Monday, May 07, 2007

Pardon Me, Sir...

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with Tobe's parents. The waiter approached our table and graciously took our drink orders. As he began to walk away from the table, a sweet voice (belonging to a little boy who had been consumed with coloring during the entire ordering process) called out after the waiter, "Apple Juice."

This weekend placing his own drink order.....tomorrow he will be walking across that graduation stage!

I have secretly been hoping that the baby would have been born yesterday for the past nine months because it would have made her birthday 05/06/ cool is that! However, at about 11:55pm last night when I was up watching the replay of Extra! while the rest of the house slept, I gave up the dream of her having such a super cool birth date. The 11th is cool, too.
Umm, did Apollo just do the tango to "Jesse's Girl" on Dancing with the Stars? Great dance, but his partner was not even alive when that song came out...
Here is a snapshot of Isaac's latest obsession---climbing. He can now climb up on the ottoman and couches by himself. I tell you....he is growing up too fast!


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about cool birthdays. I really wanted Hudson to be born on 03/03/03 but we missed that by a few days. He didn't come on the 3rd but the 8th so I had to let go of that dream too.

Sarah said...

Good luck, Lynley!

Jennifer H. said...

I'm awaiting the arrival of that precious baby girl! I'll be checking your blog tomorrow! I pray for an easy birth for you and a healthy baby!