Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This and That

Perhaps I should set my blogging time for 4am so I could be sure to squeeze it in for the day. The only thing scheduled for 4am is sleeping, so I am not that busy then anyways.

Here are some catch-up things from the past few days:

Friday Isaac and his pal Morgan explored the new children's play place called
Kidzmuze. Alison and I highly recommend this place. It is basically a large warehouse with a variety of themed rooms for your child to play in (toddler room, basketball room, story room, art room, and my favorite--the grocery store). Because it is new, it is incredibly clean. Also, there are employees (I believe they are called Play Experts) who walk around and tell you things your child can play in each room. They will also play with your child while you hang out in the adult area, but that seemed a bit harsh to us. Isaac experienced his first "bully" while playing a Kidzmuze. This bully child was only 17 months old but he managed to step on Isaac's hands, pull Isaac's hair, steal toys away, and push Morgan out of line for the slide every time she approached it. I believe he will one day be in the local Juvenile dentention center.
Despite the bully, Kidzmuze also has a very safe feel to it. I am not a huge Chuck E. Cheese fan because I feel that it attracts child molesters (call me crazy) and the bathrooms are always in dark corridors. Creepy. However, you cannot get into this place without a child and the bathrooms are monitored. If you have a free day, swing by Kidzmuze and give it a try.(Give us a call and we will join you--it is right down the road from us!)
Here are some pictures from our morning. Again, Morgan and Isaac refused to be in the same picture together looking halfway pleasant. How are they ever going to manage a wedding portrait one day?

(Morgan's shirt reads "Cute". I completely agree!)

Friday evening we were able to finally eat dinner with this family. I think we have cancelled and rescheduled this dinner about five times before it actually happened. Fun was had by all. If you ever want to eat out with a couple whose children are incredibly well-behaved in a public setting, dine with the Fletchers.

Saturday morning was our local 5K. The weather was nice and cool and Isaac tolerated being in his stroller for the longer distance than usual. None of us won any trophies, but we all had a great time!

Saturday night I left the boys at home to attend a lingerie shower/ bachlerette party. It was a blast and everything was nice and mild-mannered. I believe the bride-to-be had a wonderful time and cannot wait until the 14th!

Here is Isaac just chillin' in the glider on Sunday evening. He loves any type of chair that he can sit in by himself, especially if he can sit in a chair and read at the same time. A new favorite book this week is one with animals A to Z. His favorite is the Yak, which sends him into a fit of giggles. Yesterday he was even saying the word "Yak." We don't teach children useful words in our household, but rather obscure animal names!

This week has been busy, busy, busy. I have come down with a minor cold (must be these cool Fall temperatures we are experiencing) and don't have much of a voice today. Whenever I talk to Isaac, he just looks at me like I have lost my mind.

I received the holiday Hanna Anderson catalog in the mail on Tuesday, which immediately put me in holiday attire panic mode. If you read my blog at Christmastime last year, you know the pain it is to find affordable, high-quality, non-tacky, baby boy holiday outfits. I still have not decided on his Halloween costume and now I am worried about Christmas apparel.

Finally, here are some entertainment thoughts from the past week:

1. If Rachel Ray continues to yell rather than talk on her new talk show, I may be forced to not watch it. This saddens me because I love RR and the show airs at the perfect time (Isaac is napping and I am getting ready for the day). It is my 30 minutes of television time and she is ruining it by yelling constantly.

2. Why does Samatha Harris clap her hand to her wrist instead of clapping like a normal person on Dancing with the Stars? She drives me insane with the fake clapping and the wanna-be DJ voice. Also, the flat-ironed hair is not working on her.

3. I have finally picked who I am for on Dancing with the Stars--AC Slater (aka Mario Lopez). I know he breaks the rules and I know that he cheated on his wife on their honeymoon, but I think he is the best. As a resident of DFW area, I should root for Emmitt but I like Mario better. Question: Is George Lopez related to Mario and is that why he is always in the audience? Also did you catch Eva Longoria in the audience cheering Mario on? She is on the prowl for a new man now that she and Tony are over. Tobe and I have a theory about Eva--once you take off the make-up and brush out the hair...she is just pretty average looking.

4. Playhouse Disney has picked up the new 30 minute version of Johnny and the Sprites and we are quite excited here at Casa de Phillips. Isaac usually watches about 15 minutes of Playhouse Disney in the morning while he drinks his milk and we sometimes catch Johnny and the Sprites (it is currently a short) and Isaac loves it. Occasionally we will watch an episode (there are only five) on the internet as well. Isaac is really into puppets, especially if they sing and dance, so the new 30 minute version of this show should be a real treat! (For those of you who know who Johnny is, yes I am aware of the Avenue Q connection. For those who don't, just google it if you really must know.)

Happy Thursday!


margk said...

I am really turned off by Rachel Ray, too. I liked her before. Don't even ask Chuck's opinion...

That place looks like fun! As soon as we are mobile, we will join you guys.

I love how Matthew F. orders salad and fruit cups in restaurants. When he has played over here, he always insists that he and Patrick clean up one activity before moving on to another. He is going to be a great husband one day!

Kelli said...

Wow!! I feel so honored about the props for my children! Thank you Margaret and Lynley. They are super sweet kiddos and I am incredibly proud of them. We had a great time eating too. Rachel Ray's yelling and talking over her guests is ruining our new TIVO for me because I was most excited about watching her at midnight if I so chose. Unfortunately the loud yelling and mildly inappropriate story telling (did you hear the Girl Scout story?) is not fun at midnight. However I did try the "bottom of the jar" apricot jam recipe and it was Yum-o.

I want to go to that place too! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Paige said...

I want to try your new playhouse! So fun. I did not know that Mario cheated on his wife during the HONEYMOON! Wow. Is he a 'thing' with his dancing partner? Haven't seen Rachel Ray yet, maybe tomorrow I will DVR it. Johnny and the Sprites are fun to watch. They come on during Mickey Mouse PLayhouse...which I LOVE! So glad to see an update!

Phillips' Family said...

Margk, Kelli, and Paige--let's plan a trip to Kidzmuze!!! Margaret, I know the baby can't "play" but his admission is free and you could come hang out. We can discuss this further at the apple orchard next week!

Kelli--I missed the girl scout story. Perhaps you will have to share this with me!

Phillips' Family said...

Paige--i think Mario and his partner are dating, as are Willa Ford and her partner.

kate m. said...

That place looks like so much fun! I will have to give it a try next time we are in town. Jackson likes Johnny and the Sprites also, but have you ever seen the Imagination Movers. They crack me up because they take themselves so seriously, and they are huge dorks! I watched Dancing With the Stars for the first time this week. Although I still think he is trashy (and won't win), I was kind of impressed by Jerry Springer. It is nice to see him in an arena other than trashy talk show host.

Phillips' Family said...

Unfortunately we caught one of the Imagination Movers shorts the other day. How do those men face their wives/girlfriends at the end of the day? They take themselves waaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously!

Don Kersting said...


Amy C said...

I have a thing for Johnny and the Sprites too. I will have to keep a look out for them. Too bad I still don't even know how to use our antiquated VCR or I might be able to record it when it airs. Rachael Ray has always bugged me. I couldn't believe I was the only one.

Davis said...

I have to say, Imagination Movers hardly take themselves seriously. The whole thing is tongue in cheek fun. "Mr. Rogers meets the Beastie Boys"." If you ever see them live, you will see that they are pretty sincere and self-aware.

Rajun Cajun said...

Blog hopping here.

FYI - Imagination Movers donated money to our local Down's Syndrome Association. If that's taking yourself seriously - I wish other artists would do the same.

Plus, they actually sing and play instruments in concert unlike the Doodlebops and Hannah Montanna and the Cheetah Girls. I should know, I've spent enough money taking my kids to the above concerts. The only one who played real instruments and sang - the Movers.