Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Boy after My Own Heart

The other day I walked into the kitchen to find Isaac standing in front of the pantry, the doors wide open.

I asked what he was doing (and cursed the fact that he finally figured out how to open our handle-less cabinet doors), to which he casually replied, "I am lookin' for some cookies."

Because we are mean parents over here at casa de phillips, he had to settle for some organic cheddar bunnies (We love our cookies....however our waistlines do not, so we keep no junk food in our house).

Yesterday afternoon after naptime I asked Isaac what he wanted for snack.

He sweetly replied, "Um....just some dough."

It was then that I was 100% sure had been no mix-up in the hospital nursery 27 months ago and this little boy is completely mine.


kate m. said...

That is hilarious that Isaac asked for dough for a snack. I love a boy with a sweet tooth!

Oh, and you buy zebras in Zephyr, TX of course. : )

Ashley said...

I love it! That is so funny.

Erika said...

I LOVE dough!!! BTW, Silas has that shirt as well. I love it too!:)

Sydni said...

Isaac's puzzle work completely amazes me! I think he is a genius!

Now for the dumb question - on that recipe, should I use one pint of half and half. Surely...eeeek.

Phillips Family said...

Sydni---One pint (small container). I use fat free half and half and it tastes just as good. Don't feel silly for the mom called me yesterday and asked the same thing. Also, I split the recipe because it makes A LOT and there are just three tummies to fill here at casa de phillips. If you split the recipe, just use half of the pint container of half and half. enjoy!

Phillips Family said...

Kate...this whole purhcasing zebra thing just amazes me. I have so many question about how one does that and why one does that!