Friday, May 11, 2007

8 AM

Lynley here....Aren't you impressed with this live blogging? I am currently feasting on a gourmet breakfast of ice chips and watching the Today show (it is a little odd to actually be watching an adult news program in the morning rather than Playhouse Disney). Contractions are coming about every two minutes but are simply slightly irritating rather than painful. I have my handy-dandy pain scale of smiley/sad faces to let the nurse know what my degree of pain is. My goal is to stay drug-free until I reach the sad face of 6 or 7 before getting the epidural. We'll see how that goes....

Our first nurse said the baby might be here by noon, but I am estimating 5pm as to not get my hopes up. Just in case you were wondering, I plan on sending someone for a club sandwich from Jason's Deli as soon as this little one appears as I am already STARVING! (that is the exact meal sweet Alison brought me to eat after Isaac was born--which I ate at 9am!)

In closing, I must share two Isaac stories. Last night the whole family went out for my final pregnancy meal (which included a very large brownie sundae). Not only did Isaac order apple juice again, but he also asked the waiter for "corn, please." Too sweet. This morning around 4:30am I heard Isaac laughing in his sleep--such a sweet sound. Then I heard him start to whimper as if having a bad dream and he called out in the saddest voice, "apple juice, apple juice..." I think he must have been dreaming of a world with no apple juice and it just broke his little heart!

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Sarah said...

You look great! Can't wait to see pics of the new little one. Good luck to you!