Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Walk on the Wild Side

Today I felt adventurous and thought it would be a great idea to take the children for a walk around our neighborhood. Knowing that rain has been predicted for the remainder of the day through the weekend, I wanted to give Isaac the chance to play outside for awhile before we were confined to the house. Yesterday we cleaned up the double stroller that I bought months ago at a consignment sale (it is in great condition--just dusty from sitting in the garage for nine months), only to discover that it is missing the snack tray for the back seat. This is a big deal because it is the back seat where the baby carrier goes and the snack tray is the main hooking component for the baby carrier. I jumped on the Graco website last night to see if I could order a replacement part. I discovered that I could, however I needed the model number and serial number of the stroller which is conveniently located on the rear left leg on a white sticker. Uh...our little white sticker is missing. I emailed Graco and they think they can replace the part but I now feel as if we purchased this stroller on the baby black market and it's serial number has been filed off.

Because our double stroller is not in working condition as of yet, I opted to put Evelyn in our single stroller and let Isaac walk beside me and the three of us take a mere stroll around the neighborhood rather than on a longer, more scenic route. Our neighbor is quite quaint, only having three small streets that make a circle. In thirty minutes we had only made it to the end of one street. Isaac wanted to push the stroller, smell every flower, and look for "cir-cells" (circles). Not quite the cardiovascular event I hoped for, but it was a fun time. The fun came to an end when a light mist of rain turned into a heavier rain, which meant I had to carry Isaac while pushing the stroller and make a dash for the house. This was also not the type of cardiovascular event I had planned on, but Isaac was laughing hysterically by the time we made it to the safety of our garage.

Here are some latest pictures because I know that is why the majority of you check this blog...

Evelyn after her second PKU test yesterday
(A little bit of a traumatic event because the lab tech could not get Evelyn to bleed enough for the test and had to stick both heels. Apparently she clots very quickly. This led the tech to think that Evelyn did not need a band-aid, which resulted in her heel prick bleeding all over my jeans. I would demand payment from the hospital for these jeans, except for it happens to be Tobe's employer....and the jeans were actually maternity jeans anyway that I am ready to burn.)
Isaac peeking into the co-sleeper to see what Evelyn is doing.
Yes, there is video of this but I am having a hard time loading it. Perhaps tonight I can get to that. Isaac has wet hair in this picture because he decided at breakfast that yogurt makes a lovely hair gel.One behavior that Isaac has been exhibiting the past few days is to do things that the baby is doing. She started fussing in the car and he let out a fake cry (but quickly stopped when reprimanded and now when she cries, Isaac and I sing a song called "Be happy...not sad"). He also wants to sit in the Boppy like she does (see below picture) and wants a blanket laid on the floor to lay on as well. However, he quickly gets bored of resting in the Boppy or lying on a blanket and sets off for more "mature" things such as puzzles and Little People.Here are some shots I took of Evelyn this morning. I attempted to re-create a picture we had taken of Isaac to see how similar (and how different) they look. Isaac's picture is at the bottom. I think in these shots their mouths are similar.

Sunday night a college friend of ours stopped by to see Evelyn and Isaac and eat dinner at casa de Phillips. We ordered pizza and had a lovely feast at the coffee table. After everyone was done eating and we were sitting around chatting, Isaac picked up the phone, pressed a few buttons and had the following conversation with someone on the other end:
Isaac: "Hello? Pee-pa (Pizza)! Bye-Bye!"
Smart boy---he knew to order us more pizza because the box was empty!


Amy C said...

Adorable pictures. I love the be happy song.

Kara Alexander said...

It's always an adventure with children and baby items! I'm glad Isaac is adapting well to his baby sister. Hope you're feeling great!

margk said...

It looks like she is already smiling! I can see a resemblance in the mouth, too.

Seth, Elisa, and Adam said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and your children are adorable! I'm a friend of Jennifer's from college. All the best to you and your family!

JenniferReinsch said...

I love the pictures of Isaac in the boppy and Evelyn on the floor.

On a different note, I leave for Houston on Tuesday. I will send you guys a card with my updated address,etc.

Amy said...

Adorable as always! I love reading the "Isaac-isms"! Keep the pics coming:-)

Ashley said...

I just came back to the blogging world after a couple of weeks! Evelyn is BEAUTIFUL! I saw your mom-in-law at church and she was gushing about both or your sweeties! How wonderful! Congratulations!