Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Buttery Tale

Yesterday began with me discovering Isaac had been eating butter as a snack and ended with me getting the stomach bug.

Shall I explain?

I walked into the kitchen yesterday morning at 6:45am to pass Isaac as he was leaving said room. I inquired as to what he was doing and why he was out of bed. He informed me he was just getting a little snack.

I then asked what snack he had been getting, since our children are not allowed to get food without asking.

His reply was, "Just some butter."

After much questioning and clarification of the situation, I soon discovered that he had gotten into the refrigerator, taking out a half stick of butter, and had been licking it. Nice. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee...apparently Isaac prefers to begin his morning with a cool stick of butter.

As the day continued, I realized that I was not feeling my healthiest. By afternoon, it was confirmed that the stomach bug had made its descent on me. Fortunately Tobe was home to tend to the children while I wallowed in my misery on the couch.

Neither child is accustomed to me being sick, so they both put on their nurses' hats and did their best to tend to me. Isaac decided that the thing that would cheer me up the best would be to perform "spirit-ments" (experiments) with him in the kitchen. I told him he would have to go solo on that project...which he did under the watchful eye of his father. His "Spirit-ment" was to see what would float and what items would sink. All was going well, until he decided to see if the stick of butter he had been licking on earlier would float. Tobe spent a good amount of time getting butter off of various cups, bath toys, and utensils last night.

After "spirit-ment" time came to an abrupt end, Isaac decided to keep watch over me by sitting on my legs on the couch. His main form of entertainment was making me do flashcard drills. Seems that I know my ABC's pretty well.

Evelyn doted on my by crawling over every few minutes and saying, "Mommy??" and then hugging my arm. Sweet girl.

Today the bug seems to have gone, which is a relief. I even felt healthy enough to venture out to the pool with the family late this afternoon.

Tomorrow we are off to purchase more butter because it seems we have run low here at casa de phillips.


kelly said...

The butter story is hilarious~ he cracks me up and the child will obviously be going to Harvard on a science scholarship if he is already conducting science experiments under the age of 3!?!?! So glad you are feeling better.

Kelly said...

Sorry about the butter and the bug. He may have quite the future in the entertainment business b/c David Letterman has an entire segment/game of "Will It Float?" Funny!

Amy said...

I absolutely love the butter story! WHY do they love to eat plain butter?? My kids would love a spoonful for a snack sometimes.

Your blog is always a pleasure for me to read. I almost ALWAYS get a good laugh! Thanks for that!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Okay, I fell on the floor laughing with the whole butter thing, and I didn't think it could get any more funny until I read the part about the flash cards.

I'm glad you are feeling better.

Amy said...

Glad you're feeling better! This story was a hoot!