Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Roaring Good Time

Thanks to all of you who graciously gave your opinion on Isaac's Halloween costume. I did seriously consider having several costume changes through-out the evening to make use of each of the cute get-ups, but we finally decided to go with the lion. No, I did not sell the other costumes out of the trunk of my car at all the local Halloween trunk or treats---however, now that I type that idea it could be a potential money-making endeavor. Perhaps next year. (I already returned the other costumes and was granted full refunds).

Here are some pictures from last night's Fall Festival at our church.

Me getting Isaac dressed before going inside
(This costume is not car-seat friendly. It also is not very Texas-friendly considering Isaac had on a long-sleeved shirt, sweat pants, booties, a hat, and a jacket with a considerable amount of padding in 80 degree weather. He was a trooper and didn't complain once, even when we subjected him to trick or treating in the heat of the upstairs of the church.)

We thought it would be a great idea to get Isaac's face painted with a lion's nose and whiskers. Isaac did not think this was a great idea. The whiskers didn't work so well and we ended up wiping them off quickly after they were painted on. I love his pouty expression in the top picture. Have you ever seen a sadder lion?Pre-festival cruising around his "jungle" with his walker

Not very many of the games were designed for toddlers, however Isaac did enjoy the lollipop tree. Little does he know that the lollipop is actual food. The sweet boy enjoyed taking all of his candy out of his pumpkin, organizing it, and then putting it back into his pumpkin for at least half an hour after we returned home last night. If only he knew what chocolate goodness laid beneath some of those shiny wrappers......


How did you spend your Saturday morning? My husband spent his doing this.....

That is Tobe on the right, in the back, wearing the red t-shirt.

No, he did not enlist. He competed in a 10K Mud Run with a college buddy. Obviously participants must wear old clothes due to the mud factor. Tobe wore some old dress pants that he was planning to toss anyway. A team member had purchased ties at Goodwill for everyone on their team to wear. So Tobe tucked in his shirt, threw on the the tie, and wore his dress pants complete with belt---He went business casual for the run. That makes me giggle every time I think about it. Way to go, Baby!


Isaac took about 4-5 independent steps several times tonight. My goal has been for him to be walking by himself by his 15 month check-up (in a week and a half). Will he reach it? Who knows--perhaps I should change it to him to be walking by the first day of kindergarten. We really think he has the ability to walk on his own, he is just so cautious. However, he has become the fastest crawler and could win any diaper derby around.

Here is a shot of him checking out Tobe's record collection while beloved giraffe dangles from his mouth. Usually giraffe stays in the bed but somehow this day he had escaped. Isaac likes to crawl through the house with him in his mouth on those rare occasions that giraffe is out of the crib. You can't tell in this picture, but the shirt Isaac is wearing has a mummy on it that glows in the dark. Precious. I took Isaac into the laundry room to show him but he was more interested in attempting to bang on the dryer.


Baby #2 Update: Today marks the beginning of week 12! Yeah! I am always confused--does this mean I am in the beginning of the second trimester or does week 13 actually mark that milestone? I am hoping all sickness ends with the beginning of trimester number 2. I have become personal friends with our local pharmacist who I visit about every third day to have my nausea medicine refilled. Blueberry muffins are now on the "Never Going to Eat it Again in My Life" list. On Friday I ended up calling the doctor's office because I thought I had come down with a kidney infection of some sort (glamorous, huh?). The only symptom I had was lots of lower back and abdominal pain. Apparently it is not a kidney infection but the result of being a mom. The nurse told me I needed to be sitting 3-4 hours a day. Huh? Perhaps if Isaac was 15. Sitting with my feet propped up was easier when I worked because I could teach from my reading table (I had a very small class) and could save my standing for when I had to chase after a student or retrieve a tantruming child from the cafeteria. I plan to try to sit more (Hello, Baby Einstein) but I figure decades and decades of women have gone before me and endured pregnancies where they had much more to attend to than a sweet 14 month old and life continued on. Baby is growing well, which is such a huge blessing. I think I might be carrying this one a little bit higher than I did with Isaac because I have no trouble buttoning anything (I was using the ol rubber band trick by this time with Isaac, but I carried him LOW). Now that I have said that for all of blog-world to read, most likely none of my pants will fit tomorrow. Oh well.

Have a great week! More pictures of our precious lion enjoying Halloween to come!


Kelli said...

He was a very cute lion! Ethan didn't walk until 16 months, and Matthew was 15 months.

Sarah said...


I'm so glad you came across my blog and now I can catch up with you guys...although you're right, I do get quite a bit from my mom, too! I did hear that you were expecting and wanted to say congrats!

Isaac is the cutest little lion I've ever seen. I can't believe how much he's grown.

I've been in Searcy for the past week but didn't even get to see your folks...couldn't ever quite make it to Midnight Oil early enough!

Glad you're all doing well. Keep in touch!


Summer said...

The lion was my pick but I never got around to posting a comment. He looks adorable in it! We opted out of our church's Trunk or Treat due to the liklihood of Ethan suffering heat stroke in his bee costume. It is going to be cooler Halloween night, so hopefully we can get out and take some pictures.

Shanta said...

whoa baby! I have been very behind in my reading. Belated Congratulations Lynley and Tobe!!! This is so exciting you guys! I am thrilled for you and I pray that all goes smoothly. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news.

P.S. I love the lion costume. You chose well!

Amy C said...

He was adorable. A mud run, classic. I love it. How fun that must have been. You guys are very interesting. I hope you are feeling better really soon!