Monday, May 21, 2007

Taking "Ev-in" to the Park

Friday my mother and I loaded up both children and set out for our local park. Isaac was quite excited about having company in the backseat (despite the fact that his company cried the entire way to the park--it was time to eat again after the long task of preparing and loading up two children to leave the house). I can say that this first outing was a success....mainly because I had another adult with me to help Isaac negotiate the playground equipment while I fed and watched the baby.

Here are a few snapshots of this first brother/sister outing:

Obviously, this is my child because he shares a love of Sonic drinks
(No fears--it is simply apple juice and not one of the 42,000 drink combinations that Sonic offers)

Isaac loves to sit on the "big rock"

Evelyn was obviously impressed by our local park/botanical gardens
Here are a few snapshots I stole off my mother's camera before she returned home.

This morning was my first attempt as a mommy of two on my own. 7:15am found me making one bottle and one apple juice, holding one ten day old baby, and keeping a pacifier in with my pinkie....all at the same time. We survived this first day with minimal tears, naps were taken by everyone, and Isaac only hit his head twice on our wrought iron sofa table/coffee table legs (this actually happened once Tobe was home).

Isaac's new word for the day was "Fantastic!" which is quite hilarious. I am trying to teach him how to use it appropriately in the course of a conversation. Isaac continues to enjoy the baby, often wanting to pat his sister "Ev-in." I took a great video of him today attempting to climb into the baby's co-sleeper so he could "pay" with her and found him yesterday starting to put a piece of paper into her bed (which she was in at the time). Obviously brother/sister play time is highly monitored.

As I proofread this post, I can tell it is time for this mommy to go to bed. Many sentences that I typed above had words or complete thoughts left out of them (I think I remedied the problem, but no need to mention if my ramblings are more scattered than usual) and are indicative of my lack of a solid eight hours of sleep at night. Thanks for making it to the end of this post---good night, dear reader!


The Binkley Family said...

I am glad that Isaac is such a good big brother! I know you guys are having fun, even if it is tiring!

Amy C said...

Amazing beautiful children! Sounds like you guys are getting into the swing of things. Congratulations. You are going to have a blast with them.

Kara Alexander said...

What precious babies. I think it would be a little scary once everyone is gone and Tobe goes to work. Congrats on making it without much injury! By the way, will you email me your phone number? E and I are coming to Dallas for a wedding this weekend and might have a chance to stop by and meet the little one. Hope you're doing well!

margk said...

You are brave having two in diapers at the same time! What great pals they will one day be.

kate m. said...

I have been reading your blog but haven't commented about how beautiful Evelyn is yet! Isaac is also cute as always. I love the Sonic picture. Jackson calls Sonic "Coke" and gets really mad if we don't stop when he sees one. (Don't worry though. Jackson has yet to actually taste coke; he just hears me order Diet Cokes way too much!). Can't wait to see more pictures of your precious kiddos!

kelly said...

Mr. Isaac looks like he is loving this big-brother thing....what a cutie he is! Evelyn is precious and I'm sure she is enjoying (and will only continue to be entertained by) her big brother.