Thursday, October 19, 2006

Excuses, Excuses....

Before Paige names me on her blog as someone who has not blogged in weeks, I figured a new post was due. I am sure that no one wants to hear my long list of excuses as to why this website has been neglected lately or why I only post about once a week (if lucky) anymore. How about just one little excuse as to the lack of blogging.................

Phillips' Baby #2 is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. Tobe and I are expecting our second child in May. Yes, my children will be 21 months apart (that is the second thing people have told me after saying "Congratulations" as if we had not done the math already). Although Baby #2 is a little bit of a surprise and will arrive a few months before originally planned, we could not be more thrilled. It took us a while to get pregnant with Isaac and we were considering our fertility treatment options when it finally happened. What a blessing to not have to go through that struggle with this new little one!

So far, everything looks good with this pregnancy. I am almost 11 weeks along and am hoping all sickness and migraines end when I hit that second trimester mark. Because my body was just pregnant a year and 1/2 ago, the tummy has popped out a bit sooner this time. However, I simply look dumpy rather than glowing and pregnant. So you friends that have seen me in recent weeks and thought to yourself, "Lynley needs to lay off the oreos." please know there is a baby growing inside that stomach somewhere. Lately when Isaac is sitting in my lap to read a book or watch a movie, he squirms his body down a bit lower and makes himself nice and comfy on mama's new figure.

Because today is Thursday and because I attempt to post a Thursday 13 sometimes, here are 13 things I am going to do differently with this pregnancy:

1. I am hiring a personal trainer the day this baby pops out. Although I lost all baby weight I had gained with Isaac, the ol body didn't quite go back to its normal self. I have already informed Tobe of my plan to hire a personal trainer--in fact I might hire her before the baby arrives. Those of you with two or more children, please don't call me and tell me there will never be time to go to the gym again. I will work out at 4:30 am if I have to while feeding a baby if necessary. There will be no messing around with the weight this time.

2. I plan on completing three 5ks while pregnant with this one. I only did one when pregnant with Isaac, so I figured I should up the stakes. Besides I have already completed one during this pregnancy, so technically I only have to do two more. Anyone want to waddle beside me in the Spring?

3. I am purchasing a bella band. Maternity clothes never fit me correctly, especially the pants. I carried Isaac so low that the pants would not stay up on my hips. Also, I cannot do over the belly panel maternity clothes due to their itchiness and scariness factor. The bella band seems like it will let me wear my regular pants longer and eventually hold up those ever-so-attractive maternity pants (By the way, I detest maternity clothes. I know people who had babies ten years ago consider us new moms so lucky with all the choices stores have now. However, I still stand by the notion that all maternity clothes look like tents.)

4. I am not wearing a maternity swimsuit this time (simply because weather will not permit and because my maternity swimsuit has enough material to make seven regular bathing suits.)

5.I am not going to develop random pregnancy illnesses (While pregnant with Isaac, I had a variety of odd things happen to me. One day at school my hands and feet turned blue--smurf blue. Apparently all the blood was going to my tummy. The doctors just told me to lay down if I felt dizzy. Also, my blood pressure would get pretty low. At one doctor's visit, my OB asked if I felt okay and if I need to lay down due to it being so low. I felt fine. I became very dehydrated one day at work and started having contractions--didn't know what they were at the time--despite the fact that I was drinking large amounts water. Finally, a suspicious mole popped up out of no where. I had to have it removed and sent off to determine if it was cancerous because it looked so strange. It was not and I was again fine.)

6.I am not going to obesses over every little pregnancy related thing. With a 14 month old, there isn't much time to pour over "What to Expect..." every night and worry my self to death.

7. I am not going to have to take the second glucose test (I had to with Isaac because my first test was right on the borderline, due to my thyroid. I am going to will myself from failing the glucose test with this baby becasue I cannot drink all of that goop again)

8.I will not go on a three mile hike after my water breaks

9. I will eat more than a measely chicken sandwich before going to the hospital when in labor

10. I will not make a belly cast of my stomach while in my ninth month of pregnancy (I did not do this with Isaac either, but am still mystified by this process. What do you do with the cast after it is made? Do you display it for years to come or do you realize that it just takes up space and stinks when the baby is about two years old?)

11. No Lasagna. Ever. (My worst morning sickness moment last pregnancy involved lasagna and the movie Napoleon Dynamite.)
12. I will not get a special pregnancy massage. (I did this with Isaac and my stomach was not big enough to fill the hole that is made for pregnant women's tummies. It was very uncomfortable and not relaxing at all)

13. I will blog every tiny detail of this pregnancy to spare my poor husband from having to hear me recount them at bedtime each night.

Finally, here is the new big brother to-be. My parents were in town this past week and my mom kept looking at Isaac saying, "You don't look big enough to be a big brother." Well, he has a few months to grow into his new title. I think it fits him beautifully.
There were several attempts to take Isaac's picture with this sign. For some reason, he detested it and would throw it down whenever it was handed to him. Our solution? Distract him with a book and tape it behind his head. Attractive, no?

Pumpkin Patch Pictures
(Isaac is in a phase of being too cool to smile for Mama's camera)

Isaac's new hangoutFun times at the Apple OrchardChillin' while watching a little Baby Einstein


margk said...

Wow! Congratualtions!!! How exciting for you guys.

Lynley, you can tell yourself all you want that you won't obsess over every little thing this time but trust me you will.

3 mile hike after your water broke? 5K runs? Crazy?

Cute pictures! Isaac will be a great big brother. We still need to get together sometime.

Alison said...

I just hope it's a girl! Morgan would love to have NuNu Phillips as her little sis in club!

Jennifer Binkley said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you guys!

Kelli said...

Yeah! Congratulations to you all! I am hoping this time that your labor lasts half as long, which I guess equals out to a measly 48 hours.

Amy C said...

Congratulations!!! You're not going to need the trainer with 5k's. You will be in great shape.

I was lucky for my first child to be walking when my second arrived.
I am so happy for you.

I can't wait to re-live those pregnant days through you. I loved being pregant!

TTidmore said...

Congrats! Heather and I were in your exact shoes. Kids 22 months apart, took forever to get pregnant the first time, took no time to get pregnant the second. I hope your pregnancy is enjoyable and you accomplish all your listed goals.

Paige said...

WOW! An update and LOTS of news! Congratulations Friend!!!! I am so EXCITED FOR YOU! My second pregnancy was also a little earlier than expected. I do hope this delivery is shorter, and way to go girl on the 5ks. I haven't heard of the belly thing, but if there is a 3rd pearson baby, I will definitely need one. My FIL always made fun of me for having to pull my pants up.

The Bewleys said...

Congratulations!! I have the same problem with maternity pants. Mine have nearly made it to the ground a few times at Wal-mart when walking too fast:-)

Hope you have a great time with this pregnancy. We've been so busy I sometimes forget I'm preggers, but now that he's kicking he likes to let me know he's here:-)

kate m. said...

Congratulations on baby number 2!!! I can't wait to read every detail about this newest addition. Good luck on accomplishing the goals. I had to do the second glucose test too, so you have my total support on that one! I think Isaac is going to be a great big brother! Also, I love the pumpkin patch pictures!

K Speck said...

Congrats!!! That is such awesome news!!! I love reading your motherhood commentary, so I look forward to baby #2 updates! Plus Isaac is a doll, so I'm sure he will be an awesome big brother.

Summer said...

How fun!!! Congratulations! I can't wait to read about your pregnancy adventures and about life with 2 little ones. So happy for you guys.

Amber Smith said...

I'm so excited for you Lynley. I've been wondering where you were. I've been missing your updates. Congratulations!