Friday, August 25, 2006

The Power of Three

I believe in the power of three---the idea that three things happen together. For instance, usually when a celebrity dies, two more celebrities will die in the following days or weeks. Gruesome, but true. There is no scientific fact supporting the power of three and this notion would probably send the statistics professor who I used to work for in Graduate school over the edge due to its lack of scientific value (yes, I was a graduate assistant for the stats professor. Yes, I taught undergrad stats from time to time. Stop the laughing. I know how ridiculous the idea of me teaching some kind of math course is, especially on a college level. I know how low my math scores were on my ACT and how thankful I was that my other score was so high to balance out and create a solid overall ACT score). Anyway--the power of three haunted me on Wednesday.

The day started off typical--workout, breakfast, play with baby, take baby on walk, shower, etc... As I was fixing Isaac and myself a healthy lunch, I placed him in his highchair to nosh on some cooked carrots and freeze-dried fruit (by the way, the Wal-Mart generic version of the Gerbers freeze dried fruit is better than the actual version and costs about 50 cents less). As I turned to bring Isaac the rest of his healthy meal, I noticed that the high chair tray was not securely fastened. Then my world turned into slow motion as I tried to tell a 12 month old not to move so I could fix the tray and he kicked joyfully over the idea that Mommy was talking to him. His baby kicks sent the tray--and the pieces of carrots--flying. This prompted instant tears (by Isaac, not me). I consoled the baby and then got on my hands and knees to dig the carrots out from under the fridge, where they somehow got lodged after their flight through the air. The kitchen then erupted in rounds of baby giggles as Isaac thought the vision of me crawling around the kitchen floor was hysterical. We managed to finish eating our meal without anymore mishaps.

Fastforward an hour and 1/2 when I was changing Isaac's diaper before naptime. I was also talking on the phone with Tobe during this time. I had just placed the dirty diaper in the Diaper champ and turned my eyes back to Isaac on the changing table. It was then that I noticed that Isaac had decided to continue relieving his bladder before another diaper had been put in place. I quickly tried to find something to stop the flow, but not before the changing table, blinds, and window were drenched. That boy has a big bladder. I told Tobe I would call him back, threw the phone onto the bed, and then proceeded to clean up all affected areas. Isaac laid blissfully on his changing table, with a look that said, "What???" He again proceeded to burst into a round of giggles as Mommy scrubbed the windows, blinds, and changing table.

Fastforward a few more hours. Isaac has gotten up from a good nap and had feasted on his afternoon bowl of grapes (a new love--we have decided that the kid is a Fruitatarian). He and I were playing cars in the living room when he crawled over to his park bench and rested his sweet little head on it with a very serious expression on his face. I asked him if he wanted a hug and he crawled over to me. We sat and cuddled for about a minute until he perked up and resumed playing. This same thing happened again about ten minutes later. By the third time it happened, I finally realized what was going on. Isaac has been plagued by constipation (he is one day going to love that I put that out on the internet) since early on. He takes medicine for it and anymore it never gets super-bad. I calculated back in my head to the last dirty diaper (amazing what Moms can keep up with) and realized that Isaac was stopping and getting so serious because his tummy was hurting. This process continued for about an hour and it was like the boy was in labor. He finally was able to relieve himself, but he just cried and cried and was all sweaty. Tobe arrived home to find the two of us on the couch watching the Food Network. Isaac was a sweaty little ball of a boy cuddled on my chest. However, once he recovered from his effort he went on to have a marvelous evening.

There were my three from Wednesday--not terribly earth-shattering, but enough to make me consider it a group of three.

If you remember from a past post, Tobe and I have started a Non-celebrity Fit Club. I would post a picture of our sticker chart, but it has my current weight written on it and I don't divulge such secrets. If you have started your own fit club, we encourage you to join us for a 5K/1 Mile Fun Run here in Grapevine on September 30th. The run is to support finding a cure for ovarian cancer, which is quite an important cause for us to help. I have a friend from my teaching days who is battling ovarian cancer and it is quite the battle. (For all of you female readers out there, you should know that this fall a vaccine for HPV is being released to the public which will greatly decrease your chances of getting ovarian cancer. Talk to your OBGYN and Insurance company and see if you can get it. I plan on getting it.) You can register for this race at the following website: This will be Isaac's first 5K to participate in (jogging strollers are allowed), which is quite exciting. For those of you who think that you can't do a 5k, just imagine walking around Grapevine Mills three and 1/2 times. A 5K is just a little over three miles. If you think that is long, you should talk to this girl about how far she walked last summer. Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday!


jenny biz said...

Poor Isaac with his tummy problems!
I remember my brothers wetting like that, all over everything when I was little! Such fun days!

MDM said...

Can you tell me more about the vaccine? I thought HPV was only secksually (spelled wrong on purpose!) transmitted. I heard the group that needs it most are pre-teens...I have a pre-teen. Whoa. Your blogs are so fun to read! Isaac is your little buddy and I can tell how much fun you two have together.

Alison said...

Funny! I literally walked away from the computer after reading your blog and saw that Morgan had wet through her diaper all over her pj's. This is the 3rd time it's happened this week. I hope this is it! I'm starting to believe in the trilogy theory as well!

kate m. said...

My dogs usually help with floor clean-up duties. I can honestly say that I don't have a crumb on my kitchen floor. Hilarious about the peeing incident. I can't believe that Isaac laid on his changing table. Jackson would have hurled himself head-first onto the floor. I can relate to having a fruitarian child. You would think with all that fruit that Isaac wouldn't have tummy troubles! Poor guy!

Kelli said...

Hey, if I am available, I would love to do the 5K. I have started my own sticker workout chart due to your inspiration and the fact that I will walk one day of the 3 day this year (I'm still not sure how I was talked into this as my toenail only grew back a few months ago!) My boys have always had the constipation issues, and it's so sad!

BTW, I heard the same, MDM. I'm confused othe HPV.

margk said...

Poor guy! Have you tried prune juice? I can relate to the fountain. It's amazing how far it can go and how much it can get wet.