Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Costume Central

Four. That is how many Halloween costumes currently reside in casa de Phillips for a particular 14 month old. Despite my love for all things crafty, I have never learned to sew. Therefore, I must purchase my child's Halloween attire. This has been a bit traumatic for me in that I have not found the "perfect" costume except for one that Isaac might suffocate in during a mild Texas fall and another one that was much too expensive. While my mom was visiting, I finally purchased a costume at Osh Kosh (Sidenote:I grew up knowing a woman who would not allow her children to wear Osh Kosh clothing because it said "Gosh" on it. Wonder what she thinks of all of the overly suggestive t-shirts marketed to today's youth now.). It was a zebra and it was cute. I didn't LOVE it, but I also didn't hate it. The only problem with this costume (now referred to as costume #1) is that it is size 12 months and it about choked Isaac.

Today, Isaac and I went to the local mall to get some exercise since the rain prohibited us from walking this morning. The only problem with mall walking is that I am tempted to shop. After completing our three miles I allowed myself to look in only three stores (one per mile). First we hit the new mega-Children's Place. Apparently someone had returned the lion costume that I had my eye on at the beginning of costume-shopping season (which had quickly sold out). It was on sale and then marked down an additional 50% off. I snatched it up (This is costume #2). I then noticed a pumpkin costume, which has also been hard to find lately. Again it was on sale so I threw it in the basket as well (Costume #3). Before making my purchase, I inquired as to what the exact return policy on holiday attire might be. As long as I return the costumes with tags before Halloween, I will get a full refund.

Happy with my purchases, Isaac and I resumed walking so we could hit the other two stores before time to leave. One of those stores was the Gymboree outlet. I am not terribly impressed by this new store. I thought it would be items that did not sell at original Gymboree stores. Wrong. It appears they have gone more of the Gap outlet way and simply created cheaper lines to sell in this store. Of course most of it was little girl apparel and hardly much boy stuff.

Finally we hit the Osh Kosh store to see if someone happened to return a size 18 month zebra costume. Someone had! We snatched that one up (costume #4) and headed home for lunch and naptime.

Here is the delimma--obviously Isaac is not going to wear four Halloween costumes. Technically Halloween Costume #1 is not even in the running because it is too small and I will be returning it this weekend. That leaves costumes 2, 3, and 4. Much to my child's dismay, I dressed him in each costume and shot some pictures so that you, dear reader, could give your opinion on what costume you like best. The best part of this whole delimma....none of these costumes cost me over $8!

Costume #4: Zebra Costume from Osh Kosh (also costume #1)
(the only way I could get Isaac to sit still was to bribe him with books.)

Costume #2: Lion Costume from The Children's Place
(a tan shirt and tan pants go under this outfit. I didn't want to torture Isaac too much so we skipped that step. It also has little slippers for his feet but they are in a package. I did not dare open such package in case it ruins my return)

By the way, Isaac managed to fall off his ride-on dump truck while wearing this costume and hit his head on the corner of a wall in his room. He didn't even bat an eyelash. The headpiece makes a nice little helmet.

Costume #3: Pumpkin Costume from The Children's Place

(Putting this costume on was met with several tears and much complaining. I felt like the worst mother in the world for forcing my child to suffer all in the name of holiday fashion. For actual wear, a black shirt and black pants are worn underneath.)

What is your pick?

In closing, I saw a woman pulling triplet boys (younger than Isaac) in a wagon today at the mall (the wagon was more like a train. Each child had their own little wagon and they were all attached. There was even an extra wagon holding her packages). She was visibly pregnant. She must be the most patient woman in the world.


Amber Smith said...

I had to laugh at your Osh Gosh B Gosh story. That could've very possibly been one of my family members as "Gosh" was a major no no in our family.

My vote is for the lion, but the zebra is pretty cute too. He looks adorable! Also, Lynley, from a person who can't sew very well, you don't have to be able to sew to make a costume. Hot glue, paint and scissors???

Paige said...

I vote lion or zebra. LOVE THEM! I am having trouble with Parker's costume. All along he was told me he wanted to be a blue superhero, so I made him a blue superhero cape and got him blue sweats...He woke up from his nap, fell to the ground and began to scream, I wanted a red cape. Well, he went as a superhero cowboy. Don't ask! I wish he could fit into one of your returns!

kate m. said...

I also vote lion or zebra. The zebra looks like it would be the most comfortable, but I like the lion head piece. The pumpkin is also cute, but I like the other two best. Jackson is a lion, but his costume is from a different store.

Kelli said...

I think zebra. Ethan is a giraffe this year. We are going to the Fall Festival on Saturday night... maybe we could get a "zoo" picture. I used to make Matthew do "fashion shows" with his cute clothes and take pictures of him. Don't worryk, I have already set aside the money for his therapy.

Chelsea said...

How do you decide when he looks SO darn cute in all of them?!? I literally saw the first picture (zebra) and thought, Oh! Definitely the zebra. Then, saw the lion and immediately changed my mind. Then, the pumpking appears and I just wanted to poke that little pudgy stomach! I think my top choice would be the lion...but that is also because both Kendyll and Carlie were lions their first Halloweens with painted whiskers and all...and they are my favorite pictures of all time. Good luck deciding!!

K Speck said...

They are all too, too cute....I think I vote lion, but I think you should keep the zebra and pumpkin for future children....they are all just way too adorable and he is a precious little book-reading model!

Amy C said...

My personal favorite is the pumpkin. I just think he looks cute in the color. All of them were precious and you have definatly gotten your money worth!

Jennifer Binkley said...

It is too hard to decide. Is he too young for "wardrobe changes"? He looks precious in them all...but I think I am slightly favoring the pumpkin! Sounds like we are not much help!

Katie said...

I've been a reader of your blog for while now, but have never left a comment. So, I guess you could call me an annonymous reader. But now I've decided to make myself known and let you know that reading your blog and seeing those cute pictures of Isaac always brightens my day. When the work day seems like it will NEVER end, it's nice to take a break to see what the Phillips family is up to.
I don't have a blog, but my sister does. So, that should tell who I am.

As for the costumes, my vote is for the lion. I liked the zebra at first, but after I looked again I really felt like the lion went better with Issac's face. He also seemed more like a little boy in the lion.

margk said...

I love the zebra! Precious!

The Honey Family said...

We're not much help! Kris says Zebra - and I say Lion.

I know this must be a hard decision. I made Kati's last year - I'll send you pictures if you want. No sewing required. Just some thought and creativity (and time). You are very thoughtful and I bet you will begin planning next years Halloween costumes anyday.

My friend Courtney does themed Halloweens... Tristan was a Hershey Kiss and she was a Candy Bar or something last year. Her Dog dresses up too! I can't wait to see what she does this year... She has 2 kids now. Emma is 6 months! Tristan is 2 1/2 and the dog has to dress up too!

Alison said...

Our vote is for the lion! The curly mane is just too cute!