with Jason and not going to her Paris internship I thought about boycotting. What kind of message does this send? However, I want my MTV so I have forgiven them, for now.