Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photo Catch-Up

Here are the latest Isaac pictures. The first ones were taken in our local gazebo--a process that involved me chasing Isaac around this structure as he attempted to find the two puddles of water that happened to exist. I love the fact that he is wearing an Old Navy performance fleece---1. Because it means the temps are actually chilly and 2. Because he is becoming more little boy than baby (and I bought this fleece for $1.99 on the clearance rack before he was born). The crib shot was taken on Sunday morning before church. Note beloved Giraffe dangling from Isaac's mouth. We had placed Isaac in his crib to serve as a holding cell as Tobe and I finished those last-minute things before dashing out the door. The last picture is of Isaac reading a book at his great-grandparents birthday celebration. As the party came to an end, Isaac was winding down and sitting in my lap. He signed "finished" several times, meaning "Party is over. Get this baby to bed." That boy loves his sleepy time almost as much as his mama!

A Tuesday night post would not be complete without a Dancing with the Stars departing thought. For those people that continue to vote for Jerry Springer, I beg you to stop. The man doesn't want to play anymore. Please put him out of his misery and let him go home. I am not digging Monique's new hair--a little too Diana Ross with a fro. (By the way, last weekend my parents and I saw a baby--perhaps 9 months old--with an afro at the Red Lobster. Huge afro that was done on purpose, not just crazy baby hair. It was quite the peculiar sight). Mario is beginning to annoy me. My top favorites are Emmitt and Joey. Did anyone else notice Rachel Ray in the audience tonight? I wish they would have interviewed her, however she might have just yelled into the microphone and ruined the atmosphere.
Who are you rooting for?
PS. If you haven't made the switch to beta blogger, I encourage you to do so. Things seem to run much smoother and pictures are easier to download.


Paige said...

GO EMMIT! They may have interviewed her for tonights show. Isaac is getting so big!

The Honey Family said...

Mario's a self absorbed cheater that thinks too highly of himself.

Sorry - he annoys me too! I just don't like him at all.

I'm for Emmit! He's doing SO much better than I imagined.