Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nanny 911

Isaac and I cheated on our local public library this morning and attended storytime at a library of a neighboring suburb. Despite the Phillips family's love for our local library, I am not satisfied with their infant storytime because it falls during morning nap time and you have to pre-register and pledge you will attend each session. So in an act of literary infidelity, Isaac and I joined infant storytime at this neighboring library and were quite pleased with the program. There were lots of kids Isaac's age and younger to socialize with,and after stories and songs the babies all got to play with a huge basket of balls and cars on the floor. Mass chaos, but good times. As we were leaving, I happened to be loading Isaac back into his stroller next to another woman who was placing twin girls into a double stroller. I made some intelligent comment like, "Oh you have twins (DUH)!" and she smiled and nodded kindly. She then said, "They aren't mine. I am their Nanny." She then proceeded to ask, "Are you His Nanny?"

I know I look young and I know my child has bleach blonde hair and blue eyes while I have red hair, freckles, and hazel eyes.....but do I really look like the Nanny? I am not even wearing the uniform of the Stay-at-home-Mom (shorts and t-shirt---hardly ever wear this attire because I start to feel depressed by around 2pm that I am not in real clothes. Quirky, huh?), but rather am dressed in a skirt and tank top. I have never seen Jo on Super Nanny wear that.

This question of "Are you his Nanny?" troubled me all the way home. I thought back to storytime and the circle of Moms and babies, remembering that during a rousing chorus of "The Wheels on the Bus" I had thought that some of these combinations didn't quite work I then realized that half of the "Moms" were actually the Nannies. Interesting. Guess that is something you learn when you cheat on your middle-class library with the more affluent group down the road.


margk said...

Good for you for not looking frumpy! I love that library. We use it way more than the other one, but I had never thought about the nannies...

Paige said...

Wow...a skirt and it wasn't Sunday. You rock.