Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Blogaversary!!!

Today is Save the Phillips' Family's one year blog anniversary!! Yeah! For those of you who have been with us this whole year, hopefully you don't consider the time spent reading my ramblings as a waste. At least you didn't spend this time watching Celebreality on VH1.

In celebration of this one year anniversary, I will share two cute Isaac antics. Would anything else do?

Antic #1: We keep several doors in our house closed to keep Isaac out of unoccupied rooms. Like most toddlers he loves bathrooms and could spend hours reorganizing our toiletries. Life is much easier if he is not granted access to bathrooms or the master bedroom (where he likes to snatch either Tobe or my glasses from their respective nightstands and crawl away with them as fast as possible.). Because some doors are kept closed, I have taught Isaac that he has to knock on the door to see if someone will open it. If no one happens to be in the room, then I say, "No one is home. Oh well." and Isaac will crawl on his merry way. The sweet part of this story is how Isaac knocks on the door. He stands up at the door and knocks with his hand---however his fingers are stretched out and pinched together (think of someone making a bird's beak with their fingers) rather than the traditional closed fist. He will knock and then attempt to reach the doorknob. Priceless. The funniest thing is when you are actually on the other side of the closed door and he knows it. He will knock furiously until you open the door. Apologies in advance if you ever happen to stop by casa de Phillips and need to take a restroom break. Most likely Isaac will think he needs to join you in there and will knock on the door to let you know.

Antic #2: After dinner last night I came into the study to do something real quick and Tobe was catching football highlights on the television. Isaac was playing in the tupperware in the kitchen. Isaac soon joined me in the study, eager to play on the computer. We did so for a while and then returned to the living room to play. While Tobe and I were playing with Isaac in the living room, I noticed something unusual lying on the kitchen floor. Closer inspection showed me it was the cartridge from my label maker. Here at casa de Phillips we have not baby-proofed our cabinets with the traditional latches. All dangerous things are way up high and completely out of reach. However, I have wanted to teach Isaac from an early age to respect certain things in the house. He knows he is allowed to only play in one kitchen cabinet (tupperware cabinet) and all others are off limits. Sometimes he will open a "forbidden" cabinet and look at me with a sly grin, but for the most part he stays out of them. My beloved label maker resides in a cabinet that is off-limits. Upon seeing the cartridge lying on the floor, I picked it up and asked Isaac if he had been in the wrong cabinet. Those blue eyes filled with guilt and he gave me his sly grin. I reprimanded him and then began to look around the kitchen floor for the label maker. It was not on it's usual shelf so I figured Isaac had taken it out and carried it somewhere in the kitchen. I couldn't find it so I decided to ask my 14 month old son exactly where the label maker was. I said, "Isaac where is the label maker?" Isaac proceeded to explode in giggles. Every time I asked this question, he giggled loudly. It started to get creepy because I was starting to wonder if a 14 month old had to ability to actually hide something and keep it a secret. I must have asked him ten times and he died in a fit of giggles each time. It was hilarious but spooky. I finally located the label maker in another cabinet and realized that I had placed it there last time I used it. Isaac had merely found the extra cartridge and had only pulled that out. However, as Tobe and I went to bed last night we discussed how funny and creepy it was that Isaac was laughing so hard every time I asked him where he put the label maker. We decided that it must be the word "label maker" that was funny to Isaac and not the thought of confiscating his mom's most prized possession.....hopefully.


Chelsea said...

First, happy blogaversary!! Second, happy second baby!!! I just got caught up on your blog, and boy have I missed a good one! I'm so happy for you and Tobe, and look forward to reading all about your pregnancy and the journey to becoming a mommy of two. :)

I was laughing out loud at your list because I share so many of the same opinions. I DID get the Bella band this time around, and love it. It did help me wear a few things longer (although too bad they don't make a band to make your butt smaller...) But, it has helped me the most with keeping maternity pants UP! A great purchase...I just wish I had thought of it first! Ha ha.

I hope you are feeling better soon. We'll be praying for your sweet tiny one!

Ashley Nelson said...

Happy Bloggerversary!

It has been fun spending the year with you.

I hope that the holidays bring you to Lubbock at some point!

Congrats on baby 2 as well. I hope you feel better each day!

Amy C said...

He was probably just laughing because he knew something you didn't! Smart boy.