Thursday, December 13, 2007

If You Thought Lead in Thomas was Bad.... **Updated

Being the medically involved person that I am, I receive email updates from WebMD (okay, I am really not that medicine-oriented. The truth is I do not know how or why I recieve emails from WebMD). Apparently the latest recall is 1 million doses of the Hib vaccine distrubed by the fine people at Merck. Most likely if your child is on a set vaccine schedule, then they have been given this series starting at 2 months. The recall was prompted by the notion that the vacinine may have been contaminated with bacteria while in production.

Check out this link for more details.

Because we currently are vaccinating Evelyn on the recommended schedule, she was just given this vaccine a few weeks ago at her six month check-up. I am not worried, but I did call the pediatrician's office a few minutes ago to inquire if their stock is part of the recall (if so, do I mail Evelyn in for a replacement baby?). I win the "Paranoid Parent of the Day" award because the receptionist had not heard of such a recall and acted like I had a touch of the crazy Mommy syndrome.

UPDATE: I have since talked to our Pediatrician's office and they did not have a contaminated batch of vaccine. Looks like we get to keep Evelyn for Christmas rather than shipping her off to China to be fixed.


Jennifer said...

lovely. I've never thought twice about having my kids vaccinated but lately I've began to second guess it. It's so scary as a parent to know what to do!

Anonymous said...

To learn more than you ever wanted to know about the shots your pediatrician recommends, read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" by Stephanie Cave, M.D. It will scare you into thinking HARD about vaccinations...what to get and when.