Friday, May 04, 2007

Save the Date!

Mark your calenders, charge the video camera, and put film in your camera (I guess that is actually an outdated reference....perhaps I should say, clear your memory card?)......we have a date for this little one to be born!

Unless she decides otherwise, our baby girl will make her big appearance one week from today on Friday May 11th! (Please don't let her take her time like her big brother and actually arrive on Saturday May 12th!)

After seeing the doctor on Wednesday and discovering that I had not progressed any further than I had two weeks ago (at which time we panicked thinking this baby might arrive early), she decided to schedule us for an induction next week unless this baby girl gets the show on the road. Being the Type A personality that I am, I like the idea of having a scheduled date for this baby to arrive and I can quit hoping that my water will break at any moment (okay, I am still hoping it will break at any minute because I am quite uncomfortable, but I can pretend that I have quit hoping my water will break at any moment.....).

So, Dear reader, clear your schedule for next Friday because remember Tobe will be updating the blog with witty accounts of this whole labor process!

It wouldn't be Friday without a sweet Isaac story. Lately he has been wanting to sit at the table to eat rather than in his highchair. He has a little booster seat that we can put in the "big people's chair" and his sweet head barely peeks over the table. This is all good, but the other day he lost this table privilege because he purposely smeared applesauce all over the table. Yesterday at lunch he was allowed to sit at the table again, which caused him great joy. He is in a cereal phase right now and wanted cereal as his end-of-meal treat (usually his request is for "Ah-sauce" or yogurt). He loves shredded wheat but sometimes gets frustrated when all the shreds of wheat get stuck in his mouth. I have been teaching him he has to drink something between bites to wash down this type of cereal. Yesterday I was cleaning up my lunch dishes with my back to him while he finished up his cereal ("sear-sul"). I turned around to find bits of shredded wheat all over the table and the floor. All I said was, "Isaac...." and before I could finish my motherly statement he looked at me quite seriously and said, "Obey, obey, obey..." He helped clean ("Keen") up his mess before bedtime, but I safely tucked the booster seat away in the garage for another day!
As mentioned in a previous post, Isaac really digs coloring right now. Wednesday he was coloring in his coloring book at our coffee table while I cooked dinner. We feel quite comfortable leaving him along with crayons because he understands what he can color on and what is off-limits. I popped into the living room to check on him and to color with the "ye-doe" (yellow) as he had instructed me to do. It was then that I noticed the book I have been reading laying open on the couch. Not only was it laying open to where my bookmark had been, but it had been artfully decorated in red crayon streaks on two pages. As I looked at the book and then looked at Isaac, his blue eyes immediately got big and filled with tears. All I had to do was ask him if he colored in my book and he laid his head on the coffee table and sobbed. His little heart was broken that he had gotten in trouble. I hope he always feels this guilty when committing a "crime." He apologized and we hugged it out. Yesterday he saw my book and pointed at it, saying "No No." Smart boy.
In closing, I have a book recommendation for all you parents who love children's books. We heart reading here at casa de Phillips and hope to inspire that love in our children (if you have visited our home you have seen the large bookcase of children's books that resides in the living room). Isaac and I visit the library every week and a few weeks ago one of the stories at story time was a book called "Moon Plane." We checked it out this week and Isaac has carried it everywhere. I have ordered him his own copy. If you are wanting to get your child a new book, we suggest Moon Plane by Peter McCarty. It is a great read!


summer said...

I always love a good Isaac story! He's such a sweetheart. Looking forward to seeing pictures of baby girl! Praying for a quick and easy delivery for you.

Jennifer said...

That is so exciting that you finally have a date! Can't wait to see pictures.

Thanks for the info about the book. We visit the library every week too so we will check it out.

Kelli said...

We have a similar crayon story at our house for each child. Matthew seems to have a similar personality to Isaac and when he was officially "grounded" for the first time last week, he spent most of the time in tears over his "crime." He took it so seriously that at school he sat himself out a recess and told his teacher and his friends that he couldn't play because he was grounded (although Scott and I told him it would start after school was out).

Looking forward to baby girl's birthday! Hope it's a quck delivery!

Kelli said...

Make that quick delivery.

margk said...

That is so funny...the book fair was this past week at Patrick's school and that is one of the books he picked out.

Glad you have a date for Evelyn. Hang in there!