Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Isaac learned a hard lesson not so much better to give than to receive.

Today was the big Christmas party at his preschool, which included a book exchange. I have been hoping that all fever would reside so Isaac could be in attendance. He went off to school this morning...the picture of good health....back-pack, wrapped book, and party supplies in hand.

He left school, red-faced and teary-eyed. Seems that despite my countless efforts to explain that the book we wrapped was for someone else, Isaac thought the Curious George book he had carefully helped me decorate was his. His little two year old heart was broken for most of the afternoon.
Teaching a child to give with a happy heart is a struggle, especially in a society that is frighteningly becoming completely "me" focused. Yesterday I saw a shirt for a baby that read, "I *heart* Me!" Seriously? People want their sweet faced baby toddling around proclaiming an intense love for themselves?

Oprah the other day was about a group of women who stepped out and put themselves first, rather than others. I am all about have personal time, but this mentality of "Me first, all you other people a distant second" scares me.....especially when it comes to raising children. I fear that we are rapidly running away from that very basic Sunday School principle of "JOY" (Jesus first, Others Second, Yourself Last). It seems like quite the elementary concept, yet holds such value.

Tonight Isaac went to bed with a big smile on his sweet little face, despite the fact that his massive home library was still without "Curious George and the Snowy Day." The wonder of being two is that although minor events in life can cause major drama in 0.6 seconds, one quickly recovers and continues on with their day.

...that is until the next world-stopping catastrophe hits and the tears start all over again.


Jennifer said...

so true! It is hard to teach our kids that it's not all about them. Unfortunately I feel sometimes that those of us parents that are working on this are hard to find!

Jennifer H. said...

Yes, we did a book exchange at K's preschool party on Tuesday and all the children wanted the book they brought. So, all the time spent wrapping the book, and we came home with the same one. How exciting!!

Merry Christmas!! And I love your card that Kinda designed. I think she did my sis-in-laws this year. My Mom and I did mine this year. Have a great Christmas!

Mercy's Maid said...

What a beautiful child you have!

I agree with you about the "me-focused" society we live in. I just finished Beth Moore's Daniel study and it talks a lot about that. Very good study if you're into in depth Biblical study.

Kelli said...

We had a situation like this today and I was so proud! Matthew got a "little girl" book about Thanksgiving while his best friend got a "Cars" book. I could tell the disappointment on his face, but not one word was said and he wrote a nice thankyou note for the book. I was so proud and thankful that finally all that hard work to teach him appreciation over the years might have paid off. Kudos to you for teaching Isaac!