Friday, December 21, 2007

Share Your Story

Since birthing two babies of my own, I have come to seriously contemplate the birth of Jesus. I know the whole no-room-at-the-inn-had-to-use-a-manger birth of our Savior story....but now my questions and contemplations revolve around the actual process of his birth.

Mary was young, pregnant with her first child, she and Joseph were in a barn far from home. Then there is the little detail of the immaculate conception. None of these things equal a positive birth story in my book. Was there pain, fear, or angry words uttered? I wonder if the Lord provided these two young people with peace and wisdom to make it through such a tiring....yet miraculous....event.

Recently someone encouraged me to share my stories with my children....stories of childhood, stories of meeting my husband, and the stories of giving birth. Obviously I could ramble on about such things for hours with Evelyn and she would be content to hear Mommy talk and tug at my hair. It has become a recent experience with Isaac to share such family tales. I retell these stories on a two year old level and Isaac is enthralled. He does not fully understand such concepts of marriage, of Mommy and Daddy being young, of what it actually means when a baby is born....yet the stories are more magical and powerful to him than any tale Disney can create.

I wonder if Mary told little Jesus of the glorious night that He was born. I wonder if he sat at her feet as a small child, loving to hear details of how He fit into their extraordinary family. What a story Mary had to share.

It is this time of year that we are reminded of Mary's incredible story....of the adventure of two young people and the birth of one baby who would bring Grace to the world. I encourage you to share this story and as you do, share the other stories of your life with your children. They will be blessed.


JanMary said...

I was thinking something similar this morning while recalling the birth of my own first child, 10 years ago this week. When we look at our nativity sets, with a cute and serene Mary, it is probably a long way from the reality of giving birth in a dirty stable, after a long journey on a donkey! When I recall how uncomfortable I was in the last weeks of my own pregnancy...ouch!

Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Very interesting to think about. I've always loved that song "Breath of Heaven," and every time I hear it, I think of all of those questions as well.

The Binkley Family said...

I like the song "Mary Did You Know?" I remember the first time I heard and thought, now there is something to think about...I wonder how much she knew. I can't imagine what she must have gone through.

Amy C said...

I love your stories and I can only imagine how blessed your children are because of them.

You Christmas card is beautiful as well. Merry Christmas!!