Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lookin' for Nebraska

"I lookin' for Ne-bas-ka."

This is what Isaac said to me the other afternoon as I entered the living room where he was playing.

Refraining myself from replying, "Aren't we all?".... because I have finally realized that sarcasm is lost on toddlers and Isaac only thinks I am funny when I talk in odd voices or make my hair cover my face.... I simply said, "I bet you can find it."

Yes, my two year old is looking for Nebraska. Yes, he knows Nebraska is a state. Yes, it is a bit creepy.

I might have mentioned Isaac's puzzle fascination awhile back. It begin shortly after he turned one when we purchased his first puzzle that simply had four large farm animals to put into place. He then moved on to your basic toddler puzzles and then to jigsaw puzzles by Melissa and Doug (24 or 48 pieces). He works them over and over again and knows exactly where each piece resides. Most likely, he can complete one of his jigsaw puzzles before I can. The other day, Tobe was cleaning up a puzzle that had been abandoned on the ottoman, when Isaac casually approached him and said, "That not right."

Recently, Isaac has moved on to a puzzle of the 50 United States. He can complete the whole thing by himself and can identify at least 25-30 states by location on the map and by individual puzzle piece. This is why his mention of Nebraska did not phase me in the least. States are a normal topic of conversation here at casa de phillips these days. My geography skills have greatly improved in the last week since the majorty of our dinner conversation revolves around Tobe asking Isaac where certain states are located.

In case you are in need of brushing up on your states or perhaps you happen to be traveling to Nebraska during this holiday season, just swing by casa de phillips and Isaac can help you out.

(***I have a video of Isaac working the puzzle but it is taking CENTURIES for blogger to publish it. Seriously, the child might be in fourth grade before it ever downloads. Check back later and maybe blogger will be my friend. Until then, I am posting this random picture of my children.....just because I can.)


Kelly said...

That is quite impressive! Sad to say, I don't think I would be able to put that puzzle together that quickly.

margk said...

Wow! He is a really smart boy!

Kelli said...

Matthew's state of choice was Ohio. Scott went on business there and I was so tired of finding Ohio on the map! Ethan has picked California. Currently, he's telling me that all his kisses are in California and so he can't give mommy kisses anymore. Are you by chance visiting California soon and can pick them up for him?